Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Pictures

As you can see I am always late with my blogging, but better late than never*** Or at least I hope so.The top picture is Dh, handing out gifts, I really don't know why the sour face, as he was quiet happy. I think maybe the photographer ( ME) just caught him at a bad time.
The second one is our daughter, patiently waiting for her gifts. I think all the gifts were appreciated and something everyone liked, I know the gifts I received I like quiet a lot.
The last picture is at the dinner table,obviously before everyone got seated ( will the photographer ever learn?) from left to right, our second GS.,my hubby , our son and his wife and our oldest GS. There were 11 of us. I always cook spaghetti at Christmas, as everyone leaves here and goes to other family members homes and usually have the traditional, turkey, ham and all the sides.

************Happy New Year Everyone*****************
I hope everyone has a very good 2008 and all your wishes come true. I have read all your blogs tonight (Well, the ones that I read) and so many of you are making resolutions. Good for you and I hope you are very successful, as for me, all I wish for is safe journeys for hubby and me as we are traveling this year......We should start sometime around the 1st. of Feb. Do hope I can keep up with my blog and keep posting about our journey and where it is taking us and especially the quilt shops I get to go to. WHAT FUN****VBS****
Also in the trailer we will be towing I will have a small room in the front and DH is going to let me make a sewing room... How neat is that?????? Tomorrow after I get through with my ironing and pack away my Christmas clothes, I will have everything done , so I can start getting the things together I want to take with me to sew on. I worked at the LQS last week (inventoring for them)and I got myself one of the ironing mats and a cutting board combined, I think that will be pretty handy. We also went today to check out some folding tables, but couldn't find one with adjustable legs, so will have to keep looking.Other than that I am not sure I need anything else. But as I begin to get things ready that may change. I really want to work on a lot of Christmas items next year. I have several kits that I need to get together and be able to gift them next year. Soooooo, wish me luck, this year I will not be required to work any at all, so while DH is working I should be able to sew,also I want to try to do some hand work while we are traveling,that generally gives me a headache, so will try to just do a little at a time,maybe I can get used to that and be able to spend more time at it. Will see.
Again I want to wish all a Happy New Year, speaking of the new year it will be here in about 2 hours, so am going to get off here and go sit with DH .
Wednasday I am going to start back Quilting Memories, hope you are too. J

Friday, December 28, 2007

G-Children and their "Baby" quilts

Well,I finally got to give the g-children their baby quilts for the next generation. The top picture is my GD and me, she is only 12 so she has several years before she will need hers, but I wanted to make them all one, then as they do have children I will make them a special one, with the baby's name and birthdate on it.
The second one is my GS, he is almost 23, but not married and is trying to become a police officer, with no plans of marriage, which is good, I hope he will wait a few more years. I think at 22 he still has a lot of living to do. He is a very mature young man and we are very proud of him.
He was at the house on Friday before Christmas and I explained to him about the baby quilts, I think he found that to be a little humorous.I told him to please explain all this to his Mother, as she and our son (his Dad) have been divorced for many years and I certainly don't want her to think I am being pushy**** VBS*****, He said he would.
The third picture is my oldest GS and his wife with me. She is about 12 weeks pregnant, said she was due about the end of June of first of July. Will know more when she has her next sonogram. She seems to be doing very good. They were extremely pleased with their quilt , I think they were expecting me to give them one, as I had said I was making "Wanna-be quilts at our get together last Christmas. So now, I am happy that my Wannabe, is now a happy Yee Haw, I am going to be a Great Grandmother. How exciting is that******VVBS*****
We all had a lovely Christmas and will post pictures soon.
Sorry about the second picture, I have asked hubby when he takes pictures to please not hold the camera sideways, because we do NOT know how to turn them. But he insisted that our GS was too tall to get him in the picture properly without turning the camera.. GO FIGURE. What
am I going to do with him?
Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a great and happy new year.
How about quilting some memories??? They do make people SMILE..........

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last Picture of Baby Quilt

I know I have shown this before, and this will be tha last time, but wanted to tell everyone that the parents have received it and I got the sweetest Thank You in my email today. I do hope they will use it and enjoy it, as I made it for that purpose. I make all my quilts for use.

This is the label that is on the back, it looks huge in this photo, but really isn't.
Everyone have a great evening, Later, J
Do you think I may just get this picture blogging right yet?

Sister and best friends

My sister and I wern't raised together, I had a whole other set of sisters growing up. I lived with my Grandparents and was the youngest. There were 3 girls and 3 boys older than me, and I was a spoiled brat,but don't tell my sister! All those aunts ( who I called my sisters ) are now deceased , and I do miss them, I loved them all dearly. I always knew they wern't really my sisters but I was never told that by any of the older ones. I was just treated like the spoiled baby that I was!!!
But at 14 I went to live with my Mother and Stepfather, sister and brother. Now I was the oldest, and expected to babysit and do things around the house, what an awakening! My sister is 7 years younger and my brother is almost 9 years younger. when I was first there I thought they were so cute, but then they began to act like I probably had as a child, I didn't like that!!!! But I was very protective of them, I found that I loved them both very much, and wanted a life for them that they certainly didn't have at home.
I married at 16 and moved out and eventually moved about 5 hours away. That hurt, I didn't want to leave them, but I had to go with my husband. We moved back about 18 months later, and eventually my sister got married, that wasn't a good marriage either, then we left again, back to N.C., and she was pregnant, I cried a lot over the next several months. But we wrote often and saw each other as much as possible.
At some point over the years we have become not only sisters but best friends. I used to wish I hadn't moved at 14 years, but what I got out of life has made it all worth it. I am not as close to our brother but I think that is true in most cases, boys have wives and don't need sisters as much, and thats ok, he is happy and we do see each other when we can. He lives about 1.5 hours from me.
But I would like to say I have the best sister in the world, I don't think I would make it without her, when I need to talk (or cry or whatever) she is always there for me. She had some very serious medical problems a few years ago and I begged the Lord to let her pull through,I told HIM more than once how badly I needed her and He answered my prayers. We do lots of things together when we are together, we quilt shop, and go out to eat, sew and just generally enjoy each other.
So, I would like to say, I LOVE HER VERY MUCH and I am so glad she is my SISTER. J

Thursday, December 13, 2007


The top quilt is for our new great nephew, Grayson, he is now 4 months old. He is a real cutie. I have only got to see photos of him,and he looks like his Daddy, so I know he is cute in person too. It took me a while ( much too long) to get it finished, so I do hope his parents will like it. I did enjoy making it. VBS****
The quilt above is for a new great grandchild we are expecting in late summer. This is the third quilt I have made in expectation of G-Grand babies. At Christmas I will have each one wrapped in the same kind of paper, and let my 3 Grandchildren choose one and whatever they get will be for their first child.That way I know they will all have one. Of course as long as possible I will make each new GGB a special one with their name and birthdate.
The horse one is for my G-Daughter. She is 12 and wanted a quilt with horses on it. Said she didn't want one with a lot of little pieces. I am in the process of making her one, but she will get that sometime after the first of the year. The binding on this quilt looks odd but the back has a lot of turquoise in it, so it is ok.The binding has horseshoes on it. The only other sewing I plan to do for Christmas is make her a pillow case to use with the quilt. The fabric is like the top except the background is brown. I couldn't find any of the black fabric around here. I bought this fabric either in Portland, Or. or Denver,Co. But she will love it anyway.
I still haven't done any of our decorations, I have planned to do that everyday, but life sure gets in the way. Today I found myself at the doctor. I have been battleing a sinus infection for about 6 or 8 weeks now. Have been to Dr. 3 times. I told him today, I NEEDED to get over this. So hopefully the new med will work.
I do have all my shopping done except for groceries, but about an hour in the store and I will be good to go.
I hope all of you heve accompolished more than me, and are ready for Christmas. I'm sure I will be, I haven't missed one yet VBG. Take care, and quilt some memories for someone special in your life. J

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Pictures, It's A Secret

I now have the baby quilt finished, bound and labeled. Will show pictures as soon as the new parents receive it. I sure hope they like it. I do, now that it is finished. I will wash it tomorrow, and when its dry get it in the mail to them.
I have already gotten the fabric ready to layer another quick quilt tomorrow. My Dgd said, would I please make her a quilt with lots of horses on it, not a lot of little pieces, so, I bought 1 1/2 yards each, horse fabric and for the back, the fabric has boots, lassoes,cowboy hats and bandanas, the binding has horseshoes. That should about cover the horse theme ,don't you think? I have her another one started, but will finish it after Christmas.the "horse" quilt will be for her and her dog to lay on at night and watch tv.
I went to our charming cotton club today, we exchange 6" squares of 2 fabrics , this month it was brown. Next month it is something that has something on it that starts with whatever alphabet you drew out of the hat. Mine is A and N . I found what I needed at the fabric Hut in Portland. Hope averyone likes my choices. As usual, can't show them either, There are a couple bloggers that go to class with me. Will try to remember to photo them, then show them after the 19th. of December.
Well, it's getting late and have had a busy day, so think I will get ready for bed. Have a goodnight, hope all your dreams tonight are about quilting memories.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Plans, plans

This is a picture of the quilt I want to do for the back of my sofa for Christmas 2008. This is the one that I have bought fabrics for in about 7 different quilt shops, including my LQS. I think it is so pretty, just caught my eye.I plan to get it started early enough to not have to rush so I can enjoy making it.YES, I know it has a panel in the center, but I am a Santa nut, so it jumped out screaming, BUY ME**BUY ME. , and I did.

Quilted Clock

This is a picture I took in Round Rock, Texas. We were in the neatest quilt shop. This is a quilted clock they were having classes to make. Just one more of my traveling pics.
We are probably home now until after Christmas, and I am glad. I need to get my sewing machine going again. I am not having a bit of fun with the quilt I am currently working on for my G-Nephew. I plan to do "something" with it tomorrow as I do have other things to work on .

Thanksgiving was a BIG EVENT here, we were told we are finally going to be great- grandparents!!!!!! YA-HOO
So, now I must get some quilting done. I have to finish 2 quilts I have started for my GD, one is for Christmas, the other was planned for her 13th, BD, but that isn't going to happen. But she doesn't know about it, so she won't be dissapointed.
My sister and her husband left today about lunch time and I have tried to rest, This sinus and respiratory infection is aggravating me, I am ready to feel better. I took the last of my meds this am, so expecting to be all better tomorrow. ** Sounds like a plan to me****
Has everyone but me got their Christmas shopping done? I have a few things, but no where near what I need to get busy and do. One of these days, I hope to make our grown kids a quilt, get it done early and give it to them for their gift together,sounds really ambitious, hope I am that smart. ROFLOL
As I said my sister was here for the holiday and Friday and Saturday we went to 4 quilt shops. Had a great time, she done all the driving since I felt bad. We went to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC and also the newly opened Bernina store. It has been in Gastonia for a while but they are tearing down most of that shopping center, and had to be out by Jan.2nd. Then on Saturday we went to my LQS, and she bought quiet a bit of fabric there, we left there and went to Randy's in Greensboro, then we were back home and went to a nice Seafood Restaurant with our hubbys. She wanted to show me some things on the comp. this am, and then they left. She called a while ago to let me know they are at home safely. We do so enjoy getting together for "sister" therapy **VBS*
Hope all had a great Holiday and tomorrow I am going to be Quilting Memories......... YE-HAW

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I do hope everyone has a blessed and Happy THanksgiving. There will be 8 of us here this year, we usually have at least 15 up to as many as 25, but families are growing and now there is in-laws and so forth, so Aunt J. is now way down on the list. But I try to understand, although I only remember spending a VERY few holidays anywhere else. My family always came here. I can remember as a 18 year old everyone gathered at our house, especially for Thanksgiving. I generally done all the cooking, sometimes others would bring something, but it was mostly me. Then a few years ago, my DD decided (another one of her executive decisions) that I should have help, so she took it upon herself to contact them and "suggest" what they should bring, so that worked real good and , now she has taken over a lot of the cooking herself. And as I have said many times, she is probably the best cook in the family. But this year, I wanted to do the majority of it myself, so she was to bring desserts ONLY ***VBS* . Well she called me early this am, and was shocked when I answered the phone, as I could hardly talk. Went to Dr. ,have a sinus infection, also a respiratory infection, then to top all that off, I mentioned to the Dr., my left shoulder has been bothering me for several weeks now, so he said a cortisone shot should do wonders, so I had one of those also........... But now my DD is bringing all the veggies,bread and the desserts. DH is going to help me get the turkey in the oven early, then I will make stuffing and gravy. I'm sure by then I will be very worn out. But my sister will also be here tonight, and she will help, she is also bringing some paper products and a pie and some pepsi's. I think all will turn out just fine, but I sure do hate that my DD is doing most of the work, although I know she really doesn't mind.I'm sure we will all enjoy Thanksgiving, cause its all about family so I am blessed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Friday, November 16, 2007

50Th, Anniversary

These are the desserts my hubby and I had at Eddie V's Restaurant on our 50th. anniversary. If you are ever in Austin, Texas and want a great (and very expensive) meal, this is the place to go.The people we work for made the reservations and paid for everything, what a great surprise. We were definitely a long way from home, family and friends, and they made our evening one to remember. Thanks to all of them.
We had steak, twice baked potatoes, salad and asparagus. All was delicious, of course we had to take some back to the motel with us, there was no way we could eat all that food, but we sure did try****VBS****.
WE once again have been gone, this time to Ga. for 6 lovely days with my sister and brother and their spouses.We had such a good time. At the end of each evening we played Yatzee,and a good time was had by all.
Now, I must turn my thoughts to Thanksgiving,I will do the majority of the cooking, my daughter always brings enough for an army even though I tell her just to bring sweet potato casserole and squash casserole,she never listens, but she does love to cook and she is an excellent cook. I never have any idea how many will show up, so I just cook enough for everybody I know, that way there is always enough for several days, which is nice, because some of them will get here on Wednesday night and stay until Sunday afternoon. But they are well aware, after Thursday, I don't do any more cooking, it's leftovers or go out. Whatever they want.....
I have run into a bit of a snag in the quilting of the baby quilt I am working on,but I think I will put it up until after Thanksgiving and all the family are gone, maybe by then my brain will work again and I will know what to do. I AM so ready to be through with this quilt.I think this is the reason I don't quilt any more than I do, I get really frusterated when things don't work the way I envision them to.I wonder if I will ever be truly happy with what I finish. I sure hope so.But I will get back to it soon and I WILL finish it***.
Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend, and quilting lots of memories. till next time.........

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Great American Quilt Factory

This is a picture of Lynda Milligan and me in her quilt shop, The Great American Quilt Factory. They have a very nice shop, full of wonderful displays. lots of Christmas wall hangings and kits made up for them. I bought 3 kits, and of course some fabrics. Will post those later. There was the cutest wall hanging for Christmas that I wanted so badly, but they didn't have all the fabrics for it and wouldn't sell me the center panel, I was really dissapointed, but to my surprise the next 3 shops I went in, had some of the different fabrics, so I began purchaseing what I could at each place( I had no way of knowing I was going to find it all ), but I did in fact find everything I needed. So at the top of my "to do" list for 2008 is to make this wallhanging. I collect Santa's ( have for many years) so I couldn't live without this one. LOL ****VBS***
I have gotten my baby quilt about half quilted, will show pics or it when we get back off vacation. I don't want any of my family to see it yet.Not sure if the baby's parents look at my blog but do know my sister does, and I am going to make her wait until I see her.So sis if you are reading this will see you next week.
I am excited, tomorrow evening I am going to class at the LQS to learn all about my Bernina Stitch Regulator. Have been messing with it some today, and plan to use it some tomorrow morning, but am anxious to learn the right way and maybe get some pointers on different ways to use it. Then on Thursday, I belong to a club called Around The Block, we are going to learn to make a different block each month. There has only been one class so far, and I learned a lot.The block we made was sorta like paper piecing, but using fabric instead of paper, that was fun. I have a real problem trying to paper piece.The block we are going to make Thursday is the Dresden Star. I think all these will help me build some confidence, as I still am uncomfortable trying to do different blocks by myself. I sometimes wonder if I will ever be comfortable quilting??? Wish me luck***
Think of me tomorrow as I am going to be quilting memories for one special little boy. Have a great day.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

More photos

These are justa few of the "things " I saw while At Fabric Depot. I sure did enjoy being there.
There was so much to see, I could have spent the day and not seen it all, the people there were so friendly and helpful.Will certainly go again next year if at all possible. Now all I need to do is sew up all the fabrics I purchased. I have been sewing for several days now, I have about completed the baby quilt I started last week. I am now quilting it. I started with a panel, added 3 borders, now if I can get it quilted I want to take it with me next week to Ga. , My sister and her husband and my brother and his wife along with my husband and me are planning a week in a cabin. I know we will have fun, we have never done this before of course we have been together at each others homes for a few days, but never a week anywhere. Hopefully since I am the oldest they will be extra KIND to me and not make me cook or do dishes very much ***VBS***. I cook so little anymore they may not want what I would cook anyway! I do plan to take some hand sewing if I can get prepared,I am making a quilt for our GD's 13th BD, and its March 9th, and I only have 3 blocks appliqued, so I need to get busy.Hope all of you have had a great weekend, will post again soon. Quilting memories for my newest great nephew**VBS**

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is the first faabric shop I went to upon arriving in Portland, Or. It is very much like Mary Jo's here in NC.It may be a bit larger (is that possible?) any way I was in there about 3 hours( not nearly enough time LOL) but I did make the most of it. I was only interested in quilting fabrics so that is where I spent most of my time.I bought a LOT of fabrics. I can't believe I have just now realized I haven't taken a pic of any of my purchases , oh well, another time.I did take some photos of the inside of the store, there were really some pretty things on display.
Well................ I have been trying to post more pics of the inside of the store but blogger will not let me. Darn it................ Will try later.
We went to about 10 stores while we were traveling, will post about them as time goes by,but I will say, if you ever get the chance to go to Fabric Depot in Portland it is well worth the time. I was overwhelmed, it was a good thing I didn't have any more time. But we did go to two more stores while we were there. Both were very nice, with very friendly people working in them.
I hope everyone has a great Halloween, we have no Trick or treaters around here, and I do miss that, but if my children were young I would not let them go out either. I hate that our world has gotten this way, I know there is a lot of good people here but it's the one bad one that spoils the fun for all. Enough said........
Will post again soon, have fun quilting memories, I sure do.......

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hello again.

It is so good to be home, the USA is beautiful but there really is no place like home.We were gone for a month, had a really nice trip. No vehicle trouble, for which I am so very thankful.We were in 21 states,drove almost 8000 miles. Saw some beautiful country. Went to at least 10 quilt shops. ( Pictures soon, I hope), Of course, I spent wayyyyyyyyy too much money, but hey, a girl has to have her stash, Right....*VBG* I took a lot of pictures, just learning to use my new camera. Hubby said I took about 1500, glad its a digital,otherwise couldn't afford to have them developed.Will sort through them soon, but I HAVE BEEN PIECING A QUILT.I haven't sewed in about 10 weeks, that has been way too long. Started this quilt for my new nephew, but do not
like the way it is turning out. The fabrics just seem as though they are for an older child. Yes, I know he is going to get older, but I want him to have a "baby" quilt. So next week will start another one. I sure do have enough fabric...*VBS*****, but tomorrow I intend to put the last border on the top and then will wait to quilt it until after I get the "baby" quilt finished.
I could write a lot more, we had some wonderful times on this trip,including our 50th. anniversary. Will tell you about that in my next post. Take care everyone and keep quilting memories..Later...

Home Again!

Well, we are home again, probably for a while.These pictures were taken at lakeTahoe.I loved the beautiful sunshine with the snowy mountains in the background.The boat is a paddleboat that takes cruises around the Lake, I would loved to have gone on a cruise, but no time.Hope everyone has had a pleasant summer and expecting a very nice fall. this is such a pretty time of the year.beautiful colors everywhere.makes my heart soar, such beauty.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quilted Book pictures

These are a couple pages from a book I quilted a while back. There are 12 pages,each with a different picture. It was fun, but a lot of work. I am sure I won't make anymore, but hopefully someday a great-grandchild will enjoy this one.The embroidery is "supposed"to be of a childs coloring,that is why some of the colors are out of the lines. LOL. There is also a turtle,pig,cow,lamb,,turkey,ant,butterfly and an elephant. I was learning to free motion quilt and this was a really good lesson. All the pages were quilted. Some good and some not so good.
We are off in the am. for our journey to Portland,Or. I am excited, we have never been to Oregon before. I am told it is a very pretty place. I do hope it won't be too cold as we will do the event outside. We will be at the Tiger Woods Center at Nike. If you get a chance come by for a visit. I would love to meet some of you.
I must get off here and finish my laundry so I can finish packing. Am about done, just want to leave everything clean and need to pack a couple things I have worn these last few days. So, will try to stay in touch, hopefully we will be able to get on the net with no trouble.catch everyone later, how about quilting memories for me. LOL

Sunday, September 16, 2007

What To Do?

What To Do??????

Aren't these pretty? I think these are probabl'y the makings of a baby quilt.Will have to do something about the pink ones, This will be for a boy, so can't put pink in it.Not sure what pattern yet either, but will take some quilt books with me on our trip and maybe find something in one of them.I also have a number of patterns, so maybe one of them. Don't know yet. Any suggestions?

Have been happy to have our Granddaughter here last night and most of today. We sure do enjoy her company.We took her out to dinner last night and let her sleep late today. With her busy schedule, she doesn't have a lot of "down" time. I think everyone needs time to do nothing every once in a while.

It is finally a little cooler here, I think we got the remnants of "Humberto",a good rain( not nearly enough) but every little bit helps. Hope it will be cool again tomorrow as Hubby and I have to finish working in the trailer for the trip. It does get hot in there, so cool weather would be a blessing.

Hope all of you folks are having nice weather and quilting memories,beautiful memories.

Later everyone

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things from my Sewing Room

Hello, from hot,hot N.C. The weather is still very hot here, but will cool off in a few weeks I am sure! I want to share some pictures of "things" in my sewing room.The strips (Chinese Coins) are a baby quilt I have been working on for quiet a while now. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever get it finished. It seems my time is no longer mine and hasn't been for a while. I am sure my life will get back in order as soon as we get back off this trip . We should be back around the 17th. of October. Are leaving on the 21st. of Sept. A LOOOOOOONG trip.

The picture of the wooden sewing machine was given to me on my 65th. birthday from a very good friend. I have been eyeing it for some time. I love it !!! The pot with the windmill was a door prise 2 months ago at our quilt guild. I think it is so cute. The wheels are made of fabric and when I won it it also had 2 FQ'S with it. Wasn't I the lucky one? Both of these sit on top of a shelf in my sewing room. I enjoy seeing them each time I am fortunate enough to spend some time in there.

Well, I am a new great aunt. Grayson was born August 29th.We got pictures of him today via internet. He sure is a cutie. Looks a lot like his Dad.That's not so bad, I think his Dad is a cutie too! All are doing well. That's always good to hear. Hope to see him before too long.

I am healing up pretty good from the surgery I had last Thursday. Am really bruised,and haven't heard from the biopsy yet, but Dr. didn't seem concerned, so am trying not to worry. Should know for sure on Friday.

My leg is also about all healed, will have a nasty scar, but that is ok, at my age a scar really is no big deal.I'm just glad it has healed nicely.

Hope everyone is doing great and quilting memories, take care until we meet again.

Monday, September 3, 2007


If you are in Portland,Or. on Sept.29-30, we will be there. At Nike headquarters at the Tiger Woods center with Lance Armstrong . I will be working at this trailer. I am the old woman.LOL.The rest are guys, so I am easy to locate. Come by and say hi, I would love to meet you.*VBS* Actually we will also be in Austin Texas on Oct.12,13 and 14. So if you are there come see us too.I would love to meet some of you bloggers. I may not have much time, but there is always time to meet new friends.*VBS*



Quilt blocks in Illinois

Guess what!!!!!! I think I've mastered the art of getting my pics from the camera to the computer then on my blog. I won't bore you with all of them today, but have been wanting to share them with you for a while now!These were taken in Illinois at a rest area.These quilt designs were in the walls and on the floor. They are tiles, and the story is on a stand out front. I thought that was the neatest thing. Have any of you seen this? On the wall beneath the designs is needle and thread etched in the bricks. Needless to say I had to spend some time there, I just enjoyed looking at them, and hope you do too. All of the designs on the big wall was around the wall individually. Someone did a lot of work and I did so appreciate getting to enjoy looking at them. Thank You ILLINOIS!!!!!
How about quilting memories for me.

Grandmother's Quilt

This is a quilt my Grandmother made when I was a teenager. When she passed away I got it,I do cherish it. It was made with a sewing machine,but the butterflies were hand appliqued. It fits a regular double bed, but as we all know that is all that was available at that time. That would have been about 53 years ago. As far as I know she made all the quilts that was used on our beds. I also have another one. It is solid on both sides, I think they were called utility quilts then. She quilted it in a grid, not very straight, but definately useable. They both have been washed in the machine many, many times and still show very little wear. When she died she had about 25 or 30 quilts, but with 10 children and a LOT of grandchildren,we had to share!! She has been dead for about 30 years now and I wonder if the rest of her quilts are still around. I know only 2 of her children are still alive. So, I do wonder what has happened to all of them.
I appreciate the comments about me cutting my leg, it is all better now and they have removed the staples (28 of them),It doesn't hurt any at all now, just itches.
Thursday, I am going to have some breast surgery, the doctor thinks I have some adhesions,so he wants to check it out. It has been painful, so I will be happy to get that straightened out so I can get back to my everyday life. Although DH and I will be leaving for another month on Sept.20th. WE will head to Portland Oregon, then on to Denver, Co. and from there to Austin, Tx. then home. Another long trip!!!!!
Hope everyone has been quilting memories, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Mine started out nice and went down hill from Saturday on. I worked at the LQS both Friday and Saturday. Friday was a really nice day, I enjoy working with the lady that was there, she is delightful to be around and sooooo very patient.She lets me do all the easy things. What's not to like?
Saturday, I worked with a lady, who also is very nice, although I don't know her very well and we were so busy I really didn't get to talk to her much. When we got to work, the first thing to do is vacuum and empty the trash. She was kind enough to offer to vacuum and I was going to empty all the small cans and carry all the trash outside. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Well, seems as though someone had apparently put an empty rotary cutter blade in one of the cans, and I somehow hit my leg with the bag,when I looked down and saw the 5" cut that was bleeding profusely,I knew I was in trouble. I called her name and she came to see what I wanted (thank goodness she hadn't started the vacuum), she called my husband, then the store owner( she was out of town). When I got to the hospital it took 28 staples to close the cut. SO<> Hope this will be a warning to everyone in blogland as well as any who works anywhere there are sharp objects. There are ways to dispose of these things.
We will be leaving for our next trip next week, going to Pa. so won't be a long trip, was hopeing to sew when we got home from there, but went to the doctor today and am going to have some surgery on Sept.6th.Hopefully it won't be very much, but dr. said not to be too surprised if I was hospitalized for a couple days. So keep me in your prayers, they always help.
Also, please quilt some memories for me, it seems as though I am having a hard time getting back to the sewing machine.Later, everyone.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm back, for a brief while

Hello everyone, am glad to be back, even brieftly. Lake Tahoe was beautiful and the RAGBRAI ride through Iowa was very successful.But there is NO place like home. We did get to see some very beautiful places and visited 4 quilt shops. I took pictures but blogger isn't co-operating with me. will try again soon. Hope all is enjoying this HOT weather. I was pretty miserable out west, way too hot for me.We will be leaving again in about 2 weeks, going to Pa. this trip,only be gone about a week, then will be home about a month. Hope to get some quilting done then. Have had a nasty cold since we got home,feeling better now. Have beeen doing book-work all day and tomorrow I must tackle this mountain or ironing I have. I will be working for LQS Friday and Saturday next week then the next week will have to work for my regular job a couple days to get everything ready to go again. I also have 2 doctors appts. that week. So am sure no sewing will get done.
Just wanted to check in, without pics nothing too interesting. hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend, how about quilting memories for me since I can't find the time. LOL

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gennessee Depot, Wisconsin

Pamella's Place
This is the quilt shop I went to while in Wisconsin, it is in an area called Gennesse Depot, a very nice shop.Much larger than it looks.They had lots and lots of fabrics, notions and books galore. the classroom area was very roomy also.Unfortunately I didn't get to talk to the lady that was working very much. Fortunately for her she was busy!I believe that the shop was fairly new, as a matter of fact I believe the strip mall it was in was new(6-8 months).The building looked very new.I think she had either had a place before or had bought someone else out, as a lot of her fabrics were ones I have been seeing for a while now. The"town" was so smal, maybe a "city" block! But really nice people.DH and I were up there working in another smaller town (although considerably larger than Gennesse Depot) Called Mukwonabe,that to was a very quaint and interesting place, I wish we could had time to explore a little, but we all know work does get in our way. This time I must get off here, I have to get myself together for a doctor's appt. early in the am. Please, say a prayer for me, that I will get good news tomorrow. Things have been a little scarey for me, so all prayers will be appreciated. As always, be quilting memories!

Look at me now!

Just look at me now!!!!!
See what I got to drive Friday, yep, Right down the interstate! For almsot 2 hours, I drove it. I sure did get a lot of "looks", not everyday you see a "race car" going down the highway.I got a kick out of the young guys as they tried to get closer to check it out, then when they saw this old lady driving you could almost see their dissapointment. But is was fun. I just happened to be at the place where they needed someone to deliver this car to another location, and DH and I was headed there. DH was driving the hauler we are taking to Lake Tahoe, so that only left me. Normally I try not to drive a vehicle that belongs to someone else, but since I work for the company, I am insured.
I have been busy here at home, getting all our clothes and "stuff" ready to leave, we are going to be gone almost the whole month of July. Do any of you bloggers know anything about the bike ride called Ragbrai? I understand it runs the whole length of Iowa. It begins on July21st. and ends on the 28th. We will stop each day ,beginning at Rock Rapids,then on to Spencer,Humboldt,Hampton, Cedar Falls,Independence,Dyersville and ending in Bellevue.If any of you will be at any of those destinations, I would love to meet you. I will be the oldest lady at the Lance Armstrong Trailer! The people who ride for the cause are awesome, if you can, come out and cheer them on. Seeing all of them riding (and most )in honor of a loved one they have lost to cancer is very moving. It brings me to tears everytime they start the race. I think you would be glad you came!
Also stay until they get back and help us let them know how much appreciated they are.
I won't be quilting memories for quiet a while, but I will be in a good place doing a good thing. Think of me and all the riders while you are sitting at your machine or in your easy chair with your hand quilt, Quilting Memories.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long, Long Way To Go

Yep, It's a long road from here to NV., but we will soon be leaving again,This is the road going through the desert.For miles and miles this is all you see.A few cars and trucks along the way, but even they are scarce. But you really should drive there at least once in your lifetime, it really is a sight that will stay with you for a long time.VERYdesolate, but so different its almost mesmerizing.The mtns, or mesas are so far in the distance its almost sureal,or so I thought.
We will travel this road a couple more times this summer,it is so hot you can't even imagine. You want to be sure of enough gasoline and plenty of water, for the vehicle and yourselves. There is nowhere to get anything for miles and miles. GO PREPARED!
I am so excited that we get the opportunity to see our great country, how better than someone else paying the bills!Awesome.
When you get tired of my ramblings just tell me enough already and I will stop. I know you probably think I have lived under a rock, but NO, DH and I have been West twice before. Loved every minute of it then too. Don't get me wrong, I would not want to live any place but here, but there is some beautiful places to visit. I wish I could see it all.
I have never had a desire to go abroad,I can't think of anything I would rather see over there.
I do plan to get some quilting going soon, but am not feeling real good, so am doing basically nothing.
Hope to try and find GM's quilts and DM's quilt tops as well as my old quilt,If I am successful I will post pics soon.
Have a great evening, May God Bless and have fun Quilting Memories

History of my Sewing and Quilting

Today I have been reading several blogs that I don't get to on a regular basis.One I read caught my interest. JudyL. asked some questions about our quilts, why and when we started quilting.My oh My, that got my mind working. I have said many , many times I am a fairly new quilter.Well, I still feel that way because I have so much to learn about quilting the "right" way!
After considerable thought, I must confess the first "quilt" I made was about 47 years ago.Would I want to share a picture of it, wow, I don't know. I was a Mother to a 2 year old ( I was 19 ), and we bought him a big boy bed, well, I had no cover that would fit. My Grandmother was ( even then ) sending me fabric, I did sew. Don't remember where or what kind of machine I had. SOOO, I took 2 pieces of fabric and cut a blanket down to size, sewed them together and used that "Quilt" for many, many years. I wonder how I quilted it or even if I did. I must have done something to hold the layers together, because it was washed lots and lots of time. I will try to find it. I think it would be interesting for me to show my LQS owner and some of my new sewing buddies. Thay should get a big laugh. YES, quilting memories are still alive and well!
If I find it, would you like to see it and share a good laugh with me?
My grandmother (she raised me) sewed all our clothes and made quilts, all for lots of useing, never just to show "off', She never had that luxury. She would have enjoyed that though.
My Mother sewed also, both were very good , they made a lot of clothes, I never remember seeing my GM use a pattern, she would just look at something and then make it. My Mother did use a pattern, she was a very good sewer too.I have a couple quilts my GM made, probably in the 30"s, she used feed sacks and clothing fabrics. In her later years she quilted on the machine.
I have 2 quilt tops(polyester) that my Mother made, probably in the 70's or early 80"s.I cherish them all. My sister also sews and quilts, she too is very good. Both of us have taught our dayghters to sew, her DD likes to sew, mine doesn't. (My DD is a great cook, as that is what she likes to do), She didn't get that from me. I cook ( Occasionally) and can do a fairly good job of if, but over the years I just as soon not bother.. My neice is a really good seamstress, but hasn't tried to quilt yet, I keep encourageing her to, she would be a really good quilter. I have also taught my GD to sew, she is only 12, so her attention span is kinda short, but she is getting there. She has made a couple baby quilts, and some skirts.Hopefully she will enjoy sewing as much as I do.
As far as a sewing machines go, (another question of Judy's) I have a Pfaff, have had it about 8 years now, I absolutely love it.It is not a n embroidery machine, so I do use my Bernina 200 the most, because it is. AM going to get it upgraded to a 730 in the next month or so. I love all the bells and whistles, as I like to make lots of different things. I also have a serger(Bernina), I don't use it a lot,but ocasionally will get it out and play with it,. I still have the machine I bought when our DD was about 6 years old. (38years ago). IT was the grandest thing I had ever seen. We gave $150.00 for it, cabinet and all. I used it all the years until I got the Pfaff. I took it to get it serviced and the guy I bought it from, yes, the same fellow, said to me, it's time to let this machine die, I can't do anymore with it. That broke my heart. Then when I went to look for another machine, I couldn't believe the prices.Times do change!
Anyway, I come from a background of sewers and hopefully am leaving some sewers to take my place someday. Hope all the future sewers and quilters will enjoy their machines as much as I have. Without my machine I would be lost. No I don't sew everyday, sometimes I go a long time between projects but I can not imagine my life without my machines. My foremothers did a good job.........
Hope all of you in blogland and elsewhere who are reading this are having a wonderful time quilting memories and I would love to hear your stories. Until we meet again, looking forward to hearing about your quilting memories.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hoover Dam, NV.

Have you ever seen Hoover Dam, Nv.? Glad I did, cause never want to go back, way toooo high for me.These pictures were taken by my DH as I would not get out of the car.He was NOT impressed with my "acting like a child". OH WELL, I just don't do heights very well.
If you haven't been you need to go, it is awesome!
I haven't quilted a thing since we came home, maybe tomorrow, thought we had to work, but that was changed until Friday.So, wish me luck, but unlike a lot of you, I really have to be in the mood,and right now I don't particullary like what I am doing. But I will finish it before I start something else.I will not start something new until I finish what I am working on.
Hope everyone is quilting memories today, have a great night . Catch you later.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

race car

This is the race/show car Dh and I took to Las Vegas.Pic was taken in the Office Depot booth at the LV convention center. That place was HUGE!!!. Everyone was very nice and cordial. Had nothing to do with quilting nor fabric, but sometime you just have to work. They were having The International Convention of Shopping Centers. I was told it is the largest of its kind in the USA, and I don't doubt it.We enjoyed our trip and are prepareing for our next one, will go to Lake Tahoe in July, will be gone for a month. More about that later.

Haven't done any sewing since we have been home, a little puny, have to work next 2 days, so maybe after that I will sew some before we leave. That's the plan anyway.

SOOOOOOO, how about everyone else staying busy quilting memories and I will get back to quilting soon. Have a great day.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Sweatshirt and stuff

It's me again, I forgot to tell everyone, I DID visit a couple quilt shops while in Vegas.The first one was really nice, large and roomy. The ladies there were friendly. There was several ladies there doing some knitting or crocheting, I really couldn't see them that well and didn't get too close, I wouldn't have known what they were doing anyway as I don't do either. I bought 1 piece, 3 yards of fabric for some blocks that I want to applique some designs on for a quilt for my GD. She will be 13 next March and I thought that would be a nice gift. That's the plan right now!!!!LOL I forgot to say the name of that shop was Nancy's Quilt Shop. The web site is She does have a virtual tour. Check it out, I think you will enjoy seeing it and if you go to las Vegas make sure you stop in, it is definately a shop I would go back to.

The next shop was Fabric Botique, located at 4464 W. Charleston blvd. Also very nice shop and people. I purchased a couple quilt patterns for a later project. there was several shoppers there as well. They gave me a free quilt pattern. So now I have my work cut out for me, just finding the time to get it all done!!!!!!!!!!!!

The picture above is the top of the shirt I showed in my previous post. Nothing special, but am trying to get decent at applique, and taking an applique project in the truck isn't too much, so am planning to fix some designs to take along. I do manage to have a lot of stuff when I travel, I always take along Quilting Books. I like to look at them when we get settled for the night.

Hopefully all you ladies are quilting memories, catch you later. Have a good night. It's bedtime for me.

Home and happy to be here

Our trip to Vegas was very uneventful, but I afraid most work is. We traveled 5243 miles. That is a lot of sitting!!!!!! I can't drive the truck with the trailer on it, it requires a cdl licenses. I hope next trip to be better prepared and maybe have some hand sewing to do, didn't take anything this time,but since it had been so long since we had been west, I didn't want to "miss seeing anything". But we will be going back the same route for most of the next trip in July. We will be going to Lake Tahoe, Nv.So definitely will be sewing some then!
The pic is of a sweat shirt I appliqued when we went to Detroit in April, I also appliqued the top, but will show that another time. But right now I have nothing quilty to show. I hope to get some quilting done before we leave again, but we do have to work several days in preparation to go. So I will have to try to get something done. Maybe I can sew some on the baby quilt That I started before I left.
I am hopeing the quilt top I finished before I left will be quilted soon. I left it with one of the local long arm quilters , so maybe she will be through soon. I am anxious to get it back. This is the first one I have ever had quilted, so am a little nervous also. Then I can bind it,that shouldn't take too long.
I must get up from here and get busy, I have a mountain or laundry to get done. We brought every thing in last night, but we have "stuff" scattered every where. So have a lot to do, hope everyone is haveing a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and are quilting memories for someone special in your life.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day To all you lovely ladies, hope all of you are with family,and if your Mother and/or Grandmother is still with you, hope you can spend part of your day with them. If you have children,may they fill your house with joy and happiness today. YOU ARE SPECIAL!!!!!!!
This is the wallhanging on my sewing room door,I made it in a class 5/6 years ago. Gosh time has gotten away from me, I didn't realize I had been trying to quilt for so long. BUT, I definitely still consider myself very new at this. Maybe someday I will get comfortable with the whole quilting "thing" LOL The other pic is the one that shows all of it, but when I try to upload it, it turns sideways on me.
Well, the weather is perfect here today for doing anything outdoors, so if you like being outside take a few minutes and enjoy the sunshine.
I am going to go "do" my nails,and get started packing, so will catch everyone tomorrow.
Take the day off and go pamper yourself, but tomorrow start quilting memories for me,I won't be in my sewing room for nearly 2 weeks, so You ladies will have to quilt and think of me!!!!Later everyone

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mothers day

Serenity!!!!!!!!!!! This is the pond myDH and Granddaughter made several years ago, I think she was about 6 or 7 years old. She is now 12 and will tell you proudlythat her and her PAPAW made the pond. AS a matter of fact, she painted her a sign and put out there, its about faded now, so can't read her name too well. But she is still very proud of it!! She would love to use it for her very own "swimming" pool.

Would love toshow you a wallhanging I made a few years back,but when I try to post,it turns sideways. I wish I knew more about how to work this comp. The pic is on the comp. straight but when I upload it, it turns. Does anyone have any words of wisdom that may help ME??? DH has tried to get them to straighten up also, and can't get them right. This is so frustersting (*sp*) to me. Enough whining!!!!

Hope all you ladies have a wonderful Mothers Day, and if your Mother is still living (MIL'S TOO) do something nice for them. I speak from experience, she won't be here forever. At least call her and tell her you love her. A phone call goes a long way!!!!!!! Life is too short not to remember your MOM.

I am working on another baby quilt, I saw a picture of one in a book and like parts of it, so am making it "my way". I may have a mess, so will have to wait and see. But we are leaving for Las Vegas on Tuesday, so won't get to work on it anymore after today, until we get back. Due back here on the 27th. If any of you ladies live in that area, I would love to meet you. DH and I will be at the convention center, Sunday through Wed. ,We will have a Show car ( a race car) on display at the Office Depot Shopping Center Conference. I assume it will be open to the public. If not we will have our laptop, just email me, or leave a comment,and I will get in touch with you.Maybe we could meet at one of the fabric stores. I do plan to try to visit some of them. Any suggestions on which would be the best? I don't think I will have time to go to but one or two.

I must get busy, I still have a lot to do, and I do want to sew a little while and it's already 1 o'clock.

Hope all of you will save a little time to be quilting memories this weekend. have a great Mothers Day,and Remember all Mothers, Mother's in law, Step Mothers and especially Grandmothers!!!! Some day you will be glad you did.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bento Box and Irises

Good morning, hope all is well in your corner of the world. I think spring has returned, yesterday was a beautiful day and today is supposed to be another glorious day. I love warm, sunny days.I finished my quilt top on Wednesday,will get it quilted while I am gone to Vagas. The colors don't show as pretty as they really are. It has a lot of golds, reds,browns and Dark greens. I was dissapointed with the color in the picture , we took it outside thinking that would be better, guess the camera is just old and has a mind of its own!!!!!LOL The top measures 60"x75". After I bind it , it will fit nicely on the guest bed. It will be used as cover, not as a coverlet on top of the bed.
The irises are at the pond in our backyard. They were prettier last week , but I still like them.
Hope everyone has a great day quilting memories.