Friday, May 11, 2007

Bento Box and Irises

Good morning, hope all is well in your corner of the world. I think spring has returned, yesterday was a beautiful day and today is supposed to be another glorious day. I love warm, sunny days.I finished my quilt top on Wednesday,will get it quilted while I am gone to Vagas. The colors don't show as pretty as they really are. It has a lot of golds, reds,browns and Dark greens. I was dissapointed with the color in the picture , we took it outside thinking that would be better, guess the camera is just old and has a mind of its own!!!!!LOL The top measures 60"x75". After I bind it , it will fit nicely on the guest bed. It will be used as cover, not as a coverlet on top of the bed.
The irises are at the pond in our backyard. They were prettier last week , but I still like them.
Hope everyone has a great day quilting memories.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Again-- I LOVE that pattern and I love it even more now that I have seen your quilt... the colors look pretty in the photo, so it must be EVEN BETTER in person! Great job! Hang on to your money now in Vegas... you need it to spend at the LQS ;)

Nancy said...

Your Bento Box is lovely. I've made just one, and didn't randomize the blocks as the pattern showed, but rather put them in groups of fours. I liked how it turned out but now, of course, I can't wait to make another and move the units all over!

Finn said...

Good Morning from WI. I just love the way your Bento Boxes turned out. Even if the photo color isn't true, it's a smashing quilt!! Very, very lovely. And nice to have it done(well, almost *VBS*)

Your iris make me lonely for mine that used to bloom in my house's gardens. They aren't something one can duplicate in a flowerpot or window box. I'll just enjoy yours a bit extra! Hugs, Finn

Nadine said...

Hello from Belgium ! I came to your blog through Finn's ("Pieces from my scrapbag") and will gladly add yours on my list... Beautiful Bento Box quilt !. and the irises are divine !... Thanks for showing.
Smiles ! Enjoy your quilting !

Lisa said...

Wow, I love the Bento Box quilt. I can't believe the way it moves in front of your eyes. Great work. I think I've only seen these in brights, or in only 2 colours before and they haven't had the same effect.