Sunday, November 25, 2007

Quilted Clock

This is a picture I took in Round Rock, Texas. We were in the neatest quilt shop. This is a quilted clock they were having classes to make. Just one more of my traveling pics.
We are probably home now until after Christmas, and I am glad. I need to get my sewing machine going again. I am not having a bit of fun with the quilt I am currently working on for my G-Nephew. I plan to do "something" with it tomorrow as I do have other things to work on .

Thanksgiving was a BIG EVENT here, we were told we are finally going to be great- grandparents!!!!!! YA-HOO
So, now I must get some quilting done. I have to finish 2 quilts I have started for my GD, one is for Christmas, the other was planned for her 13th, BD, but that isn't going to happen. But she doesn't know about it, so she won't be dissapointed.
My sister and her husband left today about lunch time and I have tried to rest, This sinus and respiratory infection is aggravating me, I am ready to feel better. I took the last of my meds this am, so expecting to be all better tomorrow. ** Sounds like a plan to me****
Has everyone but me got their Christmas shopping done? I have a few things, but no where near what I need to get busy and do. One of these days, I hope to make our grown kids a quilt, get it done early and give it to them for their gift together,sounds really ambitious, hope I am that smart. ROFLOL
As I said my sister was here for the holiday and Friday and Saturday we went to 4 quilt shops. Had a great time, she done all the driving since I felt bad. We went to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC and also the newly opened Bernina store. It has been in Gastonia for a while but they are tearing down most of that shopping center, and had to be out by Jan.2nd. Then on Saturday we went to my LQS, and she bought quiet a bit of fabric there, we left there and went to Randy's in Greensboro, then we were back home and went to a nice Seafood Restaurant with our hubbys. She wanted to show me some things on the comp. this am, and then they left. She called a while ago to let me know they are at home safely. We do so enjoy getting together for "sister" therapy **VBS*
Hope all had a great Holiday and tomorrow I am going to be Quilting Memories......... YE-HAW

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