Sunday, June 24, 2007

Look at me now!

Just look at me now!!!!!
See what I got to drive Friday, yep, Right down the interstate! For almsot 2 hours, I drove it. I sure did get a lot of "looks", not everyday you see a "race car" going down the highway.I got a kick out of the young guys as they tried to get closer to check it out, then when they saw this old lady driving you could almost see their dissapointment. But is was fun. I just happened to be at the place where they needed someone to deliver this car to another location, and DH and I was headed there. DH was driving the hauler we are taking to Lake Tahoe, so that only left me. Normally I try not to drive a vehicle that belongs to someone else, but since I work for the company, I am insured.
I have been busy here at home, getting all our clothes and "stuff" ready to leave, we are going to be gone almost the whole month of July. Do any of you bloggers know anything about the bike ride called Ragbrai? I understand it runs the whole length of Iowa. It begins on July21st. and ends on the 28th. We will stop each day ,beginning at Rock Rapids,then on to Spencer,Humboldt,Hampton, Cedar Falls,Independence,Dyersville and ending in Bellevue.If any of you will be at any of those destinations, I would love to meet you. I will be the oldest lady at the Lance Armstrong Trailer! The people who ride for the cause are awesome, if you can, come out and cheer them on. Seeing all of them riding (and most )in honor of a loved one they have lost to cancer is very moving. It brings me to tears everytime they start the race. I think you would be glad you came!
Also stay until they get back and help us let them know how much appreciated they are.
I won't be quilting memories for quiet a while, but I will be in a good place doing a good thing. Think of me and all the riders while you are sitting at your machine or in your easy chair with your hand quilt, Quilting Memories.

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