Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sister and best friends

My sister and I wern't raised together, I had a whole other set of sisters growing up. I lived with my Grandparents and was the youngest. There were 3 girls and 3 boys older than me, and I was a spoiled brat,but don't tell my sister! All those aunts ( who I called my sisters ) are now deceased , and I do miss them, I loved them all dearly. I always knew they wern't really my sisters but I was never told that by any of the older ones. I was just treated like the spoiled baby that I was!!!
But at 14 I went to live with my Mother and Stepfather, sister and brother. Now I was the oldest, and expected to babysit and do things around the house, what an awakening! My sister is 7 years younger and my brother is almost 9 years younger. when I was first there I thought they were so cute, but then they began to act like I probably had as a child, I didn't like that!!!! But I was very protective of them, I found that I loved them both very much, and wanted a life for them that they certainly didn't have at home.
I married at 16 and moved out and eventually moved about 5 hours away. That hurt, I didn't want to leave them, but I had to go with my husband. We moved back about 18 months later, and eventually my sister got married, that wasn't a good marriage either, then we left again, back to N.C., and she was pregnant, I cried a lot over the next several months. But we wrote often and saw each other as much as possible.
At some point over the years we have become not only sisters but best friends. I used to wish I hadn't moved at 14 years, but what I got out of life has made it all worth it. I am not as close to our brother but I think that is true in most cases, boys have wives and don't need sisters as much, and thats ok, he is happy and we do see each other when we can. He lives about 1.5 hours from me.
But I would like to say I have the best sister in the world, I don't think I would make it without her, when I need to talk (or cry or whatever) she is always there for me. She had some very serious medical problems a few years ago and I begged the Lord to let her pull through,I told HIM more than once how badly I needed her and He answered my prayers. We do lots of things together when we are together, we quilt shop, and go out to eat, sew and just generally enjoy each other.
So, I would like to say, I LOVE HER VERY MUCH and I am so glad she is my SISTER. J

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