Sunday, June 10, 2007

Long, Long Way To Go

Yep, It's a long road from here to NV., but we will soon be leaving again,This is the road going through the desert.For miles and miles this is all you see.A few cars and trucks along the way, but even they are scarce. But you really should drive there at least once in your lifetime, it really is a sight that will stay with you for a long time.VERYdesolate, but so different its almost mesmerizing.The mtns, or mesas are so far in the distance its almost sureal,or so I thought.
We will travel this road a couple more times this summer,it is so hot you can't even imagine. You want to be sure of enough gasoline and plenty of water, for the vehicle and yourselves. There is nowhere to get anything for miles and miles. GO PREPARED!
I am so excited that we get the opportunity to see our great country, how better than someone else paying the bills!Awesome.
When you get tired of my ramblings just tell me enough already and I will stop. I know you probably think I have lived under a rock, but NO, DH and I have been West twice before. Loved every minute of it then too. Don't get me wrong, I would not want to live any place but here, but there is some beautiful places to visit. I wish I could see it all.
I have never had a desire to go abroad,I can't think of anything I would rather see over there.
I do plan to get some quilting going soon, but am not feeling real good, so am doing basically nothing.
Hope to try and find GM's quilts and DM's quilt tops as well as my old quilt,If I am successful I will post pics soon.
Have a great evening, May God Bless and have fun Quilting Memories


Libby said...

Cross country driving can be fun . . . I hope one day to go from sea to shining sea without a deadline. That way I can meander off and see all the things I want to see. Like the largest ball of twine or any other such silliness.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

We've been on lots and lots of L-O-N-G roadtrips and I never grow tired of traveling here there and everywhere. You're lucky to have someone else footing the bill, too! Now, that's the way to go for sure! I'll miss your smiling face while you're gone. Feel better soon, take your meds. and rest. You need to be in tip top shape for your next journey.