Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hoover Dam, NV.

Have you ever seen Hoover Dam, Nv.? Glad I did, cause never want to go back, way toooo high for me.These pictures were taken by my DH as I would not get out of the car.He was NOT impressed with my "acting like a child". OH WELL, I just don't do heights very well.
If you haven't been you need to go, it is awesome!
I haven't quilted a thing since we came home, maybe tomorrow, thought we had to work, but that was changed until Friday.So, wish me luck, but unlike a lot of you, I really have to be in the mood,and right now I don't particullary like what I am doing. But I will finish it before I start something else.I will not start something new until I finish what I am working on.
Hope everyone is quilting memories today, have a great night . Catch you later.

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Libby said...

We drove over Hoover Dam last fall. I am no fan of tall bridges and couldn't get out of there FAST enough. I know Hubby wanted to stop and tour but for the security of our marriage - he drove on *s* I promised that if we make another trip that way, he could drop me in the quilt shops in Vegas and then go back for the tour. A win/win for all.