Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogger cut me off!

The post about the Smocking shop, was not quiet finished, but I guess blogger thought it was GRRRRR, any way they did have quiet a large selection of quilting fabrics.They also sell Viking Machines.

This shop is also one I would recommend that you visit. I think you will be glad you did.

Well, that was my day on Tuesday, unfortunately, I only have Tuesdays to visit shops, but what a great day, it was. There are several more listed in the phone book and I wish I had time to go to all of them, but, we are working.......and it's time to get ready to get out of here.

I do hope all of you are quilting memories today, have a great day....

The Smocking Shop, Louisville, Ky

This was asweet shop, such nice ladies,Susan ( white shirt) and Linda(owner) on the right. Both extremely friendly. Linda and her hubbt own the house the shop is in and it is brimming with goodies. Every nook and crannie has something interesting to look at, talk about " eye candy",well there was lots of it here.

First, the smocking done there is unbelievable, beautiful! There were several pieces of girl and boys clothein that theyhad made, they also had lots of georgeous fabrics to make the clothes out of. If you like smocking, this is the place to go, and yes, they teach smocking!

they also have quilting classes, and the quilts hanging around tells you a lot. These ladies are talented.If you live in this area and need classes, this is the place to go,

Isn't this dress adorable? I wish my GD would still wear that kind of clothes, ahhhhhhh, she has outgrown " Mammaw" making ( or buying) anything that GIRLEY for her. It's jeans and t-shirts....Teenagers do have a mind of their own....LOL
How about some ribbon, well they have a closet full, any color or size, just look, it's there...and to the left is thread, and lots of thread. What a treat this shop is...****VBS***

Among Friends Quilt Shop, Louisville, Ky

Where do I start,What a wonderful store.....I can understand why it is being featured in the fall/winter issue of Better Homes and gardens Quilt sampler magazine, as one of the top ten quilt shops in North America.It was a great store ( I stayed in there so long DH came to see if I had gone somewhere else***VBS***) So much to see. But I must tell you the owner didn't want me to take pics of the quilts she had on display, and there were some stunning ones. She said all of them didn't belong to her and she didn't want to get into trouble with anyone, so I respect her wishes. She did let me take some for my own enjoyment, and I appreciated that.

The store is very large, she has a lot of gift items,not quilty things but lovely just the same,but she does have lots of fabrics and any notion you could possibly want.Fun, fun shopping.I saw a quilt hanging on the wall that I "needed to make", so of course I bought the book the pattern was in and the fabrics to make it, that is the fabrics the pic is of. The tote is what they put my purchases in, neat, I thought.The other pic is as you enter the shop, you really need to visit this store if you are ever in this area. it will be well worth your time. I haven't mentioned the employees, they were very friendly and extremely helpful. I guarantee you will like this store, no question about it.I didn't realize you could see the quilt hanging up to the right, that is what Iwant to make. The book I purchased is a newly published one, you may want to check it out,

the name of it is Weekend Quilting Wonders,there is 40+ projects in it. The quilt pattern I want to make and also a tablerunner I want to make is in there. I called my LQS yesterday to tell her she " needed to get this book on her shelves" and she laughed at me, cause she and her trusty helper was looking at it,

( great minds, you know):(

I am so looking forward to getting home to see all my friends and I want to say a big HAPPY

BIRTHDAY to Shirley...She is such a wonderful lady! See you Tuesday!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quilt Quarters, Indiana

Obviously the name of this quilt store is Quilt Quarters. It is located in Indianapolis, In. A very nice store.In a beautiful shopping center. The owner said she had been there for 8 years, but the store still felt new.Very neat and clean. Lots of pretty quilts to enjoy looking at and lots of patterns and notions.It took a while ( maybe 30 minutes) before any one even spoke to me, but when I asked a question, they were very friendly and helpful. There were several workers there and a couple more (beside me) shoppers there, so I guess they were pre-occupied! But I would go back because the shop was so nice. I probably spent an hour or so there and I am sure I missed a lot.I purchased 4 baby panels. I want to make our GGS another quilt and our friends in Va. is going to be GG parents again, so I will make their new one a quilt.I like to use panels, they are so much quicker and easier and the new parents doesn't know the difference. I know, that's terrible of me to think that way, and I do make pieced baby quilts, just not every time**

The quilts and block that I have pics of, all were taken there. Once again, I didn't get the name of anyone that made the quilts I am showing, but they were all on display there, and I am sure either the owner or one of the employees made them*

This block was one of my favorite, sorry it is blurred, but the block itself looked blurred. I think that was the way it is supposed to look. But it caught my eye**VBS**

Of course having a teenage GD, this pocketbook quilt yelled my name.Yea* It said, hey, Mamaw, I sure would like this for my bed** Will I make her one? Probably not...Sorry Love Bug

Nope, I won't make this one either, but I thought it was cute. The straps on the shoes stood out and looked like real flip-flops. Very girley**

Now, I want to post our schedule for next week, we will be in the Louisville, Ky. area,remember, Wed, Thurs and Fri we work 3-8pm and Sat and Sun we work from 8am-4pm.

Wed, 7/30 Home Depot 964 Breckenridge Lane

Thurs, 7/31 Lowes 501 Hurstbourne Pky.

Fri. 8/1 Home Depot 2600 Hurstbourne Pky.

Sat. 8/2 Lowes 4930 North Healthcare Blvd.

Sun. 8/3 Home Depot 10301 Westport Rd.

All these places are listed as being in Louisville, so if you get a chance come by. You'll catch me sitting in a chair, probably embroidering, I'm still working on my Red Work.

Hope everyone is having a fun weekend quilting memories

Friday, July 25, 2008

Old Sewing Machines

I know, I know, I have probably have posted these before, but old machines just amaze me. The treddle machine looks like the one my Grandmother sewed on when I was a child. I have often wondered when she got a machine and how they afforded one. We were so poor! She still sewed on it when I was much older and long since married. BUT, she had 4DD's when she died and I have no idea where it went.

I am not sure where I was when I took two of these photos but two of them were taken at the Blackberry Patchwork shop in Piqua, Oh. The treddle and the machine that has Old Kentucky home on it, as I said Grandmother had a treddle , but I had never seen a machine with Old Kentucky Home on it, and since I was raised in Kentucky, I was astonished. I sure would like to have that baby!

I also would like to share a story about a machine with you, we have friends in Va., that we have been friends with for 48 years, well, we were visiting them a couple years ago and HE showed me a machine he had purchased at a yard sale for $15.00.........It is a 1941 model (yes its stamped), since that is the year we were both born I was so jealous *** LOL***, but he wasn't about to part with it. He has told all his family if he should die before I do, thay are to give me the machine. The only problem with that is he is only 2 weeks older than me!!!! Seriously, the machine is in a wooden case and works very good, he got a real bargain.Wish I had a photo of it to share with you. Maybe when we go to Va., we can get a picture.

Our schedule this week has been changed so many times I can't keep up. Yesterday, as we were leaving the event we were doing, DH's phone rang, wanting a change, so he said ok, within 15 minutes, another call, another change, this time a new time as well as another location. I think the stress is getting to me!!!The only good thing to come from all of the changes, we are working less hours each day.........Thank goodness for small favors!!!!!!!!!!

The weather here today and yesterday has been perfect, especially since we are outside. Just beautiful, but rain is forecast the next 2 days....That's always a mess,will just have to wait and see.

I think I am going to get up from here and get my red work out and embroidery for a while. Yesterday and today, I worked on it some, I hadn't been able to do anything since I fell, so am taking it easy and just doing a little at a time, but that helps!

Hope everyone in blogland has a great weekend , and keep on quilting memories.

PS: I want to Congratulate Ms. Goodneedle on becoming a Grandmother, as she says, Life is good!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Quilt store in Piqua, Oh

What a unique, but very small shop!

She told me she had been open there for 6 years, I thought the name was pretty unique also, Blackberry Patchwork.She is on the main street of Piqua,Ohio. This is a very small town, but a lot of nice people.The motel we stayed in was attached to the mall, nice for shopping! Usually on Friday and Saturday nights we just stay in the room and be lazy, but there we got ourselves out and walked around the stores. Slept better at night.

Back to the quilt store,she had a LOT of fat quarters, as well as a nice variety of fabrics, and lots of wool. I don't use wool but if you are interested , I am sure I could get her address off my receipt. I would think she would mail you whatever you want. The design to the left, is on the ceiling as you go inside her store, yep, just look up as you start inside and you will enjoy seeing what I did.

i went to another store today, we are now in Indiana, and will post about that soon.But first i want to tell everyone about our experiences this weekend. We were at the Dayton Airshow, and that was faboulous! But a little excitement ( I think weird things follow us) , you may have read in your local newspaper about the boeing 747 having to make an emergency landing, well that's where it landed. It is very unnerving to have the speaker come on telling everyone we have an emergency landing coming in and we have to prepare the runway and clear the airspace.That DOES get your attention! But i was certainly impressed with the way everything was handled. they kept us informed of everything as it was happening and why they were doing the things they did. I hope if I am ever involved in a situation like that , those people are in charge! So congratulations to the Dayton Air Field, You did a wonderful job!

We also worked with some equally as nice people this weekend, when we have such nice people to work with and ones that are willing to do their job,(that makes my DH's job so much easier)it makes us greatful to the Roush-Fenway and Scott's Company for letting us be a part.We definitely have made some friends, and hope to keep in touch with them forever...VBS...

This is our schedule for nthis week, as I said we are in Indiana, the Indianapolis area, so keep that in mind!

Wed.,7/23 Wal Mart 2001 East 151st. Street Carmel, 3-8pm

Thurs., 7/24 Lowes 4444 South Emerson Ave Indianapolis 10am-2pm

Fri., 7/25 Home Depot 9855 North Michigan Road Carmel 3-8pm

Sat., 7/26 Home Depot 9320 Corporation Drive Indianapolis 9am-2pm

Sun., 7/27 Lowes 8850 South Madison Ave. Indianapolis 9am-2pm

Next week we will be in Louisville, Ky. then we are going home for a break. If you get a chance, come by and visit, I would love to meet you!

Take care , and keep quilting memories............................................................Bobbin

Monday, July 14, 2008

I took a nasty fall

OK, Blogger isn't co-operating with me,So far no pics.....Sorry! We have arrived back in Ohio, in the Dayton area. In a motel that's attached to a MALL..... and my DH picked it out....He may well wish he hadn't...LOL....***VBS***I'm going shopping tomorrow to try to find me a couple pair black pants ( I am required to wear black pants), I have been wearing the same few pair since Feb. and I am soooooooo tired of them, but the real reason is because I didn't do laundry at the motel yesterday, and this motel doesn'thave a washer and dryer !!!! There isn't one in this small town either,this is the second town I have ever been in that didn't have a laundromat....I also need to get a couple things for DH, I really do think this is a funny situation to be in....Of course it may not be so funny if I can't find what we need.The population here is probably no more than a few thousand, so I am sure the mall isn't very big.....will see tomorrow.....wish me luck!!!
Well, I FELL on Saturday. From a standing position , straight down on my right shoulder. It is still bothering me a LOT.I had been to the doctor when I was home for the 4th and got a cortisone shot. I have know for about 2 years I have a torn rotator cuff, and I have been in a lot of pain, so much so it was waking me at night, so falling sure didn't help me any. I also skinned up my right arm, below my elbow, my right knee is bruised pretty badly, and I turned both my ankles. I am in a mess, but thank goodness I don't think anything is broken. I have no idea why I fell, I just remember walking towards our truck, and the next thing I remember was the lady that was helping with our event, saying" she took a very hard fall" and then my Dh and the rep was standing over me asking questions, of which I didn't know the answers. Will go to the Dr. when I get home. May need to check all this out.
I seriously doubt there are any quilt shops here, but will check tomorrow and see if I can find one, or at least something interesting to post about. Take care and keep on quilting memories,


Saturday, July 12, 2008

More about my favorite Quilt Store!

Isn't this a pretty table runner? I think so, you'll have to click on the picture to see who made it. I understand there is a contest going on making table runners.I am anxiously waiting to see them all on display. Congratulations to all who enter.

I tell you, there is always something going on there.

How about some thread? This is just one rack, there are several more and several brands.I KNOW there is a lot of thread there, cause for the last 2 years I have done the year-end inventory on her thread!!!So if you need thread, I can promise you that Sew Original on Robinhood Road in Winston Salem, N.c is the place to get it !!!! ***VBS***

I like this quilt also, I hope to make one someday,( do you think I will live long enough? ) Sorry the picture is blurred, but I am NOT a very good photographer.You can ask any one who knows me, they won't let me take a picture of them, I usually mess them up! Shirley was telling me the colors in this quilt is very different.....For instance, the blue fabric (the rest of them too) is all one piece of fabric, it starts out light and gets darker . I foolishly didn't look at any of the fabric so I am having a hard time describing it, but go by there, if they don't have any, someone will tell you all about it .

Just look at these blocks, I'm sure Holly made all of them.I think she is so smart, but don't tell her I said so****VBS****,So let me tell you a little bit about Holly, she is one sweet and very talented lady,always willing to help with wharever you need.She is a great teacher, very patient.She has made some beautiful quilts, her mind is always working, she is busy, busy! You'll like her, I just know you will!!!

Let's go back to Jeannie, she really is good with color choices but if you look at the quilt on yesterday's blog you will see her handiwork. She, too, teaches and is very good. She is a little quiet, but once you get her talking, she is great, very smart quilter.I wish I had more time, I would love to take classes from her!!

Now, there's Terri, she knows her stuff!!! If you don't believe me, just go in the store and ask a software question....I'm telling you she impresses me.....She is also a very talented seamstress, makes lovely home dec pieces.GO TERRI!!!

Muriel, what can I say to adequately describe her, no where near enough! She, too, is a great teacher. When she decides on a project, there is no stopping her,She does a LOT of sewing. She is an inspiration to me.She makes lots of quilts and different things then teaches them. Go by sometime soon and sign up for one of her classes, you'll be glad you did...What you waiting for??Go SIGN UP RIGHT NOW!!!

Judy, what a delightful lady, always smiling. Makes you fell so welcome,a great teacher and so talented.I just fell in love with her the first time I met her.She too, can and does make beautiful quilts. She teaches as well,She is so willing to help you that you really don't won't to leave.Great with color choices too. I can't wait to see you when I get home again.

Joyce, oops!!! I forgot her in my last post, please forgive me, between you being gone and me being gone I haven't seen Joyce in a while. She is another very nice lady, talented and smart, what more can you ask for???Helpful, well, she's that too. Go by and take a class from her, I guarantee a fun and informative time.

Now, let's talk about Shirley.............I can not say enough nice things about her. First let me say she is several years younger than me but my DH and my sister says she has adopted me.

She is so sweet and has helped me more than anyone I can think of.I had lots,and lots and lots of problems with my sewing machine ( it came from some where else), she just kept helping me until it was all fixed, without her, I would have given up long ago.She has encouraged me to do things I never dreamed I could do, and do successfully. I want to THANK her, she is a great friend. She is a wonderful seamstress, she loves making clothes for her GS.... you should see some of her handiwork,amazing is the word that comes to mind.She can whip up a quilt top too.

The world would be a better place if she had more time to teach. If you ever get a chance to go to a class she is teaching or a lecture she has, do not miss it, you will be so sorry, Thank You Shirley, mostly for being such a good friend but also for being such a good teacher and having faith in me to do things I really didn't think I was capable of doing..

I sure do miss all my friends at Sew Original, and yes I count all of them as my friends. Can't wait to get back, maybe this time I will get to see all of you, I'm counting on it anyway.

I have also met a lot of Shirley's customers and I can't let this opportunity go by without saying to each of them, I miss you too. What a great honor to have met you and calling you my friends. See ya soon.

OK, now I think I have mentioned everyone, if not someone let me know and I will "fix" that.

Take care, one and all, and stay busy quilting memories. Later,

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Favorite Quilt Shop

Yep, Surely you guessed it !!!!! This is our about our LQS, the lady to the left one of the owners. She and her partner own 2 stores. This one is in

Winston Salem, N.C. and the other one is in Boone, N.C.... If you ever find yourself in either place stop by, whoever is working that day will make you more than welcome, they are a great bunch of ladies and VERY smart ! They know EVERYTHING about quilting, sewing, and Bernina sewing machines,so if you have a question , do not be shy, just ask, someone there knows the answer, or will find out the answer for you. The owner's name is Shirley.

The lady to the right is Jeanne, she helped me to decide on colors for a baby quilt, that I was going to make for our new G-GS., but then Mom wanted me to make it in blue's and browns. But that was ok, I will still make the other one.

Jeanne is very good with fabric colors, but then all of the staff are. There wasn't any more of the staff working that day, but there are several more, there is Holly, Muriel,Judy,and Terri. Terri is the one to ask your software questions! There are several ladies that come in and teach various classes, so there is always something going on.

The above picture is a baby quilt that a former employee done, ( Diane) I think it is so cute. The baby quilt I made for GGS was made using this pattern, but obviously I changed it some. Above is a block that Holly made, she has a class each month and they make a new block, just learning new techniques. She's a smart lady!
I'm not sure who done this quilt but it sure is pretty,but then most quilts are pretty to me.
There is a lot of talent in that shop, if I could just know a portion of what each of those ladies know I would be one smart lady. But unfortunately I don't think I (or anyone) can live long enough to be that smart. Well, maybe Shirley, but then she already knows more about sewing than most people.
Ok, blogger won't let me add anymore pics, so will be back another time and show somemore and maybe tell you a little about the others that work in the WS store. I really don't know the ladies that work in the Boone store, so can't tell you about them. I have got to get up from here and get myself together so I can get out of here.Hope all of you are busy quilting memories today. Have a GREAT DAY.
Blogger really is being ugly, he won't even download my new signature,OH WELL,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Glass Thimble, Columbus, Ohio

Wow, what a pretty store, very neat and clean. Everything had a place and everything was in it's place.Lots of neatly arranged fabrics, notions and more quilts than I have ever seen on display in one quilt shop. If you ever get a chance to go there, do, you'll be glad you did.The lady that waited on me was equally as nice as the store. The store has been in business for 34 years, but 2 years ago another lady purchased it. I would liked to have seen it a few years ago, so I could see what changes have been made.Looks are deceiving though, looking at the building from outside it looks small, but the inside is very large, several rooms, all neatly arranged.The above pictures are just a few that I took, so will try again either later today, or tomorrow.

I am just full of "things" to post about,our Great Grandson was born the day before we got home, how's that for good planning? He is an absolute doll, Mom and baby are doing well.

Our son was waiting for us when we got there, to wisk me to the hospital, daughter was also there, she went to help her Daddy, unload the truck and trailer. I sure do have 2 great kids.

I'm not sure that Mommy and Daddy will want me to show pictures of him, will ask,sure would like for everyone to see him. TRUE G-Grandmother being proud!!!

I went to our local quilt store while I was home, took lots of pics there also, so will post about that soon. Hope all of you had a great 4th, we had a cook out, and there was 12 of us. Fun, Fun.

We are back at work now, we are in Pittsburg, Pa. and of course its raining !!!! So what's new, wherever we have been, it's been raining. WE also had severe thunderstorm warnings last night.

I AM, tired of this weather.

I finished another hand appliqued wall hanging this morning. have completed 2 , just one more to go, and I will be soooooooooooo glad, I haven't enjoyed doing these. But for the ladies that live in WS, hopefully, when I come back home, they will be quilted and on display, but then again, she may not want to, I am not happy with them. I can't take pics of the first one, I left it at home, maybe I'll get a picture of the second one !!!!

Gotta run, take care and keep on quilting memories.