Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reversable Quilt Class

This is a pic of the class I am " taking" I'm afraid I'm not a very good student. I did NOT get any of the homework done that I was supposed to. I worked instead, at the LQS, and that was ok, cause I was sure I could get enough squares cut so that I could at least keep up with the class, but, THAT DIDN"T HAPPEN. I was very

tired when I got home on Wed. after work and sat down to rest ( BIG MISTAKE) then about 9:30 I decided I would cut the pieces I would need the next day. I cut out more pieces than I needed and got real frusterated, and quit and went to bed. BUT, I did go to class and see what she was doing and I plan to have my blocks ready this Thursday evening.I sure am going to try anyway***VBS***

This is the quilt we are doing, one side is black and white and the reverse is red and white. I think I will like it, I sure do like hers. If I don't get it finished I will take it on our retreat.Maybe I will get it done then...

The pic with the ladies in it are the teacher (standing) and one of the students. There were 5 in the class (counting me, so it was a nice size class.

When my DH picked me up from work, I got a bite to eat and then we came home, our son had called and wanted to talk to us both, so we called him. His news was that we are going to be great grandparents again. His oldest son and wife are expecting in September. Their first baby will only be 15 months old. They say they planned to have another one soon, so guess they are getting their wish***VBS***. I'm happy for them.

I guess I had better get the first baby's quilt that I have started ,finished ( his 2nd quilt)so I can concentrate on another one. I also have to make a quilt for our best friends 2nd G-Grandson. He is due on the 7th of Feb. But I am waiting on him to get here. I embroider names and birthdates on the new baby quilts that I make. So, guess I need to get myself busy.

I must get up from here and go fold some clothes. My DH has been doing laundry most of the day.I still am having a difficult time manuevering steps and my washer and dryer is downstairs.

I do hope all of you are cozy and busy quilting memories. I must get off here, I am helping our LQS tomorrow, she has a Souper Bowl Sunday Party at the store, so need my beauty sleep.

REMEMBER MY GIFT AWAY.....Let me hear from you..


Monday, January 26, 2009

What Magazines?

I need some help...... and I am sure this it the place to ask.....if you were going to subscribe to a quilting Magazine, which one would it be?My Threads and Sew News have now expired and I really want to subscribe to a couple Quilting mags, but there are so many out "there" that it is definitely hard to pick only one or two.So please give me some imput......If I decide to pick the one you suggest, then the first person that suggested it will get a gifty in the mail. I probably will get two, so that means two winners. I must close the contest by Feb. 15th. cause we will be leaving here at the first of March, so I need some time to get the packages in the mail.
I went to the LQS today and signed up for a Quilt-as-you-go class. Looks easy enough, now lets see if I am smart enough to get it done....I didn't buy any of the fabrics, cause I was going to get them from my stash, but......I have only 2 (yes 2) fat quarters of black/white print. I am going to make it Black, white and red. I DO have plenty of red, and I also have the book that is required, so, guess I will go shopping tomorrow. I have lots of preparation work to complete before class,and the class is this coming Thursday evening.Wish me luck...LOL...
I have been trying to learn paper piecing, have had several people to show me the technique over the years, but just couldn't get the hang of it, so yesterday, I found some patterns and decided I needed to try my new machine, so started sewing. I am pleasantly surprised, I didn't mess up but one pattern. Had to throw it away ( another story), but finally got 3 blocks together. Now, I wish I had chosen the fabrics more wisely, as they turned out just like they were supposed to, but the color choices are lousy. Lesson Learned... I seem to learn all my lessons the hard way...(:
Hope all of you are warm and cozy this evening and maybe snuggled down, quilting memories or reading a good book, or maybe a "magazine'

Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, it will soon be time to hit the road again. I think this is going to be another great year. We will be on the East Coast this year and are only supposed to work from March 4th., until May 31st.

Our program was cut considerably, in half, but we are going to be close to home. Never more than a days drive away.That was the only thing about being in the Mid-West last year, most of the time we were soooooo far away.Although we enjoyed getting to see some family and met a lot of very nice folks. maybe we will be that way again ( just not so long at a time ***VBS***).

Anyway this year will find us in places we have already been to, either through work or vacations, but that is ok, we like the East also, could be why we live here. LOL

When we leave on March 3rd. we will go to the Atlanta market( not sure what smaller towns we will get to go to yet, haven't gotten that schedule, anyway, will be there until 3/16/09

After there,on to Columbia, S.C. for a week,then a week in Charlotte, NC and we have family very close by, so maybe they will visit with us. On to Raleigh, NC, where my Brother and SIL live, will be great getting to see them, maybe we can go to dinner....Yeah....

When we leave there we will come back to Greensboro ( very close to home) and maybe we can spend Easter Sunday in our own bed and get to see our kids and Grandkids, yep, I will definitely like that.

From Greensboro we will head to Washington, DC for 2 weeks, no family there that I know of...

Then to Richmond, Va. for 2 weeks. I have a nephew and family there, so maybe they will come by a time or two. We don't get to see them very often. They have 2 very sweet children, and we always enjoy seeing them.

From there it's back to Charlotte, NC for 2 more weeks, from there to Norfolk, Va. My sister and BIL and several friends live around there, so hope to have lots of company.

Then it's HOME and by then I will be so ready.

It sounds like we are planning to stay with family and friends, but, NO, we have to stay in the motels, so we can be with the truck and Trailer and Race car.And that's ok, we really don't like to impose on anyone while we are working, but we can maybe go to dinner or they can just come to the stores to visit with us.

I do hope that some of you that may be reading my blog will come see us also. I will post the exact locations when we have them.I try to post them a week or so in advance....Sure would love to meet some of you quilters. Also, if you know of a quilt store near where we will be, how about letting me know. That is what we usually do on Mondays, as that is our off day.

I have been cleaning and re-arrangeing my sewing room. I sure did bring a lot of fabric home last year, but with the holidays, 2 vacations, a trip to Va. for my BIL's BD party and 2 surgeries, I don't feel like I have accompolished very much. So the month of Feb. MUST be very productive.I have decided to only take 3 projects with me, I think I will sandwich 3 small quilts that I have the tops finished and try to get them quilted. I also want to finish my red work that I started last year. I am almost done with that. But I want to do the same designs in blue, so I will work on that while sitting in the truck. If I should run out of projects, I guess I will just have to purchase something else......Sounds like a plan to me***VVBS***

Times a wasteing, I have another evening all by myself, DH is working tonight and probably won't be home before midnight. So am going to try to get this room put back together and PLAY with my new sewing machine.

I do hope all of you have been QUILTING MEMORIES...


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hello again.

Hi, Everyone,
I do hope someone is reading this, cause I know I have been gone for quiet a while. It seems sometime life just gets in my way***VBS***....between the holidays, trips (with family and friends) and 2 surgeries, I have been a bit busy. Hopefully things are getting back to normal now, at least for a short while....
One thing I have finally gotten to do is use my embroidery machine.Yes, I started a new baby quilt Tuesday, I am incorporating 20 embroidered designs in it, I have only finished 8 of them. I do plan to try to get the majority of them done tomorrow.Hubby is taking me to the Dr. in the morning then he is going to go to work for a few hours, so I will get busy as soon as he leaves, maybe I won't have any interruptions and can get all my designs finished. That sure would be great. then I will embroider the baby's name and birthdate, then I can get the rest cut out. I plan to take it with me on our trip, all cut out and ready to sew.Doesn't that sound like a great plan ? I sure hope it works that way...he he he.
The above pic is our Grand daughter and her volleyball team.I am not sure when this was taken, but they sure don't look very happy, must have lost that day.........Oh well, win some, loose some....She is on the left, sitting on the floor, with her knee bandaged....
I purchased myself a new sewing machine, picked it up last Sat. it's still in the box.I plan to get it out and up and running one day next week. I do not have room for 2 machines to be set up in my sewing room, and right now, I must embroidery. I gave our Daughter my Pfaff that I have been taking with me on our travels. She has now decided she wants to try her hand at another quilt, so I thought a better machine may help her. Actually, we all know a good sewing machine makes all the difference in our sewing. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that yet, but she will soon see for herself.
I do hope all of you are warm this bitterly cold night. I am certainly glad I was able to get home and snuggled down before the sun set. Hubby is out at a meeting, I will be glad when he gets home and is all snug. He has been so very good to look after me, through both my surgeries.I think sometime we take our spouses for granted ( I know I do), I have had to do NOTHING for so long now, that I am definitely spoiled. Our daughter has been tremendously helpful as well.
I certainly do appreciate all the love and care from them both. As MS. Goodneedle would say,
Life is Good..**VBS***
I have been reading your blogs and sorry I haven't responded very much, but will try to do better. And, as late as it is, I do hope all of you had a great Holiday season and that the New Year is especially good to all of you in 2009.