Sunday, September 28, 2008

Judy's Quilt and Sew Hampshire, Illinois

A very nice store with lots of pretty fabrics and all the notions you could possibly need.They also have a web site, and an email I am sure if you check them out there will be something you NEED...I did, but then I DID every where we went ***VBS***I hope you will click on the pics and see all the eye candy, also the pic with their name and see the house they are in. Yes, its 2 stories, with fabric on both,this truly was a great shop.

So glad I got to visit with them myself.

Yesterday, my friend and I went to a Quilt Show, I think one of the guilds here sponsored it. The name of it was Prairie Treasures Quilt Show, unfortunately I have no idea what town I was in, but anyhow it was agreat show, lots of beautiful Quilts, 300 or so and there was 15 vendors. So a really great show, once again I had a great day.....Thanks, Barb, for inviting me.

I guess, Maybe, when we go to the beach next week ( on vacation ***VBS***) there should be a shop or two to check out, but until then, I will be off the net, mostly anyway,cause we are headed home TOMORROW MORNING......YEAH,YEAH.

Catch all of you soon,

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tammy Tadd Design Shop Post #2

Hope you ladies are enjoying my quilty show. These are some more pics I took while at Tammy Tadd's shop. The one with black background and candy canes is just inside the door as you enter, I loved it, also under the quilt hanging on the shelf with the fabrics is a cute bag. Great for Halloween season. You can click on any of my pics to enlarge them, and please do, you will see other things that is " hidden" in plain view. If you didn't enlarge the one yesterday of Tammy and me, go back and do so, and look at the quilts hanging, that will also show the enormity of her shop. Got to run, going to the quilt show....Have a great day***VBS**** I am sure I am going to have a wonderful time today.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tammy Tadd Designs Quilt shop

TAMMY TADD DESIGNS...What a fun place, and VERY SPACIOUS.....I loved every thing in that store.Do you have any of her designs? Well,check them out, I know my LQS carries them and bet yours do to, but if not, you can check her out at am sure you will like what you see. I do believe that her store was the most cheerful and bright store I have been in , in a long time, maybe ever.She certainly likes pinks, greens and yellows and blues,etc,etc.I also like very bright colors. She has a lot of baby quilts and most of her quilts could be easily used for a baby design. The ladies that were working on Tuesday was great also, very friendly and knowledgeable. Her addy is 920 W. Prairie Drive, Suite J Sycamore,IL.60178

Thats Tammy and me , she was just the sweetest lady, she came from her office upstairs at my request just so I could meet her, even helped me pick some fabric for a girly baby quilt then cut it for me. I think that was so nice for her to do that.

They have lots of FABRIC, notions and classes, but what caught my eye was the decorations she had, her store was pure eye candy,she does know how to display her fabrics and everything.

She designs a lot of quilts and writes books, she also has 5 children, so she is a very busy lady.

I took so many pics that my DH said out card was about out of space, so I may NOT get to take any pics at the quilt show on Saturday,I hate that, but that sort of thing happens sometime.Darn It....***VBG***

I hope all of you are busy quilting memories today, I am off to an event in Niles, Il. catch you later,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"A Touch Of Amish, Barrington, Il

This was a very nice upscale shop, I am so glad I got to go there, as it's pretty far away from our hotel. It's in Barrington, IL. The ladies that were there was delightful and very helpful. The shop was FULL of fabric and there was 4 ladies opening boxes of fabric as fast as they could move. They had a long way to go to get it all out, I have no idea how many bolts they were trying to find a home for , but it was a lot***VBS***....The shop was decorated with lots of Halloween quilts and several Christmas ones as well,plus all the beautiful ones that were made for us to enjoy and perhaps "need" fabrics so we could make our own. This shop was brimming with EYE CANDY, and the best part was you could take some of it home and I am sure that would be greatly appreciated. I did not get the names of the ladies there but they did stop long enough for me to take their pictures. Of course the one sitting onthe ledge was doing absolutely nothing but watching all the others work, shame on her,I guess her job was just to sit around and look "pretty".

I hope someday you get to visit this amazing shop, I am so glad my friend "Barb" took her time to take me to all these shops,I have been very fortunate to meet some of the nicest people.She is going to take me to a Quilt Show somewhere around here on Saturday, won't that be just a great way to end our time here? She has a daughter who lives in NC, not too far from us, so I hope when she visits her she will call me, and I can return the favor and take her to some of my favorite LQS's. That would be great.

Check with me tomorrow, We went to another great shop, and she designs pattersn and writes quilty books, you will be glad you stopped by, cause I bet you have some of her patterns at your house ( I did).Actually we went to 2 more shops, but tomorrow I will share pics from the one I think you all will know***VBS***

Until Tomorrow, keep Quilting Memories, and soon I am going to reveal "MIKE" to you***VVBS**

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Pictures and Quilts

OK, everyone a little family time for DH and me. These pics were made in our hotel room in the Detroit area.

The man is our nephew, the lady is his wife ( our neice) and their children.We are fortunate enough to be able to see them when we are in the area. They come see us about every other year for Thanksgiving, and we do enjoy having them very much. This is the year they should come, I hope they do, But with the expense of gasoline, it's debateable.But I can hope......Please, please....***VBS***

Kim is holding a quilt she made this summer when visiting her Mom ( Rita), it's her first, I think she did a very good job, I really like her choice of colors. My great nephew is standing in front of his quilt that his Grandma Rita made him for his birthday ( at his request) . I really liked it too, very boyish...He sure is proud of it.I had given my Great neice a tote bag , but I had given it to her a little earlier and she left it in the car when we all came in and it was POURING rain, so we didn't get a picture of her with it.WE really had a great time visiting , and hopefully will get to come back next year. Will have to wait and see.

We are back at the hotel for the night, our event was short, due to rain showers, and that was ok by me. I need a little rest.WE will be heading home next Monday, then I will be Quilting Memories of my own, I have purchased several pieces of fabric since we have been on the road, so I must try to sew some of it up. My sewing room looks like a quilt store...***VBS***....well, except most quilt stores have quilts on display and unfortunately, I need to sew in order to display any quilts......

I went quilt shop hopping with my new friend Monday and Tuesday,forgot my camera on Monday but made up for it on Tuesday. We went to 3 stores and you want won't to miss one of them.'Till tomorrow, Have a Good night,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Water,water everywhere

Yes, there was water everywhere, and NO WHERE to go, I was terrified, but obviously am ok.

We just found ourselves in this mess, we didn't see any detour signs or anything about flooding until we couldn't turn around.We were on the interstate headed towards Chicago, I wanted to see lake Michigan, so DH had taken I 80-94 so we could see it, never in our wildest dreams did we expect what we ran into.
We had to go through 2 sections like this, the water was at least 12-18 in. deep.You can see the hood of the truck, looks like the lake, but am told just flood water. We were detoured off the interstate within a 1/2 mile distance, ended up going through the city of Chicago, that was no fun either.( We still haven't seen the Lake). Thank God we are ok, things could have much worse.
We have been here in the Chicago area all week, but I had not gotten our pics down loaded. I have learned one thing, all the pics you see of people doing crazy things ( such as driving through food water), I will never judge them again, sometimes you get caught in a situation that you can NOT do anything about.

I do have lots of pics, some of family and quilts, but will do that another time.Tomorrow the lady that we met here in the summer and I am going to visit some quilt stores and then next Saturday she and I are going to a quilt show....Lots of fun, I'm sure, I am soooo looking forward to a day out with my new friend.

This precious little lady I just met, isn't she just the cutest? She is 7 weeks old and her name is Maggie, she was such a little doll, I think Mommy said she weighed 4lb.9oz. when she was born and now weighs about 10 lbs. so she is doing well.I just thought you should know I try to find me a baby to love wherever I go.

It's time for Ice Road Truckers, so am going to watch that, I only watch a couple shows (Ice Road and ER). ER starts again next Thursday. I understand this will be the last season, so don't want to miss any shows.

Until next time make yourselves happy Quilting Memories,

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chicago, Chicago Here we come ***VBS***

The Old and the NEW

It really doesn't matter what you like or own, as long as we can sew I think we are happy campers***VBS***

Yes, I know these machines aren't the oldest or the newest, but they are the only pics I have,But I love them both.

How many machines do you have? How old is your oldest and new your newest? Just curious...I own 4 machines,the oldest one is my White Machine, complete with cabinet, I was so excited when I got to bring that baby home. At the time I was sewing for the public, and had worn out the machine I was useing, I am ashamed to say I can not remember what kind it was nor where I got it, I think probably my MIL gave it to me, so with our income tax refund we got me a brand new machine, boy was I proud.( I traded that one in) That machine cost us a whopping $150.00 ( complete with cabinet),I purchased that one in 1966. I was in the middle of making majorette uniforms for the Pop Warner Football Majorettes. I still remember having to make 17 of them in ONE WEEK, the fabric came in late, that was more than a little stress. I took the last one I made to the field the day of the opening game, the girl put it on and went straight on the field.I remember when they went on the field for the playing of The National Anthem, I stood on the sidelines and cried, I was very proud, but most of all I was soooooo relieved that the job was done... LOL...

Again when I went looking for another machine ( yes I had worn another one out) the guy that serviced my machine, said the last time I took it in,said there is nothing left to fix, you have worn it out...NO he did not sell machines, so he wasn't trying to get me to buy one from him, but he told my DH, SHE NEEDS A NEW MACHINE, he said in all his years of servicing machines he had never met a lady that had worn out 2 machines...I did remind him the first one was old when I got it and by now the " new " one was 35 years old....So off I went and bought me a Pfaff, boy was I in for the shock of my life when I was told what that puppy cost.....but I brought it home, she is still my workhorse and the one I carry with me on the road, I think I purchased her in about 1998............I did not want an embroidery machine, I just wanted a few stitches that I would use, cause I had slowed down my sewing quiet a lot......but in 2000 my DH talked me into buying an emb. machine, I purchased a Bernina 180.....(sold her after having her about 2 months)I really never learned to use it very well, I got involved in a contest and WON my 200 Bernina, and I do enjoy her a great deal, when I am home I only use that one. I have had all the upgrades so now she is classified as a 730.

The 4th machine is the one my Nephew gave me that belonged to my Aunt who died 2 years ago.I did clean it up and oil it when I was home in August but really haven't tried any sewing, will do that when we get back home.

I also have a serger, it's a Bernina 799D, I do like it, but don't use it a lot. But am glad I have it, it does come in handy .

Well, we leave here in the morning, Chicago bound, we are ready, but dread the ride tomorrow, it has rained here for 2 days and is supposed to rain all day tomorrow, but maybe we will run out of it and have a nice day.

Am going to watch a little TV and get to bed early, so I will be awake for the ride***VBS***

Hope everyone is somewhere cozy quilting memories......Have a goodnight everyone.....


Friday, September 12, 2008

Last 2 weeks on the road

Well our journey is winding down, I can see the end of the road. We will still go on trips for the company, but hopefully home a lot more.But, the Scott's program is officially over Sunday Sept 28th, then its homeward bound. Should be there by Tuesday. As all of you know, I'M READY!!!!!

I am excited about going back to the Chicago area, we will be staying at the same motel we have stayed at before, not only is that a very nice, clean and safe place to be, I also met a wonderful lady there, she is a quilter and a very good one too. I am so looking forward to "show and tell". She works at one of the LQS's there so maybe I can go to that store as well. It may be one I have already been to, but that will be ok.........I just love Quilt shops ***VBS*** Now I want to post our schedule, just in case some quilter out there in blogland would like to come by.....I've only had one since we have been out and about, so if you live in any of the areas, come see me, I sure would like meeting you.

Now for our 2 weeks schedule...................Remember, WED,THURS, &FRIDAYS, hours are from 3pm-8pm SAT, & SUN, from 8am-4pm.....We DO NOT work outside if the weather is bad (rain) so look for the large green trailer in the parking lot, if it's there so are we, BUT, sometime the store mgr, doesn't let us bring the car inside, so we go back to the motel,we have no rain dates, so will go to the next scheduled event....If you would like my cell # just email me, that way you can phone before making a trip..... LO=Lowes & HD=Home Depot

Wed..Sept,17th, LO......3601 West Touhy Ave. Lincolnwood

Thurs,18th HD............700 Broadview Village Square Broadview

Fri, 19th LO............990 West Algonquin Road Arlington Heights

Sat, 20th HD............621 Brook Forest Ave. Shorewood

Sun,21st LO............400 West Army Trail Road Carol Stream

Wed, 24th HD............200 S. Randall Rd. Algonquin

Thurs, 25th LO............101 North Barrington Road Schaumburg

Fri,26th HD ...........901 Civic Center Plaza Niles

Sat, 27th LO............245 South Weber Road Bolingbrook

Sun,28th HD............105 North Weber Road Bolingbrook

YIIPEE.....Monday,29th, we are homeward bound.....Should be there on Tuesday,30th

Yes, we have enjoyed this trip, we have seen some great places, but most of all met the most wonderful people...Do I want to do this again, You Betcha, but sure need some time off now. It has been a long season, and I think it probably would have been without flaw if not for the weather....I just have had a terrible time adjusting to all the tornado warnings and then the storms that came with the warnings...But I do Thank The LORD that we wern't actually in a tornado, that may have been a breaking point for me, although I like to think I am a pretty strong woman. I also missed my children and G-Children and now my GGChild, but as time goes on, it has been somewhat easier. I guess we all adjust and I do know that I have been fortunate to be with my family all their lives, some people don't get to do that, and I feel so sorry for them, but you do what you have to. I also missed my sister and brother and their spouses, but they were so good to keep up by phone and email and also came to my house the few days we were home the 4th of July....I really needed to see them, and they came, what more could I ask for............WELL, when we get home the very next week my Sister,Brother and their spouses and DH and I are going to meet in Myrtle Beach for a great week of family togetherness and relaxation....It just doesn't get any better than this....
I also want to say a great big THANK YOU to our daughter for taking care of our house and yard and mail, etc, without her this journey would have been even more difficult, maybe next year we can take some of the work off you , we just need to figure a better way..Thanks Again.*VBS*

NO, this isn't my last post before heading home, but just wanted to say thank you to my family for all the love and support while we have been away. See all of you soon...Love to all,
PS: There was a lot of steps to get to the beach area at Lake Erie.....
Well worth the trip though, beautiful place, so glad I got to see the lake

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pictures of Christian, He's now 2 months old

No quilting stuff today, but wanted to show off Christian, these were taken while we were home last month. He is 2 months old(in pic)

And weighs almost 15 lbs. I think he takes after his Great Grandmother and likes to eat. His Mommy has now put him on formula, and he seemes to be adjusting to that very well. the day we were there, he had had 2 shots, one in each hip, so he didn't feel very good. The only place he wanted to be was on someone's chest,He finally went to sleep and slept right where he was for about 2 hours, but that was ok, I enjoyed every minute of our time together.

The pics of DH and I was at Lake Erie. That sure is a pretty place, and as you can see, I had to put my feet in the water.We had to do down 62 steps to get to the water, and of course that meant we had to come back up all of them,,,,WOW...That was a lot of steps, but I may never get here again, so it was worth it. I think DH is planning for us to go see Lake Michigan next week.

That will be exciting for me as well. As a child in school I remember studying about them..That was a LONG time ago ***VBS***

This is my 100th post for this year, and I do plan to have a give away, but will wait until I get back home....Things like that is just a lot of extra planning when on the road, for one thing, sometime just finding a post office is a pain....But we are headed home in less than 3 weeks, so when I get settled and can put some thought in what I am doing, I will let everyone know.

I also want to thank the ones of you that have left comments, if you haven't heard from me via email, please know I tried, but for whatever reason, lack of an addy or our net hook-up, I haven't been able to respond. I do appreciate all the comments and the nice things you have to say. So, thank you for visiting, come see me again soon.
Hope all of you are Quilting Memories today, I have been working on my Red Work...Have read 2 books and have now decided to get busy doing something constructive.Come back soon,