Monday, September 3, 2007

Grandmother's Quilt

This is a quilt my Grandmother made when I was a teenager. When she passed away I got it,I do cherish it. It was made with a sewing machine,but the butterflies were hand appliqued. It fits a regular double bed, but as we all know that is all that was available at that time. That would have been about 53 years ago. As far as I know she made all the quilts that was used on our beds. I also have another one. It is solid on both sides, I think they were called utility quilts then. She quilted it in a grid, not very straight, but definately useable. They both have been washed in the machine many, many times and still show very little wear. When she died she had about 25 or 30 quilts, but with 10 children and a LOT of grandchildren,we had to share!! She has been dead for about 30 years now and I wonder if the rest of her quilts are still around. I know only 2 of her children are still alive. So, I do wonder what has happened to all of them.
I appreciate the comments about me cutting my leg, it is all better now and they have removed the staples (28 of them),It doesn't hurt any at all now, just itches.
Thursday, I am going to have some breast surgery, the doctor thinks I have some adhesions,so he wants to check it out. It has been painful, so I will be happy to get that straightened out so I can get back to my everyday life. Although DH and I will be leaving for another month on Sept.20th. WE will head to Portland Oregon, then on to Denver, Co. and from there to Austin, Tx. then home. Another long trip!!!!!
Hope everyone has been quilting memories, keep up the good work.


Libby said...

Your quilt is certainly a treasure. I'll keep good thoughts that your surgery is easy and successful.

typingmom said...

Hope that your surgery went alright. I miss talking to you on the phone. Will try to call before you leave for the great West.