Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sewing, sewing, sewing

Yep, I'm sewing, or rather I did the first of the week, I am making a Halloween/fall table runner. It's reversible. I decided I needed something rather small to work on, thinking it would be quick to finish***Yeah Right***. I was at a friend of my sisters last week in Va. and she was telling us how to mark your quilt ( for quilting) with Press and Seal. Sounded easy enough and it really is, but, I am not very patient, so all the marking and then sewing was a bit much, I didn't even get one end of the TR done. But hopefully tomorrow I can work on it some more. I am DETERMINED to get this done.( Wish me luck)I have already decided that the borders will be stippled, at least I know that is quick.LOL
I have to brag on my neice a bit, she is one talented young lady. She emailed me a couple weeks ago and told me she had entered 3 pieces in a quilt show at her LQS, and won 2 blue ribbons and 1 red one...Congratulations to her, but it doesn't stop there....NOPE....I received an email from her today and the owner of her LQS has asked her to make samples for them to hang in the store....yea for Jen...I am so proud of her....Again, congratulations! Maybe someday I can get this computer to let me post pics....who know, actually I think it's operator error. I stink at the picture thing. But I will try again as soon as I get the Table Runner done, of course that may take a while......
Our newest Great grand daughter is growing and getting prettier everyday. The GGS is also a cutie, will try to get their pics on here soon.
Tomorrow night is ( once again) football night at my GD"s school. I plan to go, as she is in the color guard and we like to watch her, you know how grandparents are...hee hee
I must tell you there was some very sad news yesterday in our town, 2 of our police officers was shot, one is still critical,and the other is stable. Pray that they will have a speedy recovery. We have a GS on the force and needless to say when our neighbor called to tell us to turn the TV on, and we heard what had just happened and they hadn't released any names, I was crazy with worry. But I called his other Grandmother and she assured me he was ok, he had worked the night before and was in bed asleep. About 20 minutes later, he called me himself to let me hear his voice so I would know he was ok, I thought that was so sweet, although I certainly didn't doubt his GM's word for one minute.As a matter of fact, when she answered the phone, before I could get through telling her who I was, she was saying, He's ok, He's in the bed asleep.Thank God. Please in your prayers remember the two in the hospital. Thank You in advance.
Please excuse the ramblings on, but sometimes it just makes things better to write them down, and tonight is one of those times for me. So with that said, I will say goodnight and hope everyone has a wonderful night's rest.
Tomorrow I plan to be quilting memories, Always, Bobbin

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Great-Grand daughter is here

Isn't she sweet? Of course we all think she is just precious. She was born yesterday morning at 4:10 am.
Mommy and Daddy had only barely gotten in the hospital door, they arrived at 4:02 and her birth certificate says she was born at 4:10.That was tooooo close, but they both are doing wonderful.
G-Grandpa and I didn't go over there until about 5:30 pm and I am so glad we waited, everyone else had left, so I got to love and hold McKinley as long as I wanted. I am just excited to see what her big brother thinks. Although he is only 14 months old himself, so he probably won't care much about her.I'm sure as they get a little older they will be very close.
NOW, I must get her quilt done, it will be needed soon, can't let her get cold ***VBS***,
I hope next week when DH is gone I will be able to get some sewing done. I have promised our 14year old G-Daughter a tote for her school books, so will do that first, then make the baby's quilt. I am so looking forward to sewing again, it's been way too long.....
Also, hope to spend some time at our LQS....maybe help out, they need someone and I think that would be good for me.
Take care, hope all of you are having a great Labor Day weekend. Catch you later, Bobbin

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gardens and things

Hello Everyone,

I just realized that it has been over 2 months since I posted, so thought I should check in.The beautiful flower was in our flower bed when we got home in June, I think it is grand. My husband has a really nice flower garden. This year I planted 3 tomato plants, a pepper and a cuckember plant, all have produced very nicely. I have never planted peppers nor cuke's before. several years ago we did have some tomato plants, but I didn't fool with them. This year, however they have been all mine. they are still producing quiet a lot, so will have ( especially) tomatoes for sometime. I have even frozen some tomatoes and peppers. I must be turning into "Suzy Home Maker" NOT!!
When we got home in June, I was sitting at my desk, messing with our checkbook and the chair I was sitting in broke and flipped me on my head,I didn't think much about it until a couple days later, I began to have a terrible headache that would NOT go away, then the dizzyness and nausea set in. Time for the Doctor....Well, it seems that he thinks when we were in Texas last year and I fell, I got a concussion, then when the chair toppled, I injured my head again, the headaches are just now about gone. Most days I feel pretty good. The dizzyness and nausea comes from Vertigo....That is nasty "stuff"...I have been going to therapy for a while now, and that too is about gone. I haven't been able to drive nor sew, it's hard to do either one when your head is spinning faster that you can think.LOL....But this week I have sewed a little, so am getting back "on my feet", still going to therapy, hope today will be the last trip, that is the only thing that has helped. I had no idea what Vertigo can do to a person. And top that off with a concussion and you begin to think you are crazy!
I do hope all of you have had a great summer, it has been nice to be home, I couldn't go with DH, but he went to Chicago. That was the longest I have ever been by myself, DD came by real often to check on me, take me to the Dr.and grocery shopping, and that was all I done. I think the total rest helped more than anything else! I sure would have liked to be sitting at my sewing machine all that time. I have been trying to read all the blogs, sounds as though the summer has been fun for lots of you.That's great!
I will try to be a little better at blogging, I know I enjoy reading what all of you re doing, so when I get some more pictures(or DO something ) I will post again. Keep on Quilting Memories,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

CK, the weightlifter

This is CK, he is our first GGS, isn't he just the cutest? Yes, I posted a picture of him yesterday, this one is a little different. I had some emails that said they couldn't get the pic to enlarge. Hope this works better, just click and see what happens. Bobbin

Friday, June 19, 2009


Can you do what I can? Just call me " Big Boy" cause my GGM thinks I am so smart,and very very strong***VBS*** .This is our GGS, he will be one year old on June 29th, and is cute as can be. His parents own a gym and I guess he is starting early LOL . Actually he was trying to pull up so he could stand by himself and they caught this " kodak" moment...
I am going to go see him and get to see his new sister's ( soon to be born) room. Mommy asked me to make a dust ruffle for her crib, so off we go next week to find some fabric. I am so looking forward to seeing them again. The last time we were home, I got to see him, but he was sound asleep, and I wouldn't wake him, so hopefully this time he will be up and around. He isn't walking yet, but I am told he can crawl at marathon speeds..LOL. I CAN'T WAIT ***VVBS***

I have been extremely busy since we have been home, after being gone for so long, there is so much to do. As I said in my last post we purchased a new TV, after we got that all set up, I was doing laundry and my 25 year old washer QUIT, never to run again, bummers....Oh well, a new one is already in place and has been used, the laundry is done ( at least for a few days)..heehee

I still have a lot of straightening up to do, but it isn't so overwhelming now. Clutter drives me crazy, and I just get frusterated and have to make myself dig in and get busy. I know that doesn't make much sense, but that is the way I operate.

There is a new quilt shop in town and I am itching to go check it out, maybe tomorrow. I am looking forward to visiting her also.

The weather has gotten HOT in our part of the world, and I think it is supposed to be about 98 degrees tomorrow, I may decide to stay in and putter around here. I am sure whatever I do, it will be constructive.

So, I hope you are enjoying your weather where ever you are and maybe you are quilting memories. I plan to join you doing some of that next week.

Take care, stay cool, Bobbon

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It is so good to be home, but after being gone for so long, I have had lots to do..Ordinary stuff...
putting everything away and a mountain of laundry...but have done a few fun things as well. We got home Sunday, the 8th.
Monday the 9th our Grand daughter graduated from Middle school. It's hard to believe she will be going to high school when the new school year starts, but she is growing up,I think I am having a harder time with her growing up than her Mom, I guess that is just part of being a Grandmother...
I have also been sewing, trying to finish up some quilts I have had started, as I have said before, It really bothers me to have UFO's lying around. I have finished putting borders on 2 baby quilts and one large quilt, I also have the backs ready and the bindings done for 2 of them. I have cut out binding for the large one, but don't have enough, and when I went to the LQS yesterday, they didn't have anymore of the fabric I needed. Not sure what I am going to do now. I am thinking "on it" for a day or so. LOL
We bought us a new TV yesterday and the guys are here this morning to get everything installed properly, so I am trying to stay out of their way.This is the first new TV we have had in about 20 years,so I guess it was time. Our daughter wants the old one, it still runs ok. So as of now we have 2 TV's in our great room, ( that looks lovely LOL), she is planning to pick it up tonight.I will be glad when all of this is done and I can put my room back together. I'm sure my DH will enjoy having his TV again.
Hope everyone is busy quilting memories and hope to catch you later. BOBBIN

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Last Day....well almost

I will never understand "big" business.We have been told that today is our last day to work with this program......but we go back and turn everything in tomorrow....we won't get there until after they close the shop, so we get paid for that day also. Then we are scheduled to leave from here on Thursday ( next week) and go to New Jersey for 3 days. Also we get paid until June 26th.
Go figure *** Anyhow I guess after we get back from N.J. we are officially out of work.
SOOOOOO, I am planning to sew,sew,sew , I can't wait to get back into my sewing room. I have lots of things planned.Hope it all works out.
We have been in Va. this week, and I have enjoyed being here, this is where my Sister and some more of my family lives also we have lots of friends here as well.So this has been a nice week,but I am sooooo ready to go home. I do have family and friends there as well.I can't wait to see everyone.
Ok, now you know what my plans are, so hope to see everybody Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have you ever been to

SHORT PUMP, VA? Well, you need to go....especially if you like to shop at a very pretty and very interesting place.***VBS***
The shops there are great and the atmosphere is awesome. the
shopping center is called Short Pump Town Centre....Lots of neat stores, also some of the usual ones....Dillards, Macy's, etc..
I want to go back during the Christmas season...actually I think the festivities start around Thanksgiving....There is a train that goes through the inside courtyard and they make snow so the people can enjoy Christmas shopping in the snow.My sister and I went in through Macy's and thought we were going into another store or at least into the mall area that goes from one store to the other....but to our surprise the entire inside is open to the outside...hence the courtyard. The small houses in the picture was of houses for the children to play in.The circle is greenery (live) and flowers and then there's the pump.I am told that a couple years ago all this was was land, with nothing around...They sure have made a stunning shopping area for everyone to enjoy. I want to go back and maybe have a whole day to check it out.

Also, I was reading the comments on Mrs. Goodneedle's blog and someone mentioned going to a town called Solvand, Ca. We went there in Feb. but unfortunately it was late and most everything had already closed and we had to leave shortly after our arrival, but that is definitely a town that I want to return to someday.
Sometimes our work keeps us on the go....but somwday.......I will go back********
We are now back in Charlotte, NC.. about 2 1/2 weeks until we will be home again. I am looking forward to that, as I want to be in my sewing room for a while.I have found out our next GGbaby is a girl, so I must make a quilt for her, and also my DH"s cousins daughter has just found out she is pregnant, so that will be another quilt..At last count, I think I now need to make 4...I guess I need to get busy, and I will.
The weather here today is beautiful and I think we are going to find a restaurant and get us a bite to eat. So take care, my friends,and keep quilting memories, I will join you soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Shop Adventure!

The Busy Bea Quilt Shop, located in Chester, Va. is a very interesting place. Lots of fabrics and quilts. The 2 ladies there was Bea, the owner and her daughter , she told me she was the busy of the two ***VBS***, her name is Kathy. They both were very nice.
Bea said she had been in business there for 34 years, she started as a craft store and evolved into a quilt shop. They do teach as well as have fabrics, notions and books.There was some
beautiful quilts on display.I really liked all of them. If you are in the neighborhood, you should
go by there. I think you will like the ladies as well as all they have to offer.
My sister and I had a very nice time there. We will go back if we are any where close by.
I do hope all of you in blogland are busy bee's quilting memories today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

****FIRE**** At Hotel

Yep. we had been back at the hotel about an hour, I was getting ready to take a shower, yes, undressed and ready, when I heard the alarm go off. Dummy Me didn't know what it was, but almost immediately, there was a knock on the door, telling us the hotel was on fire and we needed to evacuate immediately. Do any of you out in blogland know how fast this old woman can get her clothes on and get outside??? Pretty darn quick. Now we are waiting on this terrible storm to get here.OK, now, I want to come home....Will some one come get me? PLEASE****

Fortunately we have been able to get back into our room,and I feel confident that all is well. there must have been 6-7 ladder trucks, several EMS /Rescue units and I have no idea how many police, everything around this hotel was shut down. I must say I was impressed with the way everything was handled.If you are ever in Chester, Va. and need help, You will have the best, there's no doubt in my mind. The hotel done a great job also, no panic, just taking care of business.Thank God for people with clear heads and that know their jobs. I can sleep well tonight.

My sister came to see us on Wednesday and we went on a little road trip, will blog about that later. Went to a great shopping Mall and a very nice quilt shop. I took several pictures, so will share them soon. I also have a nephew and family that lives close by, and they came to our event on Thursday,that was a great day. They have two great little ones.I also have pictures of them. Not sure I will post those, I will have to ask them if it will be ok, some people don't like that,and I wouldn't want to do that if they wouldn't like it....Several of their friends came too, its so nice to be able to have family and friends come by.

Tomorrow is our last day in the Richmond area. We will leave here when our event is over tomorrow afternoon and go to Charlotte, NC. We are fairly close to home then, and may go there and take some of our "stuff', since we are still scheduled to be through June 1st. Three more weeks.....

Well, the rain has gotten here and the sky doesn't look to good. I do believe that storm is upon us, so I am going to get off here and hide under the covers..........

Mrs. G, this definitely is another chapter in my book ***LOL***

Keep on Quilting Memories, see you soon. Bobbin

PS: The owner of the hotel just came by to make sure we were ok and that everything was good.

I think that was a very nice gesture on his part.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Material Girls quilt Shop, La Plata, Md.

What a nice shop*** WOW*** This shop is owned by Wanda Henly and her two daudhters, Wendy and Amy.Amy was not there today, but I did get to meet Robin and Wendy.Both were especially nice.

The store was great as well, I took lots of pics, but will share only a few with you. If you ever find yourself in La Plata.Md, stop in, you'll be so glad you .

There was so much to see and a lot to do, if you are looking for a good place to take classes.

If you will, go to their webb site and take a look.The shelves were well stocked with the newest fabrics, patterns and notions. I have really enjoyed my afternoon here. Of course, I purchased a little something. this is a panel and I got the borders I plan to use,

should be quick and easy.

I also got a jelly roll and a package of charm squares. so my work is cut out for me. Do check out material Girls, I think you will like them,cause I just know they are always quilting memories.


GD, DH, Sister and Neice

This post has a bit of this and a bit of that ***VBS***
The pic. of the computer cover and also the one of the young lady ( my neice) holding the edge of a quilt is one that she made.She is quiet talented, and she got hers quilted as soon as she finished with it, no, she didn't do the quilting herself and I don't know who did, but the quilt is so pretty. I told her as soon as we get home from our travels, we will paint our bedroom so that when she gives me the quilt it will match***I don't understand why she didn't think that was a great idea***Oh well ***
the other quilt that is being held is my sisters, she has been going to " Scrap Therapy classes and has made the quilt top she is holding, I like it a lot also, she has done a fantastic job on that one also. The quilt blocks you see, my sister is also making. The pattern is called "Prickly Pears", lots of beautiful decorative stitches, she has a long way to go, but when she gets it finished it, too, is going to be georgeous. I am so proud of both of them.
The picture of DH throwing a baseball was taken at the Greensboro Grasshoppers opening game. He was honored to be asked to do that,FYI, the Greensboro Grasshoppers are the minor league team for the Red Sox.
The picture of the young lady in the race car is our GD, she looks like she was enjoying herself,
I think she did*VBS* This picture was taken when we worked the Wal Mart in Winston Salem. There was a lot of family and friends that came to see us there, some even looked us up after we had closed down. I am so glad we decided to eat at the McDonalds that is in Wal Mart.
Mrs. Goodneedle and her Hubby and Son and DIL, had come to see us and that's where they found us. The District Mgr. was with us that day and at 6pm he said we had been there long enough and he wanted to go, so we did,that happens sometime. Also on Saturday we were at Lowe's in Kernersville and had a visit from Quiltkemosabie and her Hubby and their Son. I was so glad to get to see all my buddies. There were several friends that I hadn't seen in quiet a while there also,It was good to see everybody.That was a great 2 days.
I also got to visit the LQS 2 days while we were in WS, of course being there with all my great friends was wonderful, now maybe I can make it through these next 2 months.Although I should be able to see some family then also.
When I get through with my laundry, we are going to a quilt shop I saw yesterday, I could almost walk there from the motel. As we were coming into town yesterday, I saw it, so now I am excited about my visit with them. I will post about it soon.We are in La Plata, Md. I am not going to post our schedule, as it's already changed several timea in the last few days, but we are in the DC area, will be all over this place, here for 2 weeks, are scheduled to go to 6-7 of the pro ballgames around here, so hope someone can find us and say hello.
It's time to check on my wash, so hope you are somewhere sunny and warm today. Once again it's chilly and rainy here. I am thankful we don't have to work today. Maybe tomorrow it will be nice here. Take care and keep Quilting Memories.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sorry, but I made a mistake on our schedule for Friday, we will be at Lowes in Kernersville, not Wal Mart.... Sorry The address is 145 Harmond Creek Rd. We will be there from 9 am-2 pm.
Yes, I know I fuss all the time about our schedule changing, but this was my mistake, I'm just addle-brained...Hope to see ya'll anyway. The Lowes store is very close to WM, so if you were coming to see us, you still should be able to find us. Hope to see ya soon. Me and He

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wake Forest, NC

Here we are in Wake Forest, NC, and when we looked out our motel window this old barn was looking at us ***VBS*** I love old barns, I have no idea why, but they fascinate me. I couldn't beleve what I saw. We are a little far out in the country, but not that far, or so I thought. But anyway, I haven't been to any quilt stores while in the Raleigh area, so have nothing much to talk about.

After our event tomorrow, we will be headed to the Greensboro area. I am so excited, cause I can spend a little time with our kids and grandkids, and maybe even get to see our little Great GS, that will be great. then I think we are going to go see my sister and BIL and friends in Va, the next weekend, maybe spend Easter there, thats not a sure thing yet though. They may be going to Michigan, to see her son and family.

Here is our schedule for next week, if you can come by and check us out:

4/8 Wed. Wal Mart Hwy 150 W.S. 3pm-8pm

4/9 Thurs. Grasshoppers game in Greensboro 3-7 pm

4/10 Fri. Wal Mart Kernersville 9am-2pm

4/11 Sat. Grasshoppers game in Greensboro 3pm-7pm

Hope to see some of my family and friends.

Take care, see ya soon, Bobbin

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quilt Patch Fabrics, Matthews, NC

Hi Everyone,This was a very nice surprise,when we stopped in front of this shop, I told DH I wouldn't be but a minute, BUT was I ever surprised........What a great store and just the nicest lady. The picture of the 3 people are the owners.Charlotte Harkey,Janice Cooper and Brian Gregory. the 2 I met was so very nice. That store was so well laid out with lots of everything...
if you need something to use in your sewing room, I feel confident that you can find it there.
If you decide to go, you could go here and to the Overall Quilter in the same day. They aren't very far apart. They have a web site it's www.quiltpatch them out, I know you will like what you see. They are in Matthews, NC 1017 Stallings Rd. Yep, you need to check these two out ***VBS***
We will be leaving Charlotte tomorrow afternoon, heading for Raleigh. My brother and SIL live there. We plan to get together for dinner next Saturday,we hope to see their son and his family, as my nephew has been given his orders, he has to be in Japan by July 6th. I hope that will be a great experience for them. I have known other military people who have been over there and they say it's a wonderful place to be. I hope so.
Well, we left work early again today, rain, rain. I wonder what we will have tomorrow, I think the TV says Rain....At least it isn't real cold. I have been sitting in the truck reading.
I shall tell you about some books that I am reading that was recommended, and I think several of you may enjoy as well. So until tomorrow, stay dry and quilt memories for me.....BOBBIN
PS: Do any of you know where I may find a quilt shop in Raleigh?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Overall Quilter Indian Trail, NC

This is a very neat store, very well stocked. Although it is small, you can find lots of goodies there.
She has lots of the latest fabrics, patterns and notions.There were several quilts on display as well. The owners name is Aimee, a
lovely lady. I know you would like her, so I think if you live within a few hours drive you would be glad you went.Tell her you read about her on my blog, I would like that and I can promise you I will be going back, cause we have a cousin who lives very close by.
So all you WS bloggers, she isn't too far from Charlotte, I think you need to go on a road trip.
Well, It's raining here again today and the weather forcast is for severe weather tomorrow.We
left the event at 12pm today, have no idea what tomorrow will bring. But I am damp and cold, so am going to curl up and read a book, maybe even take a nap ***VBS*** sounds like a plan to me.Later, Bobbin

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sew N Sew Summerville, SC

Here we are , still in Summerville, SC. This was such a nice store.The ladies were exceptionally nice and helpful. The sign out front was a little hard for us to see, but we finally found it, and I am so glad we did. the store wasn't too big, but definitely well stocked. They also had a very nice place for classes. If you get a chance, visit with them, I think you will enjoy seeing the shop.
I don't have their physical address, but it was on one of the main roads and also in the phone book.
It's raining here and our work for today has been cancelled. We are close enough to run by our house and DH has decided that's what we are going to do, so I must get off here or I may get left***YEAH, RIGHT***
Until we meet again, quilt memories, you'll be happier for it****** BOBBIN

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People, Places and Quilts

I can never arrange my pics the way I want, so hopefully you don't get to discouraged trying to look at them, cause I do try. I need some lessons..
Anyway......I did so enjoy visiting PP&Q....a very nice store. So neatly arranged, and lots of fabrics or anything you were looking for,they do have a web site, it's check them out, I know you will enjoy seeing their store. The store is located in Historic Downtown Summerville, SC. Their business cards says they are one of the top ten in the USA... I'm sure it is. The quilt with their name on it is really cute and I was impressed with the steps, what a unique way to let their customers know how much they are appreciated. I just enjoyed the entire store, so much so, I purchased the box of fat quarters, they were so I must find a neat pattern so that I can use them.
I also went to another quilt store while in Summerville, will try to get that posted tomorrow.
I have already been to 2 stores while here in the Charlotte area. Will get them posted ASAP.
Hope your day will be sunny and bright, catch all of you later,wish I was Quilting Memories today.................sigh.........................