Thursday, June 26, 2008

Playing with my blog

Do you see any differences? WELL, neither do I, Dh messed with this all morning, Cause I have no ideas what to do,but haven't done all of what I want. I did get me another email address set up to use here.......... If you want to contact me now, my new addy is
I will be the only one useing this one, I know that doesn't make any difference to you folks, but it will to me.
We also tried to put a pic at the heading, and was able to do that, but couldn't shrink the pic , so it took up a large portion of my blog space. Will work on that also....
I had also asked Ms. GN how to get my name at the bottom of the blog and she told me, well, DH couldn't get all that figured out either. WE will try again when we have another day. Pretty soon we have to get ready for work.
I also want to THANK all of you who commented on my last blog.....would have emailed you but the internet service the last couple weeks has been lousy, everytime I tried to send emails out it would cut off. It is doing better now, although last night it cut off again. Will try to do better from now on...
I must get up from here and get myself ready to get out the door. Sorry , no pics today, have taken some, but haven't got them downloaded, so next time.....maybe.....
Hope all of you are sitting at your machine or in some big comfy chair "quilting memories'
Later, Bobbin

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy, Busy ME

Boy have I been busy today.You see, we are going home next Monday, and I wanted to have some things done, so I had my DH bring my sewing machine in and I got busy***VBS*** I had already gotten the inside blocks together on this tablerunner, and everthing cut for the inside border and the outside border, but NEEDED to FINISH...sooo, now it's done. I was only going to make the top, someone else will put it together and quilt it.
I also put borders on 2 wall hangings. One of them is complete and the other is almost done. It WILL be done when we get home.
We visited with my nephew and his family on Tuesday, then on Friday my cousin and his friend visited us where we were working, then we had dinner together, that was nice too, then on Saturday all of them came to our event and that sure was fun.My cousin had to go on home but my nephew and family went out to dinner with us. I REALLY did have a nice week last week, but unfortunately NO sewing was done, thus; all the sewing today....
This week will also be very busy,we have an extra shift to work tomorrow, then Saturday we are going to have family, they live in Cincinnati, I am looking forward to seeing her and her husband.
Today, I went to another quilt shop, but will post that as soon as I get the pictures down loaded,probably Friday. Very nice place and I think you will enjoy the pics.
I also got a very nice surprise this past Saturday, my cousin brought me his Mothers sewing machine. She died about a year ago, so I really had no idea that she even had a machine.When we get home and I can get it cleaned up, I will post pics. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Brian for giving it to me.
Now, I want to post our schedule for this week. We are in the Columbus , Ohio area........
Remember Lo stands for Lowes and HD for Home Depot, and if it should rain, we probably won't get to do the event:
Wed,6/25 HD 8704 Owenfield Drive Powell 3-8
Thur 6/26 LO 3600 Park Mill Drive Hilliard 3-8
Fri 6/27 Lo 1465 Polaris Pkwy Columbus 3-8
Sat 6/28 HD 6017 Maxtown Road Westerville 8am-4pm
Sun 6/29 HD 880 Colemans crossing Marysville 8am- 4pm
Come on by and visit a while..
Then we are going home for one glorious week. When we leave home we will be headed to Pittsburg, Pa. Bye for now, thanks for stopping by, Bobbin

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More pics at Quilt Trends

OK, we are back to pictures at Quilt Trends. They had such a nice store. These are just some random shots.I like the panels, especially the Therapy in Session, that is the way I feel everytime I get to enjoy my sewing room. I have been gone so long now I am sure I will enjoy it even more when I get home. Although I am sure I won't get to do very much sewing over the 4th. We will only be there for 5 days and I have invited my family over for a cookout. I also hope my sister and BIL and my brother and SIL can come. they both live out of town ( my sister lives in Va. my brother about 2 hours away, so hopefully I will get to enjoy all of them. But I must confess, our daughter said if I would like to do this, she will come help me and then she said for me to leave everything as is and when we leave again, she will come in and clean the house back up and do whatever laundry needs to be done. She is the sweetest***VBS***
Well, we leave here Monday for Detroit, I am looking forward to going there as we have family there. My nephew and his family and a cousin. We plan to see them, hope it all works out. My nephew has a boy scout troop and he plans to bring them to see the car, I know they will enjoy that.We have a surprise for our great-nephew, so he will be very happy, as he is a big Carl Edwards fan.
Here is our schedule for next week:
Wed.6/18 Lowes 16410 Trenton, Southgate 3-8
Thur. 6/19 Lowes 5900 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor 3-8
Fri. 6/20 Lowes 23111Outer Drive Allen Park 3-8
Sat. 6/21 Home Depot 3300 Carpenter Rd. Ann Arbor 8-4
Sun. 6/22 Home Depot 39500 W 7 Mile Rd. Northville 8-4
The next week we will be back here in Columbus then we get to go home for the 4th. I can't hardly wait....I am ready!!
Well, Monday is my birthday, It's hard for me to believe that I will be 67 years old, but I will!!
I was only 30 yesterday, where does time go?? But I will be traveling, and I sure do enjoy that.
Must get up from here and phone our son, haven't talked to him in a while.So, all of you, have fun Quilting Memories, catch you later, Bobbin

Friday, June 13, 2008

Quilt Trends....... Columbus, Ohio

As you can see, I "found" another Quilt store. A very nice one too. They have only been in their present location since November 'o7...... A nice open shop with lots of space, although they did have a lot of eye candy for my pleasure. I was in there about an houe, as you can see by the pic, DH was patiently waiting for me.The lady that was helping me was friendly enough, once anyone spoke to me, there was 3 workers and 2 ( including Me) customers. I was in there about 25 minutes before anyone even spoke to me....I thought that was a little strange, but then everyone is not a chatter box like me ...LOL...
Any way, there was some beautiful quilts hanging every where, and lots of nice fabrics.She had many, many patterns and books, and that is where I spent most of my time.I purchased 3 patterns, I plan to make them all.....Sometime....***VBS***
As you will see at the bottom ( my post label) I must make a confession.One that my sister will love...............When we got here on Monday, I really got excited. I had already looked in my Traveling Companion book and saw several Quilt shops that I thought was close by.....One in particular...IT was across the street and I sat and looked out the window at all the ladies going in and out with their purchases and was even more excited................It was TOO HOT to walk over there, so when we finally went out, I didn't say anything because according to the ad in the book they closed at 5 and I needed more time than we had, and also I had all day on Tuesday..... Well, we went the other direction and guess what I saw.... A quilt store by the same name QUILT TRENDS............but I am on another street, asked DH to stop and let me look in the window and was very excited, but couldn't decide what I had seen from our motel room, so after we get through with our meal, I tell DH, you got to ride by and let me look in the window of that other shop...................WELL, that " shop" is now a beauty salon and the other one is where the QT had moved. MY CONFESSION, I called my sister to tell her about the shop " across" the street and was bragging all about being so close I could walk, etc.. No, I haven't called her back with my confession, cause she reads my blog and she can just laugh when she reads this and I won't have to hear her***LOL***
We are in Columbus Ohio and there was a huge storm here yesterday afternoon, lots of flooding, etc. , but fortunately we were about an hour away, the sun was shining and it was extremely hot.
By the time we got back here the waters had receeded and we had no problems. Gosh, I will be glad when we are home....Yes, I know , we have bad weather at home, but there is something about just being home....
I am planning to post again tomorrow as I took several more pics at Quilt Trends, I think you will enjoy seeing them. Got to check my email, so have a good day and quilt a lot of Memories for me. See Ya, Bobbin

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New schedule for Ohio

Mr. Blogger never would let me post our schedule for this week in IN, maybe he knew most of them was either going to be rained out or cut short because of "HEAT" , I am sitting here this am, our event was a wash out once again, but will sew some shortly. I have managed to get some of my projects either finished or am working to finish them. Will post pics later, DH is gone and the camera is in the truck....
We will leave here Monday morning for Columbus, Ohio.
TUES, 6/11 Wal-Mart 555 Colemans Crossing Blvd. Marysville 3-8pm
Wed, 6/12 Lowes 2240 Lowes Dr. Lancaster 3-8pm
Thurs. 6/13 Home Depot 5200 Hamilton Rd. Columbus 3-8pm
Fri, 6/14 Lowes 6555 Dublin Center Road Dublin 8am-4pm
Sat 6/15 HD 2480 Brice Rd. Reynoldsburg 8am-4pm

Remember if it rains, we will not be there as there are no rain dates, but if you email me to let me know you may come by, if anything else changes, I will let you know.

Hope it's a nice day where you are and you can find a few minutes to quilt memories, thats what I'm going to do shortly, so take care all, Bobbin