Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Pictures

As you can see I am always late with my blogging, but better late than never*** Or at least I hope so.The top picture is Dh, handing out gifts, I really don't know why the sour face, as he was quiet happy. I think maybe the photographer ( ME) just caught him at a bad time.
The second one is our daughter, patiently waiting for her gifts. I think all the gifts were appreciated and something everyone liked, I know the gifts I received I like quiet a lot.
The last picture is at the dinner table,obviously before everyone got seated ( will the photographer ever learn?) from left to right, our second GS.,my hubby , our son and his wife and our oldest GS. There were 11 of us. I always cook spaghetti at Christmas, as everyone leaves here and goes to other family members homes and usually have the traditional, turkey, ham and all the sides.

************Happy New Year Everyone*****************
I hope everyone has a very good 2008 and all your wishes come true. I have read all your blogs tonight (Well, the ones that I read) and so many of you are making resolutions. Good for you and I hope you are very successful, as for me, all I wish for is safe journeys for hubby and me as we are traveling this year......We should start sometime around the 1st. of Feb. Do hope I can keep up with my blog and keep posting about our journey and where it is taking us and especially the quilt shops I get to go to. WHAT FUN****VBS****
Also in the trailer we will be towing I will have a small room in the front and DH is going to let me make a sewing room... How neat is that?????? Tomorrow after I get through with my ironing and pack away my Christmas clothes, I will have everything done , so I can start getting the things together I want to take with me to sew on. I worked at the LQS last week (inventoring for them)and I got myself one of the ironing mats and a cutting board combined, I think that will be pretty handy. We also went today to check out some folding tables, but couldn't find one with adjustable legs, so will have to keep looking.Other than that I am not sure I need anything else. But as I begin to get things ready that may change. I really want to work on a lot of Christmas items next year. I have several kits that I need to get together and be able to gift them next year. Soooooo, wish me luck, this year I will not be required to work any at all, so while DH is working I should be able to sew,also I want to try to do some hand work while we are traveling,that generally gives me a headache, so will try to just do a little at a time,maybe I can get used to that and be able to spend more time at it. Will see.
Again I want to wish all a Happy New Year, speaking of the new year it will be here in about 2 hours, so am going to get off here and go sit with DH .
Wednasday I am going to start back Quilting Memories, hope you are too. J

Friday, December 28, 2007

G-Children and their "Baby" quilts

Well,I finally got to give the g-children their baby quilts for the next generation. The top picture is my GD and me, she is only 12 so she has several years before she will need hers, but I wanted to make them all one, then as they do have children I will make them a special one, with the baby's name and birthdate on it.
The second one is my GS, he is almost 23, but not married and is trying to become a police officer, with no plans of marriage, which is good, I hope he will wait a few more years. I think at 22 he still has a lot of living to do. He is a very mature young man and we are very proud of him.
He was at the house on Friday before Christmas and I explained to him about the baby quilts, I think he found that to be a little humorous.I told him to please explain all this to his Mother, as she and our son (his Dad) have been divorced for many years and I certainly don't want her to think I am being pushy**** VBS*****, He said he would.
The third picture is my oldest GS and his wife with me. She is about 12 weeks pregnant, said she was due about the end of June of first of July. Will know more when she has her next sonogram. She seems to be doing very good. They were extremely pleased with their quilt , I think they were expecting me to give them one, as I had said I was making "Wanna-be quilts at our get together last Christmas. So now, I am happy that my Wannabe, is now a happy Yee Haw, I am going to be a Great Grandmother. How exciting is that******VVBS*****
We all had a lovely Christmas and will post pictures soon.
Sorry about the second picture, I have asked hubby when he takes pictures to please not hold the camera sideways, because we do NOT know how to turn them. But he insisted that our GS was too tall to get him in the picture properly without turning the camera.. GO FIGURE. What
am I going to do with him?
Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a great and happy new year.
How about quilting some memories??? They do make people SMILE..........

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last Picture of Baby Quilt

I know I have shown this before, and this will be tha last time, but wanted to tell everyone that the parents have received it and I got the sweetest Thank You in my email today. I do hope they will use it and enjoy it, as I made it for that purpose. I make all my quilts for use.

This is the label that is on the back, it looks huge in this photo, but really isn't.
Everyone have a great evening, Later, J
Do you think I may just get this picture blogging right yet?

Sister and best friends

My sister and I wern't raised together, I had a whole other set of sisters growing up. I lived with my Grandparents and was the youngest. There were 3 girls and 3 boys older than me, and I was a spoiled brat,but don't tell my sister! All those aunts ( who I called my sisters ) are now deceased , and I do miss them, I loved them all dearly. I always knew they wern't really my sisters but I was never told that by any of the older ones. I was just treated like the spoiled baby that I was!!!
But at 14 I went to live with my Mother and Stepfather, sister and brother. Now I was the oldest, and expected to babysit and do things around the house, what an awakening! My sister is 7 years younger and my brother is almost 9 years younger. when I was first there I thought they were so cute, but then they began to act like I probably had as a child, I didn't like that!!!! But I was very protective of them, I found that I loved them both very much, and wanted a life for them that they certainly didn't have at home.
I married at 16 and moved out and eventually moved about 5 hours away. That hurt, I didn't want to leave them, but I had to go with my husband. We moved back about 18 months later, and eventually my sister got married, that wasn't a good marriage either, then we left again, back to N.C., and she was pregnant, I cried a lot over the next several months. But we wrote often and saw each other as much as possible.
At some point over the years we have become not only sisters but best friends. I used to wish I hadn't moved at 14 years, but what I got out of life has made it all worth it. I am not as close to our brother but I think that is true in most cases, boys have wives and don't need sisters as much, and thats ok, he is happy and we do see each other when we can. He lives about 1.5 hours from me.
But I would like to say I have the best sister in the world, I don't think I would make it without her, when I need to talk (or cry or whatever) she is always there for me. She had some very serious medical problems a few years ago and I begged the Lord to let her pull through,I told HIM more than once how badly I needed her and He answered my prayers. We do lots of things together when we are together, we quilt shop, and go out to eat, sew and just generally enjoy each other.
So, I would like to say, I LOVE HER VERY MUCH and I am so glad she is my SISTER. J

Thursday, December 13, 2007


The top quilt is for our new great nephew, Grayson, he is now 4 months old. He is a real cutie. I have only got to see photos of him,and he looks like his Daddy, so I know he is cute in person too. It took me a while ( much too long) to get it finished, so I do hope his parents will like it. I did enjoy making it. VBS****
The quilt above is for a new great grandchild we are expecting in late summer. This is the third quilt I have made in expectation of G-Grand babies. At Christmas I will have each one wrapped in the same kind of paper, and let my 3 Grandchildren choose one and whatever they get will be for their first child.That way I know they will all have one. Of course as long as possible I will make each new GGB a special one with their name and birthdate.
The horse one is for my G-Daughter. She is 12 and wanted a quilt with horses on it. Said she didn't want one with a lot of little pieces. I am in the process of making her one, but she will get that sometime after the first of the year. The binding on this quilt looks odd but the back has a lot of turquoise in it, so it is ok.The binding has horseshoes on it. The only other sewing I plan to do for Christmas is make her a pillow case to use with the quilt. The fabric is like the top except the background is brown. I couldn't find any of the black fabric around here. I bought this fabric either in Portland, Or. or Denver,Co. But she will love it anyway.
I still haven't done any of our decorations, I have planned to do that everyday, but life sure gets in the way. Today I found myself at the doctor. I have been battleing a sinus infection for about 6 or 8 weeks now. Have been to Dr. 3 times. I told him today, I NEEDED to get over this. So hopefully the new med will work.
I do have all my shopping done except for groceries, but about an hour in the store and I will be good to go.
I hope all of you heve accompolished more than me, and are ready for Christmas. I'm sure I will be, I haven't missed one yet VBG. Take care, and quilt some memories for someone special in your life. J