Sunday, June 10, 2007

History of my Sewing and Quilting

Today I have been reading several blogs that I don't get to on a regular basis.One I read caught my interest. JudyL. asked some questions about our quilts, why and when we started quilting.My oh My, that got my mind working. I have said many , many times I am a fairly new quilter.Well, I still feel that way because I have so much to learn about quilting the "right" way!
After considerable thought, I must confess the first "quilt" I made was about 47 years ago.Would I want to share a picture of it, wow, I don't know. I was a Mother to a 2 year old ( I was 19 ), and we bought him a big boy bed, well, I had no cover that would fit. My Grandmother was ( even then ) sending me fabric, I did sew. Don't remember where or what kind of machine I had. SOOO, I took 2 pieces of fabric and cut a blanket down to size, sewed them together and used that "Quilt" for many, many years. I wonder how I quilted it or even if I did. I must have done something to hold the layers together, because it was washed lots and lots of time. I will try to find it. I think it would be interesting for me to show my LQS owner and some of my new sewing buddies. Thay should get a big laugh. YES, quilting memories are still alive and well!
If I find it, would you like to see it and share a good laugh with me?
My grandmother (she raised me) sewed all our clothes and made quilts, all for lots of useing, never just to show "off', She never had that luxury. She would have enjoyed that though.
My Mother sewed also, both were very good , they made a lot of clothes, I never remember seeing my GM use a pattern, she would just look at something and then make it. My Mother did use a pattern, she was a very good sewer too.I have a couple quilts my GM made, probably in the 30"s, she used feed sacks and clothing fabrics. In her later years she quilted on the machine.
I have 2 quilt tops(polyester) that my Mother made, probably in the 70's or early 80"s.I cherish them all. My sister also sews and quilts, she too is very good. Both of us have taught our dayghters to sew, her DD likes to sew, mine doesn't. (My DD is a great cook, as that is what she likes to do), She didn't get that from me. I cook ( Occasionally) and can do a fairly good job of if, but over the years I just as soon not bother.. My neice is a really good seamstress, but hasn't tried to quilt yet, I keep encourageing her to, she would be a really good quilter. I have also taught my GD to sew, she is only 12, so her attention span is kinda short, but she is getting there. She has made a couple baby quilts, and some skirts.Hopefully she will enjoy sewing as much as I do.
As far as a sewing machines go, (another question of Judy's) I have a Pfaff, have had it about 8 years now, I absolutely love it.It is not a n embroidery machine, so I do use my Bernina 200 the most, because it is. AM going to get it upgraded to a 730 in the next month or so. I love all the bells and whistles, as I like to make lots of different things. I also have a serger(Bernina), I don't use it a lot,but ocasionally will get it out and play with it,. I still have the machine I bought when our DD was about 6 years old. (38years ago). IT was the grandest thing I had ever seen. We gave $150.00 for it, cabinet and all. I used it all the years until I got the Pfaff. I took it to get it serviced and the guy I bought it from, yes, the same fellow, said to me, it's time to let this machine die, I can't do anymore with it. That broke my heart. Then when I went to look for another machine, I couldn't believe the prices.Times do change!
Anyway, I come from a background of sewers and hopefully am leaving some sewers to take my place someday. Hope all the future sewers and quilters will enjoy their machines as much as I have. Without my machine I would be lost. No I don't sew everyday, sometimes I go a long time between projects but I can not imagine my life without my machines. My foremothers did a good job.........
Hope all of you in blogland and elsewhere who are reading this are having a wonderful time quilting memories and I would love to hear your stories. Until we meet again, looking forward to hearing about your quilting memories.

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