Saturday, June 20, 2009

CK, the weightlifter

This is CK, he is our first GGS, isn't he just the cutest? Yes, I posted a picture of him yesterday, this one is a little different. I had some emails that said they couldn't get the pic to enlarge. Hope this works better, just click and see what happens. Bobbin

Friday, June 19, 2009


Can you do what I can? Just call me " Big Boy" cause my GGM thinks I am so smart,and very very strong***VBS*** .This is our GGS, he will be one year old on June 29th, and is cute as can be. His parents own a gym and I guess he is starting early LOL . Actually he was trying to pull up so he could stand by himself and they caught this " kodak" moment...
I am going to go see him and get to see his new sister's ( soon to be born) room. Mommy asked me to make a dust ruffle for her crib, so off we go next week to find some fabric. I am so looking forward to seeing them again. The last time we were home, I got to see him, but he was sound asleep, and I wouldn't wake him, so hopefully this time he will be up and around. He isn't walking yet, but I am told he can crawl at marathon speeds..LOL. I CAN'T WAIT ***VVBS***

I have been extremely busy since we have been home, after being gone for so long, there is so much to do. As I said in my last post we purchased a new TV, after we got that all set up, I was doing laundry and my 25 year old washer QUIT, never to run again, bummers....Oh well, a new one is already in place and has been used, the laundry is done ( at least for a few days)..heehee

I still have a lot of straightening up to do, but it isn't so overwhelming now. Clutter drives me crazy, and I just get frusterated and have to make myself dig in and get busy. I know that doesn't make much sense, but that is the way I operate.

There is a new quilt shop in town and I am itching to go check it out, maybe tomorrow. I am looking forward to visiting her also.

The weather has gotten HOT in our part of the world, and I think it is supposed to be about 98 degrees tomorrow, I may decide to stay in and putter around here. I am sure whatever I do, it will be constructive.

So, I hope you are enjoying your weather where ever you are and maybe you are quilting memories. I plan to join you doing some of that next week.

Take care, stay cool, Bobbon

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It is so good to be home, but after being gone for so long, I have had lots to do..Ordinary stuff...
putting everything away and a mountain of laundry...but have done a few fun things as well. We got home Sunday, the 8th.
Monday the 9th our Grand daughter graduated from Middle school. It's hard to believe she will be going to high school when the new school year starts, but she is growing up,I think I am having a harder time with her growing up than her Mom, I guess that is just part of being a Grandmother...
I have also been sewing, trying to finish up some quilts I have had started, as I have said before, It really bothers me to have UFO's lying around. I have finished putting borders on 2 baby quilts and one large quilt, I also have the backs ready and the bindings done for 2 of them. I have cut out binding for the large one, but don't have enough, and when I went to the LQS yesterday, they didn't have anymore of the fabric I needed. Not sure what I am going to do now. I am thinking "on it" for a day or so. LOL
We bought us a new TV yesterday and the guys are here this morning to get everything installed properly, so I am trying to stay out of their way.This is the first new TV we have had in about 20 years,so I guess it was time. Our daughter wants the old one, it still runs ok. So as of now we have 2 TV's in our great room, ( that looks lovely LOL), she is planning to pick it up tonight.I will be glad when all of this is done and I can put my room back together. I'm sure my DH will enjoy having his TV again.
Hope everyone is busy quilting memories and hope to catch you later. BOBBIN