Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where do people live?

Where are all the homes? DH and I were riding around yesterday afternoon checking out the area we are visiting/working in. After we had been riding for a bit, I finally asked him "Where do people live?" There were no houses that I could see, so today we went out in search of a Quilt store and found a few, but very few on the way. Well we got to the Quilt shop, and told our GPS to go back to town, WELL, WE FOUND THEM,. I have never saw so many huge houses, most of them was as large as some of the motels we have stayed in. Homes, that I am sure cost a minimun of a million dollars***and some lots more than that. They were incredible. I would love to spend the day going through them, reckon the nice homeowners would let me??? LOL I am sure they would love a complete stranger going through their homes.
I have never wanted a very large house, cause I do not like housework, that is something I do out of necessity...........I can not imagine taking care of a house that large.To the people who live in our town, believe me, they were as large as the Reynolda house, if not bigger.
Was I impressed, I really don't think I was envious, but I sure do admire people who can afford that type home.
I asked the lady at the motel last night about the lack of homes in this area and she informed me that this is an industrial/business area and people ( for the most part) live in the outlying towns.
This area is approximately 6 miles long, one road in and one road out,There are several small side roads, but they just wind around and back to the main road. The buildings ALL look new, so now I wonder how long this "town" has been here. I need to do some detective work, inquiring minds, you know.
Well, so much for my ramblings, will share pics tomorrow of the shop we found today.
Have a good evening everyone and finish your day Quilting Memories, Later, Bobbin

Monday, April 28, 2008

Last picture at the Quiltsmiths

Aren't these "babies" just the cutest? They were in the back room at the Quiltsmith's Quilt store. She didn't make them but one of her customers did. They are weighted to the same weight as a real newborn.I forgot what she said the hair was made out of, but it felt real, when I first saw them , I was stunned, I thought "how quiet those babies are, and both awake, then I realized they were dolls..... Silly Me****VBS****

Our event (show) was cancelled yesterday, due to rain, so we came on to Mo.It actually quit raining about 15 minutes after we left and didn't rain again until we pulled in the motel parking lot. Just so we could get wet, I guess.........

It took us about 5 hours to get here, but was nice to get here and be able to have 2 full days off work,DH has gone today to get some work done on the trailer and I am here in the room. BUT, it has been a nice day, I have my sewing machine............ Have needed to let out the waist and hem DH's uniforms, all 5 of them, have now got that done, and think maybe tomorrow I will sew some more on GGS quilt. I am getting itchy to get the top finished , at least. I have sooooo many projects I want to get done. I just need to always bring my sewing machine in the motels and sew when I have a few minutes. DH sure doesn't mind bringing it in for me, so that is what I am going to try and make myself get in a habit of doing. Don't you think that would be a great idea?????

Here is our schedule for this week, if anyone is interested.

Wed,Apr 30th, Wal-Mart 1307 Hwy. K OFallon, Mo 3-7pm

Thu. May1 Lowes 290 THF Bldg. Chesterfield, Mo 3-7 pm

Fri, May 2 Home Depot 4245 St. Charles Rock Bridgeton Mo 3-7 pm

Sat. May3 Lowes 14810 ManchesterRd. Ballwin, Mo 9 am -3pm

Sun May4 Home Depot 6190 Mid Rivers Mall St. Peters, Mo 9am-3pm

Hope someone will come visit, would love to see you.

I am looking forward to Thursday, the place we will be is a shopping mall, with LOTS of stores, I plan to do some shopping, I need some new shoes really badly, so hope I can find something that looks nice and be comfy at the same time. I really have a hard time finding comfy shoes. I guess that's cause I really don't like to wear shoes, never have. I will be glad when I grow up***VBS***

Hope all of you are nice and comfortable and dry, its very cool here and damp, so that made it especially nice to be able to be at the sewing machine, even if I was mending ugh...

Take care, and keep on Quilting Memories, Bobbin

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cordova Tenn, The Quiltsmiths

Well, I have a few more pics to post but Mr. Blogger isn't playing very nicely this morning.
These were taken at The Quiltsmiths Quilt Store in Cordova, Tenn. A very, very small store, but quiet full, lots of yardages, fat quarters and notions. She also had all her walls full of quilts, quiet a display for such a small shop. She is on the corner of a strip mall, but was easy enough to find. DH , Me and the GPS can find almost anywhere***VBS***These are two of her quilts and of course her cat, he did not even open his eyes while I was there. It must be nice to sleep that sound.............I didn't see anywhere for classes, so I presume she only sold what I saw there,cause she did tell me that she sent her quilts to a long arm quilter. Anyway, she was a very nice lady(NO, I didn't get her name) and very helpful. I definitely would visit again if I am in this area.Hopefully tomorrow blogger will let me post a couple more pics..........I hope all of you are happily quilting memories today. Bobbin

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Quilting Barn, Arlington, Tx.

The Quilting Barn, is just that a quilt shop in a barn building. Doesn't look like an old barn, but quaint nontheless. I have never been in a quilt store as immaculate as this one. Even the hardwood floors looked like they had never been walked on,everything had a place and everything was in its place***VBS*** , the lady that was working ( I don't know if she owned the store or not) was nice, but seemed to be VERY SHY, certainly not talkative at all. The only time she said anything was when I asked her a question, then she only answered, no more conversation.
I didn't see a class room nor a place large enough for one, so I think they only sold fabrics and notions, but she did have a longarm amchine and she was quilting a quilt part of the time I was there. She also was working at her cutting board some of the time.
There was a nice selection of fabrics. The shop itself wasn't very large, so I am not sure even where they do their piecing. I didn't even see a sewing machine. We definitely went out of our way to visit, and if I lived around here I would visit occasionaly, but if I am just ever here again with work, probably not.
The area was very quaint, definitely rural and soooo small. I guess I am just addicted to larger areas.
Tomorrow I will tell you all about the 3rd store we went to, it was in Cordova, Tenn. So check back, Until tomorrow continue to Quilt Memories, Bobbin

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Klassy Katz, Bartlett, Tn.

Klassy Katz, catchy name, don't you think?
Would you have thought this to be a quilt shop? Not me, but indeed it is a very nice shop.Lots of quilting fabrics and a room with lots of clothing fabrics, yes they make clothing there as well as quilts.
The lady that owns the store is Tony Katz, bubbly is a good way to describe her, fun to talk with. Very knowledgeable and a Bernina dealer. Of course we had a lot to talk about....I was in there for quiet a while while poor hubby was sitting outside sweltering in the Tennesse heat..... but no complaints from him and that was good, as a matter of fact after we left there he took me to 2 more shops.
The Klassy Kats has a web site, I haven't checked it out yet, but you can, www.klassykatzquilts.com............. Ijust know you will enjoy reading all about whatever she has there.I know she offers classes and has anything you need to make a quilt,so when you are out and about go by and check her out and if you can't go by, check out her web.
I had to call my doctor yesterday, am not feeling good at all, but he called me in a prescription to one of the local pharmacies, so am sure I will feel better in a day or so. The ride from Ar. to here on Monday wasn't much fun, even though I slept a lot. But as you can tell, I (really) did make myself get up and out yesterday. What I will do for a new post***VBS***
Take care and continue to Quilt Memories, ( my new blog name) "BOBBIN"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quilters Village, Bella Vista, Tenn.

To be able to sit in front of a window and quilt and look up and see this scenery, nothing could be more serene. That is what you see out the Quilters Village window. The shop is on the side of a hill/ mountain, just a beautiful setting. The 2 ladies I met while there were great also. the owner's name is Pat and she is all bubbly and full of knowledge. I am sure she would be a great teacher and just fun to be with. If you are ever in her neighborhood go by and visit, you'll be glad you did.
I loved the sign that hung over a door in her class room "may your bobbins always be full" , what a great thought***VBS***
I think the red, yellow and green quilt is cute also, she said that is what she teaches first timers, looks simple enough for me. The other quilt is a small redwork, very nicely done also. Pat also has a longarm, and does her own quilting. That keeps all her business in house, great idea.
I must tell you about my new friend, Amanda, she was our rep for all our events in and around Bentonville. A lovely young lady, as we talked I mentioned seeing the Quilters Village, and she said she was going "home" this summer and her Grandmother was going to teach her to sew, and that she wanted to learn to quilt. SOOOOOOO, on Saturday when she came by to see us, she told me that she had called the Q V and they were open until 5pm, which meant we had time to check them out if we wanted to go, so as soon as we closed everything down, off we went,I think she may have found herself a place to learn to quilt right close to home. The other lady( I did not get her name, sorry) and Amanda started talking and the other lady has a daughter about the same age as Amanda and is just starting to learn to quilt, so I think they are going to start trying to get together on Saturdays. I hope they both like their new adventures and find themselves over the course of time QUILTING MEMORIES.
That would make me very happy to know I was there when all this started, and I do have Amanda's email addy, so I plan to encourage her all I can.
Today, DH and I went to 3 more Quilt Shops, will post about them during the week. Hope all of you aren't getting tired of all these post about all the shops we visit, but I sure am enjoying meeting all the shop owners and the people that are there. I still would love to see some of your LQS, so post them for me, remember May 1st. is the deadline,so hurry. Catch you Later, J

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jacuzzi, GGS quilt top , etc.

This post is going to be a little bit about what I have been doing the last few days. So if you're not interested you have been forewarned.......
Obviously the top pic is of a jacuzzi, well, thats in the room we are in for this week. I do plan to enjoy it a lot while I am here. I am not much for swimming pools ( I don't swim) nor do I like community jacuzzies, so I am going to be in this one every evening.. Bet I will sleep good***VBS***
The pic of the name is the top of the quilt I am making for our GGS..... I showed the blocks a couple posts ago. I am appliqueing the bear and letters on the machine, I'm afraid I am not very good , but am giving it my best shot....Any pointers?
I also wanted to show you where I am working in the trailer..........Not the most ideal sewing room, but I am making do. I am just happy to be able to get something done. I am also cutting out a table runner, I hope to get started sewing on that sometime this week.Will have to see how much I get done on the quilt.
The redwork is what I have been embroidering, I think it is turning out sort of cute, but I do have a long, long way to go before it is done. I have been doing this when I can't sew on the machine, keeps my mind busy***VBS***
I still have pictures of another shop I visited while in Arkansas, but will get to them tomorrow ( I PROMISE) I also plan to visit 2 more shops tomorrow, so will have a nice day I am sure.
We arrived here much later this afternoon than we planned,we got stuck in traffic for about 1.5 hours. NOT FUN . Tomorrow is our only day off, and we try to see a little of the areas we are in. We really enjoyed the Bentonville AR areas, very pretty town,and some lovely folks. Hope to be able to go back someday.
Hope all of you are enjoying a nice spring and are busy quilting memories, later, J

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Memphis schedule

We leave in the morning for Memphis, Tenn. Should take 5-6 hours, but we are all ready to go.
Bags repacked with all our clothes clean. When we got in this afternoon I done our laundry. It just seems easier to get "there" with clean clothes rather than knowing the first thing I have to do is laundry.Anyway, we start back to work on Wednesday:
Wed. Apr. 23rd Home Depot 7260 Interstate Blvd. Horn Lake 3-8
Thu. Apr .24th Lowes 8300 Hwy. 64 Bartlett 3-8
Fri. Apr 25th Home Depot 3469 Riverdale Rd. Memphis 3-8
Sat. Apr 26th Home Depot 8010 Giacosa Memphis 8am-4pm
Sun. Apr 27th Lowes 671 Vann Dr. Jackson 8am-4pm

Our schedules sometime cahnge hours a bit,especially on Sat., and Sun., we usually start about 9 and leave about 3............ So if you should get a chance to come visit, please come between 9 and 3 so we will be sure to be there.Rarely do the stores change, so that shouldn't be a problem.
Does anyone know of any quilt shops in the areas? We usually try to find one on Tuesday, that is our only full day off. If you know of one, please email me, I will check my mail tomorrow evening as well as Tuesday am.

When we get settled tomorrow I will try to post the pictures of the quilt shop I visited on Saturday evening. I had a great time also hopefully I have made a new friend, will tell you about her then also. Amanda if you are reading this, hope you are having a good day. Will catch all of you later, get busy, time's a wasting, you gotta be quilting memories....YEAH..... VBS... J

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last pictures at Sew A Stitch

These are the last pictures I took at Sew A Stitch, the green quilt was a shop hop quilt, there was 9 shops that participated.each one was given 2 pieces of the same fabric and they had to make 12" blocks. They each made 9 blocks alike so they could trade them. Each shop got one from the other shops. Not knowing what each was doing, I was impressed,all was very well done and the lady that made the finished top done a very good job.If I remember correctly, the large green and blue fabrics was what they each started with.

The fat quarters are what I purchased, I think they are pretty, don't you?
The ironing board tells me there is a lot of fabric pressing going on. She told me she changes her cover every few months, I love to see production in progress.***VBS***
I went to another shop today, will post pics soon.We work again tomorrow then we go to Memphis, Tenn. on Monday. Will post our schedule in a day or so. I have also been a little productive as well, those pics soon also.
It has been a nice warm day here today and that was a welcome change. Tomorrow is supposed to be close to 80 degrees. I am looking forward to the nice warm weather. Hope all of you are quilting memories, catch you later, J
PS,, They also do heirloom sewing as well as teach it, I thought these pieces were pretty...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Consider yourself tagged

I have been reading blogs for a short time tonight, and was reading Bear Hugs All Around.com and she tagged her readers to write a 6 word memoir of themselves, well here's mine**** Try's to Quilt Memories each Day**** Do I achieve this goal, absolutely NOT, not even when I am at home.But I love the idea, maybe someday. I haven't been quilting but a very few years, at least not seriously, I did make our son one when we put him in his "big boy bed" that was 48 years ago, but that really doesn't count, cause I didn't like it and had NO idea what I was doing. I still have trouble with large quilts, because I want to quilt them myself and I still don't know what I am doing, but I do quilt all my small quilts. My small quilts are baby sizes, I don't make anything smaller.The problem I have with making quilts is patience, I want to start and finish today. I am getting better and will continue to work on my patience, so wish me luck.
SO, If you are reading this consider yourself tagged, and tell us your 6 word memoir. Hope to hear from you soon. Going to bed and "think" about Quilting Memories" LOL......... Night Everyone, J

More Eye candy

These a

These are the most beautiful fabric flowers I have ever seen. They are 3 dimensional and actually look like a "real" flower. I have NO idea the technique they used, I didn't even ask, as I knew whatever they had done, it was way over my head.BUT, this is what they are publishing the book about, I'n not sure when its due out, but I will absolutely want one. Will I ever attempt to make the flowers, I doubt it, but I surely do want to see all of them.Do you like them?
I still have a little more eye candy for you, but it is sorta hard for me to try to type , you see, my index finger on my right hand got in the way of the rotary cutter. OUCH**** Not bad, just annoying. I was doing something that I knew better than do. I have been preparing some applique for my baby quilt, am about done with that, then want to prepare some of the work that I got while I was home. I had planned to have that done, but it's funny (annoying) how life gets in the way....I hope to work on that while I'm at Wal Marts this week, but they have a tendancy to want us to park the trailer in the farthest part of the parking lot.I am not comfortable being that far away from all the activity so may not be able to do anything. I have discovered that DH doesn't have much say when we are at Wal Mart. Oh well, will see what I can do, theres always tomorrow morning.
I have no idea what button I touched to change the writing, but have tried to fix it and haven't been successful, so please excuse my dumbness . Hope everyone is Quilting Memories today.
Later, J

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sew A Stitch , Bentonville, Ar.

The name of this unique quilt store is Sew A Stitch, The creation Station. They live up to their name, in my opinion,it is located in Bentonville, Arkansas, 106NW 2nd St. in a small shopping mall.Not a real big store but definitely over run with talent.The owner Joyce Barker is so very friendly. Took lots of time with me, answered a lot of questions. Let me tell you a little about the pictures you see here,Of course the machines she sells are Vikings and she had quiet a collection, displayed nicely. The pillow is designed by a lady named Lynn Wiggers, she also designs bedspreads. I thought that was very neat...The quilt was designed by Alicia Gentry and Joyce. It was absolutely beautiful. The workmanship was exquisit. I could have spent the entire day just enjoying her company.Unfortunately, I didn't have all day****Boo hoo** Alicia and Joyce have been writing a book, and putting some of their designs in it, I can't wait for it. I took more photos and some of the blocks that are in the book are for your pleasure, but that will be next time. Believe me, the designs are very different than anything I have ever saw. they do have a web site, www.noblepatchwork.com.... The mailing address is Noble Patchwork Co. P.O. Box 485 Pea Ridge, Ar. 72751 the web site for the shop is www.sewastitch.com.... check them out, you'll be glad you did.
Next post, I will show the blocks and some of the other things in the shop. Also, I bought some fat quarters, (surprise) and I have pics of a couple of my Red Work embroderies.I will say I have enjoyed the embrodery more than I expected,cause I really am not fond of handwork,and I am sure this is just something for me to do until I can get home to my emb. machine****VBS****
that is so much quicker...
Well, once again, DH and I found ourselves in trouble with the Truck (well this time it was the trailer). We were about half way across the Ozark Mountains and Dh looked in his mirror and said,our back trailer tire is about to FALL OFF. Got my attention........So, when we found a safe place to stop, he got out to check and sure enough, it was litterally hanging by a couple lug nuts. He called his boss and we were assured that if he could get it off, we could go on across the mountains on 3 tires.Nerve wracking to say the least. But we did make it without any problems, and eventually found a place that could replace all the problems( over my head), the only thing wrong with that was he could do it TODAY, so we had to leave the trailer with him. But it is fixed now and tomorrow we start our events here in Bentonville.I do wonder what is next........
I have been busy today, got my hair trimmed this am, then went to the quilt shop, then went to get the trailer, ate dinner then came back to our room and traced 3 more redwork patterns on fabric, ironed a few pieces of clothes and now have some things ready to get some applique ready. Needless to say, I am tired and ready to lay down. So hope all of you are quilting Memories, somebody will love you for it.
Has everyone sent their taxes off? I hope so.......................J

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Challenge, HURRY, HURRY

Yes, I have been reading several blogs, I try to do that most everyday. I am so glad to have joined the blogging world.As most of you know DH and I travel a lot, have been doing so now for about 2 years. Over time I have showed so many quilt stores that I have had the opportunity to visit. All the stores had very different quilts and other quilty things, not to leave out the wonderful people I have met. I wouldn't trade my "JOB" for any other, even when I am at home, I sometime have the priviledge of "working" at the LQS. So, even with all the whining I sometimes do, and the horrible weather we have encountered, I wouldn't trade this for anything.....YES, you will probably read some more whining, but please remember we all just have bad days sometimes. I am haveing a great time.I thank the Good Lord ( and Jack Roush) for this opportunity. Ok, OK, I have something else on my mind****VBS****
As I said, I read a lot of blogs and would like to challenge each of you to show us your favorite quilt shops, complete with addresses. Remember, I am everywhere....VBS.....Tell us all about them, show us their quilt makings,whatever that takes you to them, will be so interesting.Tell all your blogging buddies, have them link to my blog and leave me a message , and yes, I wiil put a little something together from my travels and have a drawing. If you want your name in the pot, we need pictures and you need to let me know so I can get to your blog. May 1st. will be the deadline, so HURRY, HURRY.
While you are posting your favorite shops, PLEASE, send me some sunshine and warm weather..
Fortunately,We got to go in late this am, and also leave early this afternoon,and that was nice and we were very grateful for that. We also are going in a little later tomorrow, maybe it will be warmer tomorrow and the wind will lay down. Thank Goodness for the beautiful Oklahoma sunshine..Take care everyone and I do want to say to all of you I do enjoy seeing your quilts, then I know you are quilting memories..J

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bentonville, Ar. Here we come.....

Wow, did we ever have some nasty storms last night. Woke me up, not good,and scared the bee jeebers out of me. I am told we got about 4 inches of rain, but today we only have to go across the parking lot to get to our event...That will be good, not knowing the roads, we wouldn't want to find ourselves at a street that was flooded, and I think there are several of them.They keep showing all these roads covered with water, very scarey......... Our event was cancelled yesterday due to weather and I am so THANKFUL, I do not like storms ..
Monday early we will leave here for Bentonville, Arkansas. If you are nearby come check us out..
Wed. Apr.16th, Wal-mart 2875 West 6th street Fayetteville 3-8
Thurs. Apr. 17th, Wal-Mart 100 Commercial Drive Pineville 3-8
Fri. Apr. 18th, Wal-Mart 406 South Walton Blvd. Bentonville 3-8
Sat. Apr.19th Wal-Mart 4208 Pleasant Crossing Blv. Rogers 8-4
Sun. Apr.20th Wal-Mart 2110 West Walnut Rogers 8-4

The next week we will be going to Memphis, Tenn. So time justs move right along...
If you are in the area of any of the Wal-Mart's in the Bentonville, AR. area, come see us, and bring some of your projects for me to enjoy.. Catch all of you later and hope you are somewhere warm and DRY Quilting Memories Later, J

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

GGS's Quilt Top, ramblings

What I got done yesterday. I felt pretty productive, but when I took a picture it sure doesn't look like a lot..VBS...Of course I have a long way to go before it's finished, I am going to put a large border at the top and put his name and a teddy bear on that. I am kinda doing my own thing, I do have a pattern that is inspiring me,but when I get through my quilt will be quiet different.Hope Mommy and Daddy will like it when I am through..I had to lay it on the bed for photos, sorry

As DH and I was going to find the quilt store yesterday evening a young man came up beside us at a stop light and motioned for me to roll down my window, and reluctantly I did so. He told us that the inside tire on the back of the truck was down. So, we had to then find a tire shop, and it took them 2 hours to put on a new tire. I realize that they had to take the outside tire off, then the inside tire (what was left, it was shredded)off, and replace both, but 2 hours seemed like a very long time.I guess we should just be thankful we found a place that could take us right away and also have the tire we needed. He did leave the hub off, so DH is back over this morning to get that back... It seems its always some drama in our lives.I suppose being on the road makes everything seem worse than it should be...

Well, that put us about 5:15 getting to the Quilter's Corner ( they closed at 6) so I had to hurry. Maybe that is also why they weren't as friendly as most quilt stores I have been to. I was probably in there 5 or 6 minutes before anyone spoke to me,and I was the only customer there.

Would I go back, probably not, and YES, I did leave before 6pm. I always get out of anyplace that has posted hours on time. Maybe they were having a bad day and just wanted to get home.

So, today, I plan to cut out my applique pieces and try to get them ironed on, so that tomorrow I may be able to sew a while before we leave here for work, or maybe tomorrow will be the first day I let DH go to work by himself and I just stay here at the sewing machine***Nice Thought***. The Home Depot we work tomorrow is visible from our motel room, actually I could probably walk over later. If the street goes through, I will check that out when we go out in a bit.

Ladies, It is COLD here today and this afternoon around 3 pm ( thats when we start work) we are supposed to have bad thunderstorms, with high winds and tornado warnings. I am not looking forward to this afternoon at all. This weather is supposed to last all night. Maybe they will have a place we can take the car inside. If not we may get to leave early as we CAN NOT let the car get wet.. All the sinage on it is decals, plus no windows and the hole in the hood would let the rain go right through to the motor. Carrying this car around is like carrying a baby, you sure have to be careful.LOL

Gonna get up from here and get to the ironing board and press the fabric I need for today and tomorrow,catch all of you later. Have a great day..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quilters Corner, Midwest, OK

Midwest City, Ok. has a lovely quilt store, the name of it is Quilter's Corner. I did find some white fabric that I needed. I can't believe that when I got the redwork patterns the other day, I only got about half of what I needed,so was glad I found it today,I bought 4 1/2 yards,I do have several Christmas Quilts that this will be perfect for.

They had lots of books and patterns and an awful lot of beautiful quilts, but I promised them I would not picture them here. I wish I could, because they were really nice. Sorry, I know I promised pictures but I will respect their wishes.
I HAVE been sewing today, I am working on my GGS's quilt. I cut out 64 4 1/2 " blocks then sewed them together. I plan to work on it in the am again. I would show the picture, but blogger will not let me load anymore.....GGGRRR...
Maybe tomorrow, at least I will try .
The storms blew through here last night with a vengance, but I think for the Oklahomians , it wasn't anything too bad.........For me, I wish they would go away. I heard on the TV while ago, they are expected again tomorrow. I guess I will have to crawl back under the bed and hide...LOL..
I have had a nice time today, but I have made a mess in this motel room, so I need to get up from here and straighten it up a bit before we go to bed. Hope all of you are busy Quilting Memories.. Later, J

Monday, April 7, 2008


These are 2 of the quilts that was at the Quilt Country Store. I thought they were a little different, not something I would make, but interesting. The chicken is ME, Or at least could be, I am such a chicken with all this ugly weather we are in. Tonight as I sit here with the TV on, watching the bottom of the screen, telling us to be on the watch for TORNADOES...........AGAIN.................I absolutely couldn't live in this area(anywhere in the mid-west) my nerves would be shot, but then they probably will be before we get home*************VBF*************. The sky sure is black. Maybe this too shall pass.
We are now in OK. Hope to find a quilt shop tomorrow, looked in the phone book and I think there is one pretty close by. But, in the am, I am going to cut out some blocks for my G-G-Son's quilt. Then maybe one day this week I can sew.That's the plan anyway.
I got my laundry done this afternoon, so now I am free for the week.It is amazing how few loads you have when you only have to wash "clothes" no linens or anything else, and to top all that my DH has to wear uniforms 5 days a week and they have to be drycleaned.Now, this is something I could get used to**VBS**
Hope to be cutting blocks tomorrow...does that count as Quilting Memories? I think so..Later everyone, J

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quilt Country, Lewisville, Tx.

Ok, Mr. Blogger isn't co-operating with me***GGGRRR*** I am supposed to have another picture (the outside of the building),guess not today........... Any way this is Quilt Country , in Lewisvillle, TX. A very nice store,supposedly over 5000 bolts of fabric. And that is probably right, cause they had a LOT.. I have been hearing about all you ladies that are using ORANGE fabrics now, Well they have more orange fabrics than I have seen anywhere.

This is just a portion of their shelf of oranges. They do have a web site, but I CAN NOT find the card they gave me, I am sure its in the trailer, so will post it soon. I'm sure they do a great mail order service.I also have several more fabric pics , but will post those later.

We are leaving here in the am for Oklahoma City, Ok. Should be there sometime after lunch. I have enjoyed meeting a lot of Texans, but am ready to move on. The more I move the closer we are to being through and I can go home, but that is a long time away.And that's ok, we will get there when we are supposed to.

Hope all of you had a nice spring day, It was cold here this am, but around noon time, the sun appeared and it got hot. But we are now in the motel and I need to get up from here and get ready to leave in the am. So hope all of you are quilting memories. Catch you later, J

PS: I have been doing some red work, and for now enjoying it, already finished one of the designs. Will show it sometime next week.. BYE