Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yes, I am on a roll. Today I finished quilt #3, did a little shopping and got my tree up. Whew.......
I'm tired.I have things to do for the next couple days,know I won't get any sewing done tomorrow but may find some time on Thursday. Wish me luck****
It is terribly cold here, so if it's as cold where you live please stay in if possible and look after the elderly and your pets.Hope everybody can be safe and warm.....
I hope you have all your Christmas gifts made or bought and are sitting back in your easy chair enjoying the season.... Later, Bobbin

Monday, December 13, 2010


***YES*** I have completed 2 of the 4 quilts that I have started,I also have one of the others sandwiched...Plan to work on it tomorrow.....I think I will get it finished quilted ,at least, I may have to wait until Thursday to bind it, but we will see. Then I plan to get the last one sandwiched, so that I can get it done. DONE, now that sounds doable, have been wondering if that word was in my vocabulary, it has been a while since I have fimished a quilt. Some of these quilts ( all are for babies) are quiet a bit larger than the sizes that I usually make, I will definitely be more mindful of that from now on. After Christmas I am going to try to start quilting (again) a top I made several years ago. It's a king size and I have already started quilting it, I soon found out that quilting a quilt that large on a domestic machine is a back breaking job. But I do want it finished , so I can use it on our bed.I't isn't much good lying folded up under my cutting table.
I am sure I will not get that finished very soon, but I do plan to give it to myself for a Christmas gift next year...***LOL***
I have several projects I want to do, so have big plans for 2011.
Our job is done for this year and as I have said, I don't plan to go back, so we are meeting with our boss on Wed. and I will tell her then....I still don't know what my hubby is going to do, and I really don't want him to travel by himself, so I guess I will know what his plans are on Wed. as well.He says he still hasn't made up his mind...........I think at 70 years of age it's time to take life a little easier.
Our daughter just called to inform us that she and her family is going to Ky. for Christmas...I am so bummed out , but what can I say....Her hubby hasn't spent but one Christmas with his Mother in the 25 years they have been together, and I really don't begrudge that, but Christmas won't be the same. Of course, we won't be alone, we still have our son and his family, so am sure they will be with us. They always are.....And that is great.
Will post pictures of the quilts after Christmas, someone that is receiving one of them may be reading my blog....I know they used to, but since I have been so slack in blogging they may have forgotten to check in...LOL
I hope all of you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas, I have about all my shopping done, will probably finish on Wed. after we see our boss. I really don't have much to do, so should have everything done by Wed. night....NOW, if a good fairy would just come wrap them for me...SIGH..Anybody know any good fairies?
Gotta run, will check back soon, hopefully with 2 more finishes...YEAH

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ready to SEW!!!!

Today, I have finished all of my laundry ( where do all those dirty clothes come from????), done my ironing and have everything ready to get the quilts sandwiched tomorrow, I can't wait. I can't believe I will have 4 glorious days at my machine, although I am already contemplating a trip to my LQS.....A lady must do what a lady must do ***LOL*** I'm sure I need something! I wonder who will be working on Tuesday? Anyone know? Let me know who will be there, as some of you I haven't seen in a good while. I do hope I am still going to get to help with inventory....does anyone know the answer to that?
I am already planning to spend a LOT of time at the LQS after the holidays, I need to get reacquainted with both my machines, want to take the mastery classes for the 430 that I purchased before I left.....actually that was purchased about 18 months ago. I have used it very little ,but I have it set up to do some free motion quilting with the BSR. I think that will be fun and certainly fast. I so want to get these quilts out of my way. I can remember when I would not start a new project until I had finished the one at hand.....where did that time go.....I must have been lost on the road somewhere....
I also have been asked to make a new tote bag ( Granddaughter) and I want to do that also, but am afraid that is one project I will not start until the quilts are done, I am sure that will be the first of the year. Where does time go?
Of course about the time I get back in the groove of things I will have to help my sister move, but I am sure once she is settled that we will enjoy being with each other in our sewing rooms for a very long time.....now that they have made the commitment, I am truly excited.I wish they were coming tomorrow.....
She has been doing some embroidery on her machine and I am pea green with envy, so that is on my list of things to do. Do you think I will live long enough to get it all done?LOL***
I have been following all the bloggers that I know, and can not believe how many babies have been born in just the last few months. It seems all of them are doing well and that is always good news. Both our G-Grand babies are well and growing like weeds, so cute. I am so glad we will be around to see them more, I guess I have just been counting my blessings the last couple days, and they are many..
Quiltkemosabe and Quilt teacher I hope to see you soon, am looking forward to spending a little time at the LQS....So look for me, I'm coming!
Enough chit-chat, got to get up from here and get ready for bed......See Ya soon, Bobbin

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 more days to go !!!!!!

Yes, I only have 2 morework days, hubby has 6......he is going to work all next week, then Friday and Saturday will be his last days as well as mine.I am sooooooo glad, we have been home almost 3 weeks, but have tried to get my house in order, then Thanksgiving. My Sister and her hubby came down and stayed several extra days,they are planning to buy a house here and retire. I am looking forward to living in the same town as her, we haven't lived close in about 44 years. It's about time, don't you think ???? We share a love for quilting so we should have a lot to do to keep us busy, our hubbys get along really good too, so maybe our "golden" years can be spent together.
I do hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to Christmas. I know I am. I have done part of my shopping,but most of all I am looking forward to next week...........I PLAN TO SEW,SEW,SEW..... I have 4 baby quilts ready to sandwich, then get started quilting. I am so ready to be at the sewing machine again. Will get to sandwiching tomorrow afternoon! Don't want to miss a minute at the machine!
Those of you that live in my hometown,what did you think of the beautiful snow.....I love that kind, you know, the kind that stays only a short while LOL , it sure is cold now though....But that is what it's supposed to be, after all it is December.
Hubby and I had to buy a new refrigerator when we got home in July, so finally all my appliances match,they're black, but we have a stainless sink, I never have liked it, so we decided to replace it with a black one, also new fixtures. He will try and get that done when we get home next week. I am looking forward to that also.....Have you got the idea that I'm looking forward to LOTS of things??? We have been away from home way to much .....been at this job almost 6 years....it's time to settle back down and take life easy!
I promise that the first of the new year I will have some pictures to post, but have forgotten what little I knew about how to do that,but soon..............
Hope to hear from you guys that I used to hear from and maybe some new bloggers.....but until next time, remember to keep quilting memories......Bobbin!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chicago, Ill.

We have been here for 3 weeks now and have 3 more to go, I feel like we should have rented a house,although we have moved from North to South and fromEast to West. there are some great people here and some beautiful country. Not to fond of the big town (Chicago). the traffic is horrendous,don't think we will have to go back through there again...WHEW****
My friend that lives here took me quilt shop shopping last Tuesday. Of course I enjoyed that and hope she did also. We went to Tammy Tadd Designs shop. That is one of the prettiest shops I have ever been in. Everything is so bright and lively. Her personell is great too. If you ever get a chance to visit there ,be sure to go. You'll be glad you did. Sorry I didn't take any pictures, I forgot....I HAD my camera, but got excited and just forgot....
While we were up here a couple years ago, we met this guy ( my hubby was working with him),Mike and his family,so are planning to have dinner with them, maybe Monday or Tuesday,so definitely am looking forward to that. They are a great couple and have 2 wonderful children.
The weather here has been just beautiful here the last 3 days,that makes being away from home easier. I sure am homesick.I am hoping that the powers that be, will let us go ahead and finish up all our days before we come home.Then we can come home for good....I don't plan to work next year. Hubby says he isn't sure what he is going to do, but I am ready to BE AT HOME***
Hope all of you are having a great 4th. weekend, we are off the next 3 days, but don't plan to do anything....resting sounds good to me...
Take care everyone and keep on quilting memories, Bobbin

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yep, we are in Racine Wisc., the weather today was georgeous, a little breezy but a beautiful blue sky and the temps were very nice.Tomorrow after we work our event, we will be heading to Ill., not sure where exactly,so not much info there. I do hope sometime while we are in that beautiful state, we will get to Geneva,right now don't have that info. We have a new person doing our schedule this year and they don't seem to think we need more than a few days at a time. Not only would it be nice to know where we are headed,but DH would like to get our motel reservations made a few weeks ahead of time.......needless to say, this has been very frusterating for him and as all you married ladies know, when hubby isn't happy,you most likely aren't either.Well, I'm NOT****
Not much to write about, just wanted to touch base, especially to let the ones I generally comment on their blogs, I have no idea why, but blogger won't let me send any comments. I'm just hopeing that this blog will be posted.
Hope everyone is quilting memories,later, Bobbin

Saturday, April 24, 2010

News from Richmond, Va.

WOW, everyone should know by now how very excited I am to finally be close? to home.....
and truly I am. I have already had company....our very good and longtime friends came to see us on Wednesday....we enjoyed that a LOT....Then on Thursday my sister and neice came and we spent the day at Short Pump, Va. I didn't buy anything, but I sure did enjoy being with family. My sister and BIL are coming tomorrow and will spend the night, since we are off on Monday we will have a little time to relax and enjoy them. Also tomorrow my nephew and his family are going to come to our event and maybe we can go somewhere and get a bite to eat when we get through, I am lookingforward to seeing them also. I don't get to see them very often, so it will be a treat.
I must remind ya'll of our trip here last year and the fire at the motel,well..................about midnight we were awaken to a very loud ,shrill sirene.....YEP....the fire alarm. Of course I get all excited, am rushing around like something crazy,and my DH says, you know if it's necessary, we can just step out the window....there are definite advantages to being on the first floor. There was no fire this time, just teenagers playing. But, yes we went out the front door like civilized people! Never a dull moment around here***LOL***
Gotta run, take care and hope all is well with you.... BOBBIN

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 Baby Quilts

Finally, I got a couple of the baby quilts finished***YEEHAW***
I still have 3 to make, but I'm on my way. Well, will be when I get home....heehee
The first one (the blocks )is for a sweet baby girl. I hope when she gets old enough she will drag it with her wherever she goes. But since she is only a month old, that remains to be seen.
The one with the cowboy was LONGGGGGGGGGG OVER DUE....He was already a year old when I got it to him. Mom said he really liked it, I hope so. All these babies are dear to me and I am ashamed of myself ,but I just had a lot of problems last year and didn't sew nearly what all I wanted to.
I have one more baby top to show, but not today, blogger isn't co-operating, maybe tomorrow. After that, until I take more pics, I will have nothing to show. I do hope in the next day or so, to photograph the gift that "Country Log Cabin" gave to me. I wasn't thinking when I very neatly packed it away. But I have to get in the trailer tomorrow or Tuesday and move some things around, so will take pics then.
We are going to be awfully busy this week. We are trying to get ready to head to Va.,and that means everything in the trailer has to be very securely tied down and I also try to downsize things that we have to take in at night while traveling. Of course there's laundry to do also.
We have an event to do on Wed. then the rest of the week we will be at the race track. Hopefully we will be able to leave on Sunday afternoon by around 3pm. and travel a few hours, from here to Va is almost 1300 miles, so that will take a while.
We are at a motel in Lewisville, Texas and will stay here until we head East. That makes life easier,so I know I will be ready to leave ASAP. I can't believe we have been in this motel several days while here in Dallas,with a large Mall right behind us and I haven't even been there.I can see Macy's door from our window. Guess that shows what kind of shopper I am...LOL
Take Care, have a great day, Bobbin

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is the name of this pattern?

When we left home Feb. 18th. I had no idea it was going to be this long before I would be posting this quilt. BUTTTTTTT....Obviously it is and I can not possibly tell you what the pattern is nor the fabric line. Shame on me****UGH**** My LQS owner is going to have my head on the chopping block.....sorry "S".............I guess I need to make notes....Anyway....
I made this quilt either the end of Jan, or early Feb. I made it for my LQS,and it really turned out nice. I do plan to make another one when we get home.If you have been keeping up with the last few posts I have written, you know I have a lot of plans for when we get back....heehee
We have been outside all day and other than the wind it has been beautiful. I love the blue skies here, it seems you can see forever... If you've never visited Texas, you really should,I think we have been over most of the state ( we were here 6 weeks last year) and when we leave here next Sunday ( not Tomorrow) we will have been here around Dallas for 4 weeks. I am ready to head back toward home, but this really is a pretty state. Very nice people here as well. So if you get a chance, come on down***you'll be glad you did.
If you come to the races next weekend, come by and visit with me, I'm the oldest woman in the Scott's Booth. We are there to advertise for Scotts lawn products as well as for Carl Edwards. As most of you know my DH and I work for Roush-Fenway Racing and Scotts is one of the sponsors. We also have a corn hole contest, so come by, see me and play a little corn hole. It's a very simple game, you just throw the bags in a hole ( across the lawn)...not hard and there are a lot of females. As a matter of fact, at Atlanta, one of the ladies teams one the "social" event. So come on by, and have a little fun before the race.We are pretty visable, we have a trailer that
is 38ft. long with a picture of Carl and his race car#99....You can't miss us. So come on by.
Have a good weekend and start a new project and quilt a lot of memories, Later Bobbin

Friday, April 9, 2010

Table runner,made in Dec,09

This is the table runner I made in Dec,09. The name of the pattern is "Love Letters". I changed it quiet a bit, all the center ovals call for embroidered designs, but I fussy cut mine. It's also called a dresser scarf. I enjoyed making this and it also gave me a reason to practice my free hand stippling with my BSR. I added the borders too. It wasn't wide enough to suit me. I made another one,and it looks entirely different, but I didn't get it sandwiched and quilted. Will do that when I get home.
Is the pollen bad where you are? It's terrible here, I feel like my eyes are constantly full of dirt.
But thank goodness it has turned warm,and for that I am greatful. I just don't do well in cold weather.Now, if the wind would just calm down a little, everything would be good, but I'll take what I can get**LOL**
I need to go to Wal-Mart tomorrow if we can find one. I have been making a list of things we need. I guess we have been gone long enough that we are running out of the basics (deodorant, toothpaste, etc). I really am not much of a shopper ( except for quilt shops), so am not looking forward to this.I am also running out of books. I think since we have been gone I have read 23 novels, that is a lot of books***
I hope everyone is having warmer weather and also finding time to quilt some memories, have a good weekend everyone. Later, Bobbin

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quilts and More, Midlothian, Tx

A great shop and great people working there. I did so enjoy meeting and talking to all of them.It's located at 211 W. Ave. F,
Midlothian, Tx.There was a good selection of fabrics and also lots of patterns to choose from. I do wish I had taken pictures of Ruth and Myself ( or HAD someone take at least one) Ms. Goodneedle posted yesterday about memory loss and having to make notes,
I think I left my memory in NC. Well, I hope so anyway***LOL***
We have had to change motels everyday this week and that is hard, moving everything is just aggravating, Poor me, Whine, whine....Next week we will be at the race track, Thurs. through Sunday then head back toward home, not home, but close....We will be in the Richmond, Va. area. I am ready to be home for a while. SOONNNNNNNNNNNN.
The LQS that I go to most all of the time, also I work there some, has moved into a much larger place and I can't wait to see it. I know it is great. I miss all my working friends and so many of the customers. The owner is sure missed also. I can't wait until I can post pics of the new place.
I am pretty tired so am going to get off here and get ready for bed. Take care everybody.
Always, Bobbin

PS: To all my friends at home we are (at this time) scheduled to be home the 2nd of June. See you then

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still shop hopping in Texas

Ruth from Log Cabin Quilts and I will continue our journey. This is the second shop we went to, a very nice shop in a quaint little town. The address is Common Threads Quilting
315 S. Rogers St. Waxahachie, Tx.I was very impressed with the red quilt above. the dresses stood out, sorta like 3-d and the rest of the designs was embroidered. Everything was so neat. The store was in a building that was over 100 years old. If you ever find yourself there go visit, you'll be glad you did. I know I was...
The town of Waxahachie is worth the trip. That is where we had lunch. We went to a Tea Room and had a very nice salad. The restaurant had an antique store also. Ruth likes antiques, I like to look at them, but that is about all I do. When you get to be my age, almost everything I own could be classified as an antique***LOL***, well maybe not everything!
She and I went shopping on March 27th, Sat. That happens to be my DH's birthday, he was 70. So what did we do special????Not a thing, he worked and I went shopping.I had wanted to give him a surprise BD party, but unfortunately we were too far from home. But he was happy,so that is all that is necessary.
Well, we have one more store to show and maybe I will get that done tomorrow. But, we do have to work and we work from 1-7 pm. So after getting something to eat, I will just wait and see.
I hope all of you are still quilting memories. I do have some pictures of some things I got made in Dec., Jan.,and Feb. But I wanted to show where we shopped first. So, will be back soon.
Later, Bobbin

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shop Hopping in Texas

OK,I'm still lousy with pictures,but just bear with me. I want to tell you about our shop hopping.
The Log Cabin Quilter came and picked me up at an event my DH and I was doing, and off we went.The first shop we went to was "Just Stitching" located at 605 Cedar Street in Cedar Hill, Texas. A very nice store. The 2 quilt tops above are ones that were BOM's, neither was hers but she had done one. Hers was very pretty also. We also went to 2 more, but I will post about those in the next day or so.I am so sorry, but I didn't take a picture of any of her show and tell.shame on me. I also didn't think to get a photo of the two of us. I don't think I will get my photography license any time soon....LOL... But I really had a nice day.I do hope she enjoyed my company as much as I did hers. I hope if ever we are around here again, I will get to see her.
DH and I will be here until April 18th. Then we head to Richmond, Va. I am anxious to get back closer to home. I feel like we have been gone forever.While in Richmond, I hope to see my nephew and his family,and am planning for my Sister to come from Hampton and visit(maybe we can shop a little) heehee. Hopefully our close friends from Hampton will come see us as well. So being in Va. will be nice ****
The weather here has been great the last several days,warm enough not to wear a jacket during the day, but needed in the evening.No complaints from me.
I have so many pics to post, but they will take several posts to get through all of them. Please, come back soon, I do want to share all of them with you.
Take care and keep quilting memories, Later, Bobbin

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Texas Schedule

***Please note HD stands for Home Depot Home Improvement Stores****

Thurs. 3/25 10am-2pm HD 7100 North Frwy Ft. Worth
Fri, 3/26 1pm-4pm HD 4850 SW Loop Ft. Worth
Sat. 3/27 8am-4pm Westlake Ace Hdw. 2000 Matlock Rd. Suite 120 Mansfield
Sun. 3/28 10am-4pm HD 373 East FM 1382 Cedar Hill

Wed. 3/31 1pm-7pm HD 1200 Elam Rd. Balch Springs
Thurs. 4/1 1-7pm HD 252 N. Custer Rd. Mc Kinney
Fri. 4/2 1-7pm HD 6200 West Park Blvd. W. Plano
Sat. 4/3 8am-4pm HD 6000 Skillman Dallas

Wed. 4/7 1-7pm HD 601 N. Creek Drive Sherman
Thurs 4/8 1-7pm HD 1900 Brinker Rd. Denton
Fri. 4/9 1-7pm HD 4600 State Hwy. 121 Frisco
Sat. 4/10 8am-4pm HD 125 East State Hwy. 114 Roanoak
Sun. 4/11 10am-4pm Lowes 6200 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound

Wed. 4/14 1-7pm HD 5321 Hwy. 212 The Colony
Then we will work the race, the next weeks schedule hasn't been sent yet!

Hope to see you there! Jewell

PS: Ruth I will call you tomorrow, we just got this much of our schedule confirmed a while ago.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Moving On

Hi, Just to let those who are interested that we are now in Bristol, Tenn. We will work the race this weekend,as cold as it is today, I sure do dread it. I don't like cold and having to be outside stinks, but that's the nature of our job! OK,OK, enough whining!
Hope everyone is having a great time doing whatever you are doing. Raise your hand if you are sewing (QUILTING).....I plan next week to get out some fabric and at least get some things cut out, then maybe get some sewing done. I got another baby shower invitation this week, so I need to think about yet another baby quilt....I had them narrowed down to 2, but this will make 3 I need.........Do you think I will ever get them all done? I sure hope I live to be at least 95, then maybe I will get caught up....LOL.........
Have a great evening, catch ya'll later, Bobbin

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Atlanta and a BAD case of Poison Ivy

Well, we have been in the Atlanta, Ga area for a week now, have 3 more weeks scheduled for here. When we got to our event around 9:45 this morning it was SNOWING......I am very tired of snow, but imagine a lot of you all are too. Fortunately it didn't last long and they did put the car in the store. We were supposed to be outside, but they felt sorry for us******
I sure have done very little this week, we got here on Tuesday and when I woke up on Thursday, I had a really bad case of poison Ivy/oak. I have been miserable. I finally found a Dr. on Monday morning, and she gave me a prescription for cortisone tablets as well as an ointment. I have started feeling better and most of the itching has gone. There is nothing like being in public with poison ivy on your face, people sure look at you funny.....
To all the ladies at the LQS I sure do miss ya, wish I was there......is there anything going on that I need to know about?I know you are having a hard time running the store without me, but hang on, I'll be back LOL
To all of you that are going to the Va. quilt show, be sure to stop by the booth that is called Bella's quilts....My neice works for her, also if possible I know you would enjoy going to her shop....They sure are a bunch of nice girls. Talented too....
My sister Libby will be wandering around there on Friday, probably looking lost, cause she is missing me, but maybe not, after all she will be shopping***LOL
OK, have fun, will email ya'll soon. Take care, Jewell

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello Everyone....

Just checking in, we are still alive here, just been busy. Tis the time of year for hubby and I. We are getting ready for another year on the road,I dread it this year, I would rather be home, but I do what I have to, as do we all ***...we have had snow the last 4 Fridays, and I am really tired of SNOW....am ready for the sun to shine and maybe see some warm weather. I may just be dreaming...LOL...
We will be heading for the Atlanta, Ga. area on Tuesday, will be gone until about June, but our daughter will be here to look after things,which is a good thing, we also have very good neighbors on both sides and they watch out for whatever needs watching out for.....Did that make any sense??????????? The first stop will be in Dawsonville, Ga. on Wednesday, we will be at Home Depot there. Not sure the times ,but am sure it is posted in the store.Come by and say hi, and let me know you have read my blog, would love to meet you.
I have been busy the last couple months in my sewing room, but once again, hubby has been "messing" with the computer and I can not get my pictures , so maybe the next time I am on here he can help me. I have made a couple table runners and a full size bed quilt, one baby quilt top, and 2 completed baby quilts. I am taking a few projects with me, so maybe while we are out and about I can find some sewing time....I will also be working with my hubby so I won't have as much free time as I have had before, but that is a good thing, besides getting paid, the time will go by a lot faster. I am not the best at doing nothing.
I really did just want to check in, hope everyone had a very happy holiday season and now are sewing, quilting or whatever your heart desires for you to be doing. Let me hear from you, I will try to keep in touch as well. take care, until later, Bobbin