Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sewing Room Pic.

This is a new shelf my DH put up for me in January, that completed ALL the space I can use in my Sewing Room. Of course this isn't the entire shelf unit.It has 8 shelves,and is 5 ft. wide. I can store lots of stuff. All the rest of my storage units have doors. As Judy said in her blog it takes a while to get everything where you want is. I like my machine at the window. I like to look outside and see nature and whatever is going on up and down the road. I also have a nice cutting area. It is higher, so that makes it easier to stand there for long periods of time. Will get some pics soon.
I remade a BOM yesterday, It was the second one we made and I wasn't satisfied with it, but now it looks better. If the weather is nice tomorrow I plan to take them outside and take pictures. I do think it is supposed to be bright and sunny. I sure hope so, I love it when I can see the SUN.
Today I decided that I will use another panel to make the baby quilt for my G-Nephew. That is what I done for his cousin,so it will be ok. I am trying to get all the panels I have made into baby quilts. Will not buy anymore. Bought the ones I have, before I started piecing my quilts. So It won't take long, but I will not complete it until he arrives, as I will embroider his name at the top and birthdate at the bottom. but will have everything that I can, done, so when he gets here I can get it to them within a couple weeks.
I am the type person, when I start something I finish it before I start a new project. I have NO UFO'S. That would drive me crazy. I truly don't like to have more than one thing working.I know I am crazy, but that is me.
I did start cutting out the quilt I talked about in my last post, so will have that and the baby quilt working at the same time, so you will probably read a lot of whining!!!!
I will also try to get some more pics of my sewing room, I am just happy to have my on space for sewing, it was our darughters bedroom for 21 years, we made a guest room out of our sons room. I sewed for many years in my dining area, and that was really inconvinent. But we all make do with what we have.
Tomorrow is Monday, hope everyone will be quilting memories, as for me, I will be in my sewing room but unfortunately, the laundry will have to get done also. So it won't be all fun, but some. Take care and make some time for quilting Memories.

Friday, April 20, 2007

"Do You See What I See" Baby quilt

This is my 1st. wannabe baby quilt. I wannabe a great grandmother but my grand children aren't helping.!!!! What I am doing is making 3 baby quilts so I can ""hand them down" to my grandkids when they have a child. I'm not getting any younger and I want to make sure each one has at least one baby quilt I have made.So I tease them and tell them I'm a wannabe grandma!!!! I only have one GS married, the other GS is in college and the GD is in the 6th. grade. So I will be waiting a while I guess. This is an I SPY quilt. Hope some future GC likes it!!!!

Did get an email from nephew and his wife today, they are expecting a BOY, I think she is due in September. So am going to get busy and make one for him. I can't wait. I do enjoy making baby quilts. Hope everyone is going to have a nice weekend, tomorrow I am going to watch our GD play soccer, she has 2 games. So when they are over, will probably not do a thing. I do hope the weather is nice. I think it is supposed to be in the low 70's and sunny. So should be nice.

Today I finished my 2 BOM's , always glad to get them done, I'm not very good at all those small pieces. I like Blocks (sguare), rectangles, and strips. When I do anything else I am definately out of my comfort zone. I also cut out a block I had done before, I wasn't satisfied with the way it turned out, so got some more fabric and am going to make that one again. As a matter of fact, I want to make all of them again. I think they are all very pretty. Will post pics of what I have done in a day or so.

Hope all of you find some time this weekend to be quilting memories. Have a good weekend!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More pics

This baby quilt was made for a great nephew in 2005,mostly made of panels, but done all the quilting myself.Really did not know enough about how to put a quilt together, but did manage, and they loved it.
The one on the right was the very first quilt I ever pieced, The designs are embroidered and the fabric is a very light weight fleece. This one was done in 2004. It is hard to believe these children are as old as they are, seems like yesterday they were born. I'm sorry the blue quilt is sideways, but I don't know how to straighten it up. Hubby isn't home this am to help me.
Well, its time to get up from here and get to cutting out my BOM'S. OK, MS. GN, time to get going!!!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day and is going to be quilting memories.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I done it !!!!!!!!!!!! All by myself this time. Thanks to a very patient husband and a wonderful new found friend. This baby quilt I made last year for my good friends new great grand daughter. The hand bags ,I also made. They were for the same friends 2 grand daughters. And Yes, that is me. A terrible picture, but then I don't like any pictures made of me. I try real hard not to get in any , but got caught in here.

The 2 pics below are curtains for the sewing room , I made a couple years ago, I had fun with them.The design in the middle of both the checked part is an ornament from Bernina with a lace piece behind them. The other designs I embroidered on my machine.

Well, hopefully now I can post new things that I do, I do have some more things I want to share ,but that can be another time.

Tomorrow I plan to start my new BOM"S that I picked up today and then start cutting out the new baby quilt I have planned.. SOOOOOOOOOO, tomorrow I will be quilting memories.Hope everyone is warm and dry with their feet still on the ground. (We have had some horrendous winds).

Sewing room curtains #2
We are going to get the pictures right yet.!!!! Please bear with me.
Sewing room curtains

Monday, April 16, 2007

Home again

Good Evening, We got home last night about 7:30. The weather was really cold in Detroit, and yes we were outside most of the day. Was glad to see 4:30 arrive, we left then headed home. That was Saturday,on the way home we ran into snow, very high winds, rain, sleet and even a little sunshine ( not much) so I guess we had it all. Was good to sleep in my own bed last night.
Have been on the go all day today, so am ready to settle back into our routein, maybe after I get home from the LQS tomorrow I can get something accompolished. Did we bring all this wind??? I wish we had left it in Detroit, too much for me.
We did get to have dinner with my nephew and his family and my cousin. I did enjoy that. Kim ( neice) cooked steaks,on the grill, baked potatoes,and made a nice salad. Was sooooo good.
Hope all of you are quilting memories and staying in out of the wind. See Ya

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Where did the week go

Wow,it's already Thursday, where did this week go? We had company come for a while last night, the lady and her hubby that I made the quilt for, they are going camping(They have a motor home )and came by here for a short while. I was glad to see them and especially glad I had not mailed her quilt, as I got to give it to her in person. That just makes giving someone a gift so much more enjoyable, don't you agree? She really liked it, but then I knew she would, she appreciates anything anyone does for her.I told her she could wrap it around her while she sat by the campfire and her husband laughed and said the last time she wrapped up and sat be a fire she burned a hole in the quilt her D-I-L had given her, so she assured me she doesn't do that anymore.!!!!They are such delightful people and we enjoy their company so much, I hate that we are leaving early in the am, they probably would have stayed longer. But that is the way things happen sometime.
I am dreading our trip to Detroit, am told we will be working outside, so it will be COLD, but we are going to get together with my nephew and his family and a cousin for dinner one night, so that will be nice. Am looking forward to seeing all of them. My nephew has 2 children a girl and a boy. Both still young, so are fun to be with. I also like his wife a lot too, my cousin isn't married, but that is ok, he seems to be happy and that is all that counts.
Well, spring came back yesterday but it sure is gone today, it is quite chilly outside. We went for breakfast this am with our friends, then they left and my DH had to go to work, have been lazy myself, but must get up from here and do some packing. I never know when my husband will decide to leave early. He is always EARLY, everywhere he goes. If you tell him something is going on at 6pm, he will be there at 5:30. He drives me crazy........You would think after almost 50 years I would be used to that, but apparently not. Maybe I am a SLOW LEARNER ......... LOL
Am going to start another baby quilt when I get home,next week,The pattern is in the book, Super Simple Strips, by Nancy Smith and Lynda Mulligan. The name of it is Teddy Bear Time. I plan to make mine smaller than they did and don't think I will quilt the bears on it, will probably quilt mine with hearts on the strips and borders. Have got most of my short pieces of fabric ready to cut out and my muslin is ready also, will probably do that then decide what colors I want between them. I plan to use a lot of bright colors in my short strips. have gone through all my stash and got the fabrics I think I will use, so have it fairly well planned out. Wish me luck, I am still apprensehive when I start the cutting, but do plan to get started early next week.
Do any of you have any tips that would help me be able to post pictures? We still aren't being successful and I really do want to get started , so if you can help me ,I would appreciate any info you have.Thanks ahead of time. Must get off here and get the packing done. Hubby just called and did say we were going to leave in the am, so don't have to be in a big hurry.
All of you have a good weekend and make some quilting memories and think of me while doing so. Bye now!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone. Hope you are warm and dry wherever you are, and maybe the Easter Bunny was extra nice to you as well. It is very cold here, so have been staying in and getting some quilts finished. Finished a baby quilt and a comfort quilt for our very good friend. We have been friends for 48 years now. She had surgery 5 weeks ago, so will be surprised to get the quilt. Am planning to get it mailed tomorrow. Does the mail run on Easter Monday, or is that a holiday? Will see, if not tomorrow definitely Tuesday.
Thursday night DH and I went to an outdoor Easter Drama, our Granddaughter was in it. It was very good, made the newspapers on Saturday. There were 2 performances each on Thurs.,Fri.,& Sat., nights. It was miserably cold sitting outside, but the drama was certainly worth being there.She was just one of the cast, but there were 100 people in it, so was a fairly elaborate production, I think everyone enjoyed it a lot, I know I did.
Now that Easter is over lets all make some Quilting Memories. Stay warm.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Hello everyone, what wonderful weather we had today. But supposed to be cold for the next several days. But that is the way spring is around here. Hopefully warmer weather will be here to stay in a few more days. Let's hope so anyway.
Ms. Goodneedle, I read your comments about ironing on your blog. I was glad to hear that others still iron, because I sure do. I can not wear clothes that haven't been ironed. I feel "unfinished" when my clothes are wrinkled. But of course thats just me!!!!!!!!! I also like them hung in the closet my "special" way. My family tells me I am crazy, even my Doctor told me I needed to retire my iron. He say's it's not good for me to iron. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia, which both is really painful and ironing doesn't help that. So far, though I still iron. I usually have a fairly large ironing each week. Maybe someday I will give it up, but not just yet!!!!!!!!!
I ironed my children's clothes until they left home. I was really distraught when they came back in unironed clothes, but even our daughter doesn't iron. I guess I'm just old and set in my ways.
Hope all of you stay warm and get to sew tomorrow and make some beautiful quilting memories. See Ya next time.

Monday, April 2, 2007


What a beautiful day today was, as I cleaned house!!!!UGH!! I really don't like housework, but it certainly has to be done. Hubby usually vacuums for me, but he had to work today. It hurts me so badly to vacuum, even with hardwood floors over the entire house. But it is done for a few days, just doesn't last long enough. I plan to do laundry and quilt tomorrow. I am going to work at the LQS on Wednesday, so will be gone all day. I do so enjoy being there, the people who come in there are so nice, I truly haven't met anyone I don't like, they are all so friendly. Hope all of you have a place to go that you enjoy as much as I enjoy going there. The ladies that work there are really great too, all of them are very knowledgeable.
I finished quilting the baby quilt I was working on, now have to bind it, but am quilting the lap quilt I am making for a friend. She had surgery and I wanted to get this to her about 2 weeks ago, I don't know where my time goes. I sometime wonder how I raised 2 children, worked and sewed for people. I guess I was just faster then!!!!
Well, its 11pm, time to watch the news then go to bed, and I am READY to lie down, very tired.
Lets all make some quilting memories tomorrow.