Thursday, December 13, 2007


The top quilt is for our new great nephew, Grayson, he is now 4 months old. He is a real cutie. I have only got to see photos of him,and he looks like his Daddy, so I know he is cute in person too. It took me a while ( much too long) to get it finished, so I do hope his parents will like it. I did enjoy making it. VBS****
The quilt above is for a new great grandchild we are expecting in late summer. This is the third quilt I have made in expectation of G-Grand babies. At Christmas I will have each one wrapped in the same kind of paper, and let my 3 Grandchildren choose one and whatever they get will be for their first child.That way I know they will all have one. Of course as long as possible I will make each new GGB a special one with their name and birthdate.
The horse one is for my G-Daughter. She is 12 and wanted a quilt with horses on it. Said she didn't want one with a lot of little pieces. I am in the process of making her one, but she will get that sometime after the first of the year. The binding on this quilt looks odd but the back has a lot of turquoise in it, so it is ok.The binding has horseshoes on it. The only other sewing I plan to do for Christmas is make her a pillow case to use with the quilt. The fabric is like the top except the background is brown. I couldn't find any of the black fabric around here. I bought this fabric either in Portland, Or. or Denver,Co. But she will love it anyway.
I still haven't done any of our decorations, I have planned to do that everyday, but life sure gets in the way. Today I found myself at the doctor. I have been battleing a sinus infection for about 6 or 8 weeks now. Have been to Dr. 3 times. I told him today, I NEEDED to get over this. So hopefully the new med will work.
I do have all my shopping done except for groceries, but about an hour in the store and I will be good to go.
I hope all of you heve accompolished more than me, and are ready for Christmas. I'm sure I will be, I haven't missed one yet VBG. Take care, and quilt some memories for someone special in your life. J


Libby said...

Great quilts and a wonderful idea to gift quilts to the next generation. Hope you feel better soon.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The quilts are grand, you are wonderful to make them for each and every child! I love the circus themed one, but you know that the horse quilt is sure to be a big hit!