Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Atlanta and a BAD case of Poison Ivy

Well, we have been in the Atlanta, Ga area for a week now, have 3 more weeks scheduled for here. When we got to our event around 9:45 this morning it was SNOWING......I am very tired of snow, but imagine a lot of you all are too. Fortunately it didn't last long and they did put the car in the store. We were supposed to be outside, but they felt sorry for us******
I sure have done very little this week, we got here on Tuesday and when I woke up on Thursday, I had a really bad case of poison Ivy/oak. I have been miserable. I finally found a Dr. on Monday morning, and she gave me a prescription for cortisone tablets as well as an ointment. I have started feeling better and most of the itching has gone. There is nothing like being in public with poison ivy on your face, people sure look at you funny.....
To all the ladies at the LQS I sure do miss ya, wish I was there anything going on that I need to know about?I know you are having a hard time running the store without me, but hang on, I'll be back LOL
To all of you that are going to the Va. quilt show, be sure to stop by the booth that is called Bella's quilts....My neice works for her, also if possible I know you would enjoy going to her shop....They sure are a bunch of nice girls. Talented too....
My sister Libby will be wandering around there on Friday, probably looking lost, cause she is missing me, but maybe not, after all she will be shopping***LOL
OK, have fun, will email ya'll soon. Take care, Jewell

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello Everyone....

Just checking in, we are still alive here, just been busy. Tis the time of year for hubby and I. We are getting ready for another year on the road,I dread it this year, I would rather be home, but I do what I have to, as do we all ***...we have had snow the last 4 Fridays, and I am really tired of ready for the sun to shine and maybe see some warm weather. I may just be dreaming...LOL...
We will be heading for the Atlanta, Ga. area on Tuesday, will be gone until about June, but our daughter will be here to look after things,which is a good thing, we also have very good neighbors on both sides and they watch out for whatever needs watching out for.....Did that make any sense??????????? The first stop will be in Dawsonville, Ga. on Wednesday, we will be at Home Depot there. Not sure the times ,but am sure it is posted in the store.Come by and say hi, and let me know you have read my blog, would love to meet you.
I have been busy the last couple months in my sewing room, but once again, hubby has been "messing" with the computer and I can not get my pictures , so maybe the next time I am on here he can help me. I have made a couple table runners and a full size bed quilt, one baby quilt top, and 2 completed baby quilts. I am taking a few projects with me, so maybe while we are out and about I can find some sewing time....I will also be working with my hubby so I won't have as much free time as I have had before, but that is a good thing, besides getting paid, the time will go by a lot faster. I am not the best at doing nothing.
I really did just want to check in, hope everyone had a very happy holiday season and now are sewing, quilting or whatever your heart desires for you to be doing. Let me hear from you, I will try to keep in touch as well. take care, until later, Bobbin