Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces Quilt Shop in Escondido, Ca.

This shop was delightful, I enjoyed myself so much. The lady that owned the shop was so helpful. She made me several fat quarters while we talked. There was another lady that was working also, but as I am NOT a very good reporter, I didn't write either of their names down....I am pretty sure the owner's name was Suzanne. But anyway, if you find yourself in Escondido, go by and check her out. There is a LOT of fabric to choose from. I was looking for red/ white and black/white fabrics and she had plenty to choose from.I shouldn't need any for quiet sometime***VBS**** I now have plenty.....
I stayed in the shop for about an hour, and could have stayed longer just looking at all the eye candy. She had lots of patterns,books, and notions. She is also a Bernina Dealer, so we had a lot in common. But then any quilt shop I go in, I feel as though I have a lot in common with them, don't you feel the same way?
It's about time for ER to come on, so I am going to get myself in front of the TV and watch that.
We are headed home, should be there sometime tomorrow,but we will have to be back on the road on Tuesday. Will post our schedule soon, sure hope to meet some of you ladies while I am out and about.The first 2 weeks we will be in the Atlanta, Ga. area..Will let you know where soon....
To all my friends that are going to the Quilt Show in Va.,this weekend, hope you have a great time. Maybe next year my sister and I will get to go. I sure do miss getting to go ,but that is just the way it is.
Have a great night and "Go ahead and Quilt memories for me."

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Very, Very Scarey FIRE

Well, we have had such varying weather, but today was the scariest. NOT weather, but Fire. We were coming down I 10 east, headed to Kerrville, Texas. We were about 5 miles away, and as we got closer, the more smoke we saw. As we came around a curve, and there was a huge rock formation in the center of the road, we drove right beside the fire. I was taking these pictures out our window. The speedometer shows we were doing 60, and believe me, that wasn't fast enough. The last we heard, they were calling for planes with water to try to put out the fire.I have no idea what has happened since, but I am thankful we are out of harms way ( I think so, anyway) and do hope no one is hurt. DH said it looked to him like there may be a vehicle involved. I sure hope not, cause if so, someone is in trouble.
The man at the desk here at the motel said they haven't had any rain in a year. that is a LONG time.
I do have a bunch of photos to share.We have been to some awesome places and visited 2 great quilt shops. We are headed home for a 2 day turn around and back on the road. We do have a schedule,but will post all that as time goes by. take care, keep busy Quilting Memories.
Later, Bobbin

Saturday, February 14, 2009

California Spelling

If you have read the previous blog post, you have already saw that I spelled California wrong....
Sorry all of you Californians, I really am a better speller than that and I always proof read what I write,obviously I didn't catch that.....Oh well, I will blame my spelling on being OLD ****VBS****


Well, here we are in Sacramento, CA. The weather has warmed up some (yesterday was cold and raining)and the sun is shining, but it is still cold enough that I am glad I don't have to be out there. I wish all the riders a safe ride, but do hope Lance Armstrong wins. I understand they will ride 700 or so miles over 9 days. I am sure they will encounter all weather conditions, and I also know they are used to that.
DH and I will be in most of the towns they are going to, so if any of you live in one of them, let me know and maybe we can get together. I would surely like that. Although we are only scheduled to be there for the close down. But we will be glad to meet you either at the event or somewhere
close by. Just watch your TV, they will tell you where the riders end up each day....
Well, it's time for us to leave this motel, so must get off here, hope all of you are warm and dry and quilting memories,
Until next time,

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trip to Sacramento, Snow and Rainbow

WOW, Here we are again, on the road....Quiet unexpectedly, but having a very interesting trip.
We left early Saturday morning and drove about 10 hours, we have to be in Sacramento, Ca. by Wednesday, so have to make a lot of miles each day.Saturday we traveled about 725 miles, it was been a long day. Sunday was another 700+ miles, spent the night in Kerrville, New Mexico.
About 4 am, DH woke up to the sound of wind howling, looked out the window and saw blinding SNOW, he did let me sleep until 5 am, and got me up,we left about a terrible snowstorm. He called his boss to let him know what situation we were in, also to let him knowthat our cell phone kept cutting off, so they may not be able to get in touch with us. I also called our daughter to tell her of our situation.She immediately turned on her TV, to the weather channel. Informed us if we could just get to Tucson, Ar. that we should run out of bad weather. That was a comforting statement, only thing was we had about 125 miles to travel before we got to Tucson.The pictures of the snow in the dark is what we saw when we got outside to the truck. The other snow pics were made along the way. It was a beautiful snow. Wish I had been sitting somewhere that I could have enjoyed it....***VBS*** Obviously we made it to our destination. All is well....
What are we doing headed to Sacremento???Well, we are hauling the trailer for Lance Armstrong Store. We will follow him on his ride through California....He is supposed to ride about 700 miles,over the course of 8 days, stopping in a lot of different towns along the way. If the Tour of California is coming your way, come out and support your favorite rider. I am not working, just along to be with my DH,and DH will only work later in the evenings, he will move the trailer in the evenings to the next destination.
The most beautiful rainbow I have ever saw greeted us to the Sacramento Area I am not sure exactly where we were, but the rainbow was awesome. I hope those of you that live in this area got to see it.... *** BEAUTIFUL***
The last picture is of our Great Grandson, sitting on my lap opening my Christmas gift...He is so cute and such a sweet baby. Now he will soon be the BIG Brother....WOW, we are all very excited.I hope I will be home when the new one arrives. MAYBE****
I will have to delay sending out the gifty for the magazine give away, as we are on the road, but I will send it as soon as possible. I will not forget, I promise.
I hope you ladies are quilting lots of memories and staying warm. It is pretty cold here and there is another storm headed this way BBBBRRRRRR.

Bobbin and Christian