Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is the first faabric shop I went to upon arriving in Portland, Or. It is very much like Mary Jo's here in NC.It may be a bit larger (is that possible?) any way I was in there about 3 hours( not nearly enough time LOL) but I did make the most of it. I was only interested in quilting fabrics so that is where I spent most of my time.I bought a LOT of fabrics. I can't believe I have just now realized I haven't taken a pic of any of my purchases , oh well, another time.I did take some photos of the inside of the store, there were really some pretty things on display.
Well................ I have been trying to post more pics of the inside of the store but blogger will not let me. Darn it................ Will try later.
We went to about 10 stores while we were traveling, will post about them as time goes by,but I will say, if you ever get the chance to go to Fabric Depot in Portland it is well worth the time. I was overwhelmed, it was a good thing I didn't have any more time. But we did go to two more stores while we were there. Both were very nice, with very friendly people working in them.
I hope everyone has a great Halloween, we have no Trick or treaters around here, and I do miss that, but if my children were young I would not let them go out either. I hate that our world has gotten this way, I know there is a lot of good people here but it's the one bad one that spoils the fun for all. Enough said........
Will post again soon, have fun quilting memories, I sure do.......

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hello again.

It is so good to be home, the USA is beautiful but there really is no place like home.We were gone for a month, had a really nice trip. No vehicle trouble, for which I am so very thankful.We were in 21 states,drove almost 8000 miles. Saw some beautiful country. Went to at least 10 quilt shops. ( Pictures soon, I hope), Of course, I spent wayyyyyyyyy too much money, but hey, a girl has to have her stash, Right....*VBG* I took a lot of pictures, just learning to use my new camera. Hubby said I took about 1500, glad its a digital,otherwise couldn't afford to have them developed.Will sort through them soon, but I HAVE BEEN PIECING A QUILT.I haven't sewed in about 10 weeks, that has been way too long. Started this quilt for my new nephew, but do not
like the way it is turning out. The fabrics just seem as though they are for an older child. Yes, I know he is going to get older, but I want him to have a "baby" quilt. So next week will start another one. I sure do have enough fabric...*VBS*****, but tomorrow I intend to put the last border on the top and then will wait to quilt it until after I get the "baby" quilt finished.
I could write a lot more, we had some wonderful times on this trip,including our 50th. anniversary. Will tell you about that in my next post. Take care everyone and keep quilting memories..Later...

Home Again!

Well, we are home again, probably for a while.These pictures were taken at lakeTahoe.I loved the beautiful sunshine with the snowy mountains in the background.The boat is a paddleboat that takes cruises around the Lake, I would loved to have gone on a cruise, but no time.Hope everyone has had a pleasant summer and expecting a very nice fall. this is such a pretty time of the year.beautiful colors everywhere.makes my heart soar, such beauty.