Friday, May 30, 2008

Christian's Quilt is Finished

I finished Christian's quilt on Monday, washed it on Tuesday and now need to get it mailed, the shower is June 8th. Sure wish I could be there.I had to stand on the bed for hubby to take the pictures, there is no where else with enough room in this motel. We have 2 rooms, but both are pretty full.In the " living room" I have all my sewing stuff.... I have been able to sew 3 days this week and that has been so good.Our event got rained out today so I have been working on a table runner.That was a little more involved than I expected, but it is turning out pretty good. I am making it out of batiks and I don't like to sew ( nor handle) batiks. I also seem to detect an odor that I don't like???? OK, I know I am crazy, but that's me.... I do plan to make Christian another quilt when I am at home, and all my sewing things are close at hand. I am finding it very difficult sewing " on the road" I never seem to have what I need, and buying more seems like a big waste of money. BUT, I sure have enjoyed sewing this week. FUN,FUN...VBS...
There is a lady that works at this motel ( she does breakfast) , she is a quilter and works one day a week at the LQS here, she has been so nice, and has brought some of her quilts for me to see. She is very good. She was really complementary of my quilt also. It has been fun having someone to talk quilting with. I think she and I will probably keep in touch. She has a daughter that lives in Charlotte. Maybe she will come visit me sometime.
I am going to get up from here and get ready for my day tomorrow, hope all of you are enjoying good weather and busy quilting memories. Later, Bobbin

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Need Information? Just ask....

We went here, because I needed a foot for my Pfaff machine, or so I thought..... Sometime you just need to talk to the right person....Betty, who was working, ask me a few questions, and to my surprise, I really didn't need a new foot, I just needed to know how to work my machine ( Sorry Shirley), apparently I had forgotten how the presser foot lever on the Pfaff machines work. So she explained, and now I won't have to change plans from what I wanted to do in the beginning. I wanted to free motion meander around the outer borders, so now I will get that done tomorrow. So a great big "THANK YOU TO BETTY"I also want you to enjoy some of her quilts...

She teaches , and these are some of the quilts she has taught, aren't they pretty? After you see these, this will be all my quilt shops for a while, as we will be here another week then on Indianapolis, an I hope I can find a shop or 2 there. So blogging friends, keep on Quilting Memories, someone will be forever greatful.. Bobbin

My Sisters Quilt Shop, La Fox, Ill

" My Sisters Quilt Shop in La Fox, Ill......Very neat shop. Lots of pretties here also and a great "watch dog" ( I love black Labs) Gus is his name, very friendly***VBS*** This shop is right behind the railroad tracks and they are very busy....I was in there about 45 minutes and at least 4 went by, and they travel FAST.....
I asked how she came up with her shop name, she said she has 5 sisters and 4 brothers and when she was trying to decide what to call the shop, she overheard 2 of her sisters talking about " my sisters quilt shop", thus, the name.... I didn't buy very much, not that she didn't have several pieces of fabric I liked, but if I bought everything I like at each shop I go to, we couldn't carry it all home****LOL**** I do have to remember that where ever I go......Well, I had posted about the Pfaff shop I went to, but that went into cyber space. So am going to post that again. So if you try to keep up with my travels, I will have posted 3 times today.So, keep reading, next post coming right up.........Bobbin

Prairie Shop Quilts

This , too was a nice shop, I enjoyed talking and looking, lots of eye candy.I DO like eye candy ***VBS***.I truly loved this pillow, she had several, if I lived around here she may inspire me to make some pillows...........NAAAA, I don't like to make pillows, not even pillow covers...There was lots of fabric and notions also, if you are ever in the area you should stop by ( and BUY) I'm sure she would like that.This is what I bought.Yes, I finally found the red micron pen I needed so of course I got 2.If you need one, you should always buy 2, ....RIGHT.... Well, that's what you do when you are traveling anyway..Sounded reasonable to me.....I plan someday in my lifetime to make a quilt out of dots, so am buying some fats , hope I don't repeat myself too many times...
We went to 2 more shops but blogger isn't co-operating with me adding pics, so will do another post soon.
Tomorrow I am going to QUILT,,, yeah me....
Take care everyone and do a lot of quilting memories, someone will love you for it....Bobbin

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Church marquee

Aspire to Inspire before you EXPIRE...... words of wisdom, don't you agree?

Windmill City Quilts

Windmill City Quilts ia located in Geneva, IL. A very nice shop, but unfortunately she is closing down her storefront and will only be doing an on-line business.I didn't get a chance to talk to her very much and I failed to get her on-line addy, she was real busy, and didn't seem to have any help. She was apparently selling her "stuff" as she goes, but I think I overheard her say if someone wanted the entire contents she would sell that also. If you should be interested, email me and I will hunt up my receipt and see if her phone # is on it, if not I feel sure it would be in the phone book. She has lots of quilts on display, she also carries a lot of notions and especially patterns. I just took some random pics. The pic with the books shows what I purchased, I have read all 3 of the books and enjoyed them.
We also went to 3 other shops last Tuesday and I will post pics of them soon. Tomorrow is another workday, and a long one at that , but I will try to post again tomorrow anyway.Monday and Tuesday I plan to finish quilting the baby quilt so I can get it in the mail. I know someone is giving her a shower soon and I would like for her to get it then. Then I want to get the table runner I cut out 3 weeks ago, at least started. So much to do, so little time **VBG**
Well we finally had a pretty day today and it is supposed to be pretty again tomorrow. I hope it is, I do enjoy sitting outside with DH, but when it's cold, I usually sit in the truck and either embroider or read.I may even sneak in a little nap !!
WE will be here again all next week so that means I should get to sew most of Monday and Tuesday, then I can also sew the next 3 days cause we don't work until 3pm. So I am looking forward to being here, we seem to have picked a very quiet motel, it sure is out in the sticks, but in a pretty place. There is a 10 or so acre field behind the motel which we see out our window. I have been hoping to see a deer or two, but so far no luck. Hope everyone in blog land is having a nice Memorial Day, stay safe, and quilt some memories for me. Later, Bobbin

Sunday, May 18, 2008

DH and his cousin

Do you see the resemblence? My DH's Mother and Cousin's Dad were brother and sister. This is when we were in Emporia, Ks a couple weeks ago. We had such a good time. Hope we can get together again soon.
We were within walking distance today of a Hancock's fabrics and I walked it twice, the first time they hadn't opened , so I waited a couple hours and WALKED back. Did they have what I needed.............NO............. I need a red Micron pen, maybe I can get oen somewhere next week. I DID get me a template to use to quilt my baby quilt. I have never done that before, but since I don't have the foot I need to do the meandering I wanted to do, I decided I would try a design. I have never done that before, but It can't be that hard, can it????I am going to try anyway. Any one have any pointers for me ??? All help appreciated***VBS**
Ok, we leave here in the morning for Chicago, Il. Here is our schedule for the 2 weeks we will be there. Remember: HD is Home Depot LO is Lowes and WM is Wal Mart
Wed, Thu, and Fri. we work 3-8 pm ans Sat and Sun ae work 8am -3 pm. If its raining we are either inside or we don't work Now our Schedule;
Week 1
May 21st. Wed LO 955 South Randall Road St. Charles, Il.
May 22nd Thu. HD 2000 Butterfield road Downers Grove, Il
May 23rd Fri. WM 2936 East 79th Ave Merrillville, Indiana
May 24th Sat HD 2920 Audrey Ave. Naperville, Il
May 25th Sun LO 1440 S. Rt. 59 Naperville, Il
Week 2
May 28th. Wed. HD 4060 W. 95th. St. Oak Lawn, Il
May 29th. Thu. LO 15601 South La Grange Road Orland, Il
May 30th. Fri. HD 350 East Kensington Mt. Prospect, Il
May31st. Sat. LO 2480 East Lincoln Hwy. New Lennox, Il
June 1st. Sun. HD 825 E. Dundee RD. Palatine, Il
Ok. thats all for now,will check in, in a couple days.Hope all of you are happily Quilting Memories. Later, Bobbin aka J
P.S. If you live in Chicago, let me know what kind of weather to expect. I sure hope spring has " sprung" there ****VBS***

Friday, May 16, 2008

Nothing Exciting

Going on here, working with some nice people and sunny weather. Have been reading a book"The Doctor's Wife" enjoying that very much,should finish it this afternoon.Will be at Home Depot in Maple Wood this afternoon, about 30 minute drive. Wish I had time to check out a quilt store, but "ain't" gonna happen. Hope all of you in blogland are enjoying your day and Quilting Memories.... Later, Bobbin aka J

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Change in Minneapolis, Mn. Schedule

Hi Everyone,
As I have said before DH'S schedule is subject to change at any time and it has for THIS week. Just Saturday and Sunday.....The boss reversed them so now we will be at Home Depot on Sat at 400 79th. St W Bloomington 8-4 and at Lowe's on Sunday 1795 South Roberts St. West St. Paul 8-4 .........
Well, Ladies I opted for a trip to the Mall Of America yesterday insread of finding a quilt store...
Don't know why, cause I sure am NOT a mall shopper, but everybody says "you just gotta go to the MOA" . It was interesting, I don't ride any amusement rides anymore, way to old for that, but there was at least 25 bus loads of school children there and we watched them while we ate our ice cream.That was fun, lots of yelling going on..LOL..
I decided while I was there I would try to find me some sandals, there was supposed to be 26 shoe stores there, (NO I didn't see them all), but I did shop several and tried on probably 30 pair and still have no new sandals. After eating a slice of pizza each (cost: $11.35 for 2 slices and 2 drinks) we decided to go through the underwater park. I was very nervous when we started as I do not like to be too confined, but it was worth getting over my reservations, I did soooooo enjoy every minute. Lots of fish and sharks and sting rays.It was quiet interesting to see them swimming over your head.If you ever get a chance to go see an underwater acquarium, please go. I truly think you will enjoy it. As we were coming out, there was an area with some small sharks and sting rays that you could pet, well guess who did, yep, I actually touched a sting ray, the sharks never got close enough for me to touch but I would have. That was awesome.
I am going to post our next weeks schedule, so here goes,
Wed. May 21st...Lowes 955 South Randall Rd.St. Charles, Ill 3-8
Thurs. May 22nd...Home Depot 2000 Butterfield Rd. Downers Grove, Ill 3-8
Fri. May 23rd Wal Mart ...2936East 79th. Ave Merrillville, In * 3-8
Sat. May 24th Home Depot 2920 Audrey Ave Naperville Ill 8-4
Sun. May 25th 1440 S. Rt. 59 Naperville, Ill 8-4
* Please note we will be in Indiana on Friday *
Hope all of you are busy thei morning quilting memories, Later, Bobbin aka J

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Minneapolis schedule

Wed,Apr. 14th Wal-Mart 18185 Zane Street Elk River, Mn 3-8
Thurs Apr15 Lowes 4270 Deans Lake Blvd Shakopee, Mn 3-8
Fri Apr 16 Home Depot 2360White Bear Ave N. Maplewood, Mn 3-8
Sat Apr 17 Lowes 1795 South Roberts St. West St Paul, Mn 8am-4pm
Sun Apr 18 Home Depot 400 79th St. W Bloomington, Mn 8am-4pm

Looking for YOU!!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Prairie Pieces, Emporia, Ks.

What fun I had on Tuesday. DH and I met his cousin and his wife in Emporia, Ks. That was the half-way point between Olathe ( where we are) and Witchata, We met at Mc Donalds and sat there and talked for a while then decided to get out and ride around a bit and seee the town. As we were riding ( this is a very small town) I said to my DH " are you helping me look?" He just made a grunting sound but his cousins wife asked me what we were looking for and I told her a quilt shop. The very next street we turned on, there was the Prairie Pieces quilt store, so we stopped and all 4 of us went in. There was 3 ladies working there and were delightful. the above pics are some of the quilts they had displayed, I love the blue work of the pattern I am doing the red work on. I just may have to do that also.
So many quilts, so little time ***VBS*** I did purchase some more embroidery patterns. I must get back to that project....
I was very pleasantly surprised when his cousin was telling me that their daughter quilts, hope she will start blogging with us, I would like that.
There was a tornado in our town last night, so far everyone I have contacted has been ok, some pretty shook up, close calls and all, but otherwise ok, so I am thankful for that. When I get news like that, I realize just how far away I am, and sure do get homesick. I am glad all is ok,my prayers were once again answered.
Tomorrow is an early work day so need to get up from here and get ready for bed.
We leave here on Monday for Minnesota, will post that schedule soon...Take care everyone and hope you are busy Quilting Memories. Later, Bobbin aka J

Monday, May 5, 2008

Meme from Finn's blog

Lets have some fun, here is a meme from Finn. These are the rules...Use the first letter of your first name and answer each of the following with one word only.They have to be real places, names or things.. nothing made up.Try to use different answers if the person before you had the same initial. Do not use your name for a boy or girl.

Name..... Carolyn
4 letter word...Crib
T V Show.... CSI
Boy's name...Christian
Girl's name...Christine
Something in bathroom... Charmin
Reason for being late...Cleaning
Something you shout.... Cowabunga

Now I'm tagging you and you.....

Still " In Stitches" St. Louis, Mo

This is the last of the pics I took at " In Stitches"
I thought the panel was cute, no ,I didn't buy one, not something I would take my time doing, and as you can see there was lots of fat quarters,and the yellow fabrics was just a sample of her fabrics, she had all her fabrics together in like colors, and the yellow was the smallest collection of fabric of one color, also a couple quilts she had hanging, there was lots of them, but most were down a long and narrow hallway and very difficult to get a pic of. But a nice shop.
Was hopeing to get to go to another shop tomorrow but guess won't get too, DH has a cousin about 3 hours from here and we are going to meet half way. Thats ok, I like him and his wife and will be good to see them.Haven't seen them in several years.
Have brought my machine in, hopeing to quilt the baby quilt this week, will have to wait and see, am ready to get through with it and do something else. The room we are in has a counter (like a kitchen counter) and that will be great for cutting out some things, so also want to try to get some of that done. I sure do have a lot planned, probably don't have nearly enough time to finish, Wish me luck***VBS***
Well, to our adventures, I guess we are going to encounter all sorts of weather, this morning at about 6am, we had a small EARTHQUAKE, aren't you glad you are not traveling with us??????
Actually I didn't even know anything about it until someone said something about it at breakfast.
We are now in the area of Kansas City, Kansas.Our schedule for the week is:
WED.7th., Wal-Mart 13600 S Alden St. Olathe, Ks. 3-8 pm
Thurs. 8th., Home Depot 8598 North Church Road Kansas City, Mo 3-8 pm
Fri. 9th., Lowes 1770 West 133rd. Street Kansas City, Mo 3-8 pm
Sat., 10th Home Depot 8300 West 135th. St. Overland Park, Ks. 8am-4pm
Sun 11th Lowes 13750South Blackbob St Olathe, Ks 8am -4pm
If you get a chance to come by, I would love to meet you, but do keep in mind if it rains we usually leave and sometime the reps will let us leave early anyway.
Well, thats me for a while, just heard DH make plans for seeing his cousin tomorrow, so won't be on here. Take care everyone, and keep on Quilting Memories.....Later, Bobbin

Saturday, May 3, 2008

In Stitches, Ballwin, Mo

This is the store we went to on Tuesday, A nice shop,her card says she has over 3000 bolts of cotton fabric,I'm sure she does, she has it all on shelves in like colors, she also has a LOT of fat quarters, but the oddest thing she had was all of her quilt templates displayed on the ceiling, has numbers on them and you just pick the number you want and they will get it for you. She also had several panels on the ceiling , I thought that was an innovative way to display some of her products. I would show more pics, but blogger isn't playing nicely, wasn't nice yesterday either. I tried to post and couldn't.
To keep you all posted on some of our unusual adventures, There's a couple things that has happened while we have been here that is "different"...........1st. Thursday night there was/is a hockey team and all the parents had a drinking party in the lobby until 5am.........I absolutely was not a happy camper,this is a very nice motel and rather expensive, so I told the desk clerk on Friday, that we would have to get up this morning at 6am, and if there was any partying they would definitely hear from me............Maybe, I should be more tolerant but I thought partying until 5am was a bit rude.
Well, this morning we opened the door at 7am to go to work and, being the gentleman my DH is, he always let's me go out a door first,I STOPPED dead in my tracks and took a DEEP BREATH and couldn't speak, all I could do was point, guess what was lying directly in front of our door*********** a young man (probably 20 or so) sound a sleep.Scared the bee jeebers out of me. DH let the room door slam when we went out and woke him up. When we got down stairs and told the girl behind the desk and she looked on the screen and he was getting up and wobbling down the hall and then came downstairs on the elevator to go to the restroom.
Needless to say I am ready to go on to Kansas City.Hopefully that will be better, although this motel and the area is great, all the people that has been trouble are from another state.
I guess we have been fairly lucky so far, I guess, all these stories will be great to tell in later years***LOL***
Yesterday, I "borrowed" the conference room downstairs and sandwiched my baby quilt. I won't get to sew again until either Monday afternoon or Tuesday. I am going to try to get it quilted then, I also have the binding cut and sewed together, so I'm ready to quilt it. I am looking forward to getting it finished. I think it turned out very nicely, will post it as soon as its complete.
It turned cold here last night and was miserable today, we were supposed to work until 4pm, but the rep decided to call it quits at 1:30, and that was great.
Tomorrow evening we have been invited out to eat with the rep we had on Wed, a very nice lady. Well, must get off here, want to get some more of my sewing stuff ready to leave here, will pack all that up tomorrow evening, we will probably leave here about 7am on Monday.
Will post our schedule Monday and if blogger will be nice will show some more pics of " IN Stitches', until then keep on Quilting Memories..............Bobbin