Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Last Day....well almost

I will never understand "big" business.We have been told that today is our last day to work with this program......but we go back and turn everything in tomorrow....we won't get there until after they close the shop, so we get paid for that day also. Then we are scheduled to leave from here on Thursday ( next week) and go to New Jersey for 3 days. Also we get paid until June 26th.
Go figure *** Anyhow I guess after we get back from N.J. we are officially out of work.
SOOOOOO, I am planning to sew,sew,sew , I can't wait to get back into my sewing room. I have lots of things planned.Hope it all works out.
We have been in Va. this week, and I have enjoyed being here, this is where my Sister and some more of my family lives also we have lots of friends here as well.So this has been a nice week,but I am sooooo ready to go home. I do have family and friends there as well.I can't wait to see everyone.
Ok, now you know what my plans are, so hope to see everybody Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have you ever been to

SHORT PUMP, VA? Well, you need to go....especially if you like to shop at a very pretty and very interesting place.***VBS***
The shops there are great and the atmosphere is awesome. the
shopping center is called Short Pump Town Centre....Lots of neat stores, also some of the usual ones....Dillards, Macy's, etc..
I want to go back during the Christmas season...actually I think the festivities start around Thanksgiving....There is a train that goes through the inside courtyard and they make snow so the people can enjoy Christmas shopping in the snow.My sister and I went in through Macy's and thought we were going into another store or at least into the mall area that goes from one store to the other....but to our surprise the entire inside is open to the outside...hence the courtyard. The small houses in the picture was of houses for the children to play in.The circle is greenery (live) and flowers and then there's the pump.I am told that a couple years ago all this was was land, with nothing around...They sure have made a stunning shopping area for everyone to enjoy. I want to go back and maybe have a whole day to check it out.

Also, I was reading the comments on Mrs. Goodneedle's blog and someone mentioned going to a town called Solvand, Ca. We went there in Feb. but unfortunately it was late and most everything had already closed and we had to leave shortly after our arrival, but that is definitely a town that I want to return to someday.
Sometimes our work keeps us on the go....but somwday.......I will go back********
We are now back in Charlotte, NC.. about 2 1/2 weeks until we will be home again. I am looking forward to that, as I want to be in my sewing room for a while.I have found out our next GGbaby is a girl, so I must make a quilt for her, and also my DH"s cousins daughter has just found out she is pregnant, so that will be another quilt..At last count, I think I now need to make 4...I guess I need to get busy, and I will.
The weather here today is beautiful and I think we are going to find a restaurant and get us a bite to eat. So take care, my friends,and keep quilting memories, I will join you soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Shop Adventure!

The Busy Bea Quilt Shop, located in Chester, Va. is a very interesting place. Lots of fabrics and quilts. The 2 ladies there was Bea, the owner and her daughter , she told me she was the busy of the two ***VBS***, her name is Kathy. They both were very nice.
Bea said she had been in business there for 34 years, she started as a craft store and evolved into a quilt shop. They do teach as well as have fabrics, notions and books.There was some
beautiful quilts on display.I really liked all of them. If you are in the neighborhood, you should
go by there. I think you will like the ladies as well as all they have to offer.
My sister and I had a very nice time there. We will go back if we are any where close by.
I do hope all of you in blogland are busy bee's quilting memories today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

****FIRE**** At Hotel

Yep. we had been back at the hotel about an hour, I was getting ready to take a shower, yes, undressed and ready, when I heard the alarm go off. Dummy Me didn't know what it was, but almost immediately, there was a knock on the door, telling us the hotel was on fire and we needed to evacuate immediately. Do any of you out in blogland know how fast this old woman can get her clothes on and get outside??? Pretty darn quick. Now we are waiting on this terrible storm to get here.OK, now, I want to come home....Will some one come get me? PLEASE****

Fortunately we have been able to get back into our room,and I feel confident that all is well. there must have been 6-7 ladder trucks, several EMS /Rescue units and I have no idea how many police, everything around this hotel was shut down. I must say I was impressed with the way everything was handled.If you are ever in Chester, Va. and need help, You will have the best, there's no doubt in my mind. The hotel done a great job also, no panic, just taking care of business.Thank God for people with clear heads and that know their jobs. I can sleep well tonight.

My sister came to see us on Wednesday and we went on a little road trip, will blog about that later. Went to a great shopping Mall and a very nice quilt shop. I took several pictures, so will share them soon. I also have a nephew and family that lives close by, and they came to our event on Thursday,that was a great day. They have two great little ones.I also have pictures of them. Not sure I will post those, I will have to ask them if it will be ok, some people don't like that,and I wouldn't want to do that if they wouldn't like it....Several of their friends came too, its so nice to be able to have family and friends come by.

Tomorrow is our last day in the Richmond area. We will leave here when our event is over tomorrow afternoon and go to Charlotte, NC. We are fairly close to home then, and may go there and take some of our "stuff', since we are still scheduled to be through June 1st. Three more weeks.....

Well, the rain has gotten here and the sky doesn't look to good. I do believe that storm is upon us, so I am going to get off here and hide under the covers..........

Mrs. G, this definitely is another chapter in my book ***LOL***

Keep on Quilting Memories, see you soon. Bobbin

PS: The owner of the hotel just came by to make sure we were ok and that everything was good.

I think that was a very nice gesture on his part.