Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Pictures, It's A Secret

I now have the baby quilt finished, bound and labeled. Will show pictures as soon as the new parents receive it. I sure hope they like it. I do, now that it is finished. I will wash it tomorrow, and when its dry get it in the mail to them.
I have already gotten the fabric ready to layer another quick quilt tomorrow. My Dgd said, would I please make her a quilt with lots of horses on it, not a lot of little pieces, so, I bought 1 1/2 yards each, horse fabric and for the back, the fabric has boots, lassoes,cowboy hats and bandanas, the binding has horseshoes. That should about cover the horse theme ,don't you think? I have her another one started, but will finish it after Christmas.the "horse" quilt will be for her and her dog to lay on at night and watch tv.
I went to our charming cotton club today, we exchange 6" squares of 2 fabrics , this month it was brown. Next month it is something that has something on it that starts with whatever alphabet you drew out of the hat. Mine is A and N . I found what I needed at the fabric Hut in Portland. Hope averyone likes my choices. As usual, can't show them either, There are a couple bloggers that go to class with me. Will try to remember to photo them, then show them after the 19th. of December.
Well, it's getting late and have had a busy day, so think I will get ready for bed. Have a goodnight, hope all your dreams tonight are about quilting memories.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Plans, plans

This is a picture of the quilt I want to do for the back of my sofa for Christmas 2008. This is the one that I have bought fabrics for in about 7 different quilt shops, including my LQS. I think it is so pretty, just caught my eye.I plan to get it started early enough to not have to rush so I can enjoy making it.YES, I know it has a panel in the center, but I am a Santa nut, so it jumped out screaming, BUY ME**BUY ME. , and I did.

Quilted Clock

This is a picture I took in Round Rock, Texas. We were in the neatest quilt shop. This is a quilted clock they were having classes to make. Just one more of my traveling pics.
We are probably home now until after Christmas, and I am glad. I need to get my sewing machine going again. I am not having a bit of fun with the quilt I am currently working on for my G-Nephew. I plan to do "something" with it tomorrow as I do have other things to work on .

Thanksgiving was a BIG EVENT here, we were told we are finally going to be great- grandparents!!!!!! YA-HOO
So, now I must get some quilting done. I have to finish 2 quilts I have started for my GD, one is for Christmas, the other was planned for her 13th, BD, but that isn't going to happen. But she doesn't know about it, so she won't be dissapointed.
My sister and her husband left today about lunch time and I have tried to rest, This sinus and respiratory infection is aggravating me, I am ready to feel better. I took the last of my meds this am, so expecting to be all better tomorrow. ** Sounds like a plan to me****
Has everyone but me got their Christmas shopping done? I have a few things, but no where near what I need to get busy and do. One of these days, I hope to make our grown kids a quilt, get it done early and give it to them for their gift together,sounds really ambitious, hope I am that smart. ROFLOL
As I said my sister was here for the holiday and Friday and Saturday we went to 4 quilt shops. Had a great time, she done all the driving since I felt bad. We went to Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC and also the newly opened Bernina store. It has been in Gastonia for a while but they are tearing down most of that shopping center, and had to be out by Jan.2nd. Then on Saturday we went to my LQS, and she bought quiet a bit of fabric there, we left there and went to Randy's in Greensboro, then we were back home and went to a nice Seafood Restaurant with our hubbys. She wanted to show me some things on the comp. this am, and then they left. She called a while ago to let me know they are at home safely. We do so enjoy getting together for "sister" therapy **VBS*
Hope all had a great Holiday and tomorrow I am going to be Quilting Memories......... YE-HAW

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I do hope everyone has a blessed and Happy THanksgiving. There will be 8 of us here this year, we usually have at least 15 up to as many as 25, but families are growing and now there is in-laws and so forth, so Aunt J. is now way down on the list. But I try to understand, although I only remember spending a VERY few holidays anywhere else. My family always came here. I can remember as a 18 year old everyone gathered at our house, especially for Thanksgiving. I generally done all the cooking, sometimes others would bring something, but it was mostly me. Then a few years ago, my DD decided (another one of her executive decisions) that I should have help, so she took it upon herself to contact them and "suggest" what they should bring, so that worked real good and , now she has taken over a lot of the cooking herself. And as I have said many times, she is probably the best cook in the family. But this year, I wanted to do the majority of it myself, so she was to bring desserts ONLY ***VBS* . Well she called me early this am, and was shocked when I answered the phone, as I could hardly talk. Went to Dr. ,have a sinus infection, also a respiratory infection, then to top all that off, I mentioned to the Dr., my left shoulder has been bothering me for several weeks now, so he said a cortisone shot should do wonders, so I had one of those also........... But now my DD is bringing all the veggies,bread and the desserts. DH is going to help me get the turkey in the oven early, then I will make stuffing and gravy. I'm sure by then I will be very worn out. But my sister will also be here tonight, and she will help, she is also bringing some paper products and a pie and some pepsi's. I think all will turn out just fine, but I sure do hate that my DD is doing most of the work, although I know she really doesn't mind.I'm sure we will all enjoy Thanksgiving, cause its all about family so I am blessed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Friday, November 16, 2007

50Th, Anniversary

These are the desserts my hubby and I had at Eddie V's Restaurant on our 50th. anniversary. If you are ever in Austin, Texas and want a great (and very expensive) meal, this is the place to go.The people we work for made the reservations and paid for everything, what a great surprise. We were definitely a long way from home, family and friends, and they made our evening one to remember. Thanks to all of them.
We had steak, twice baked potatoes, salad and asparagus. All was delicious, of course we had to take some back to the motel with us, there was no way we could eat all that food, but we sure did try****VBS****.
WE once again have been gone, this time to Ga. for 6 lovely days with my sister and brother and their spouses.We had such a good time. At the end of each evening we played Yatzee,and a good time was had by all.
Now, I must turn my thoughts to Thanksgiving,I will do the majority of the cooking, my daughter always brings enough for an army even though I tell her just to bring sweet potato casserole and squash casserole,she never listens, but she does love to cook and she is an excellent cook. I never have any idea how many will show up, so I just cook enough for everybody I know, that way there is always enough for several days, which is nice, because some of them will get here on Wednesday night and stay until Sunday afternoon. But they are well aware, after Thursday, I don't do any more cooking, it's leftovers or go out. Whatever they want.....
I have run into a bit of a snag in the quilting of the baby quilt I am working on,but I think I will put it up until after Thanksgiving and all the family are gone, maybe by then my brain will work again and I will know what to do. I AM so ready to be through with this quilt.I think this is the reason I don't quilt any more than I do, I get really frusterated when things don't work the way I envision them to.I wonder if I will ever be truly happy with what I finish. I sure hope so.But I will get back to it soon and I WILL finish it***.
Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend, and quilting lots of memories. till next time.........

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Great American Quilt Factory

This is a picture of Lynda Milligan and me in her quilt shop, The Great American Quilt Factory. They have a very nice shop, full of wonderful displays. lots of Christmas wall hangings and kits made up for them. I bought 3 kits, and of course some fabrics. Will post those later. There was the cutest wall hanging for Christmas that I wanted so badly, but they didn't have all the fabrics for it and wouldn't sell me the center panel, I was really dissapointed, but to my surprise the next 3 shops I went in, had some of the different fabrics, so I began purchaseing what I could at each place( I had no way of knowing I was going to find it all ), but I did in fact find everything I needed. So at the top of my "to do" list for 2008 is to make this wallhanging. I collect Santa's ( have for many years) so I couldn't live without this one. LOL ****VBS***
I have gotten my baby quilt about half quilted, will show pics or it when we get back off vacation. I don't want any of my family to see it yet.Not sure if the baby's parents look at my blog but do know my sister does, and I am going to make her wait until I see her.So sis if you are reading this will see you next week.
I am excited, tomorrow evening I am going to class at the LQS to learn all about my Bernina Stitch Regulator. Have been messing with it some today, and plan to use it some tomorrow morning, but am anxious to learn the right way and maybe get some pointers on different ways to use it. Then on Thursday, I belong to a club called Around The Block, we are going to learn to make a different block each month. There has only been one class so far, and I learned a lot.The block we made was sorta like paper piecing, but using fabric instead of paper, that was fun. I have a real problem trying to paper piece.The block we are going to make Thursday is the Dresden Star. I think all these will help me build some confidence, as I still am uncomfortable trying to do different blocks by myself. I sometimes wonder if I will ever be comfortable quilting??? Wish me luck***
Think of me tomorrow as I am going to be quilting memories for one special little boy. Have a great day.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

More photos

These are justa few of the "things " I saw while At Fabric Depot. I sure did enjoy being there.
There was so much to see, I could have spent the day and not seen it all, the people there were so friendly and helpful.Will certainly go again next year if at all possible. Now all I need to do is sew up all the fabrics I purchased. I have been sewing for several days now, I have about completed the baby quilt I started last week. I am now quilting it. I started with a panel, added 3 borders, now if I can get it quilted I want to take it with me next week to Ga. , My sister and her husband and my brother and his wife along with my husband and me are planning a week in a cabin. I know we will have fun, we have never done this before of course we have been together at each others homes for a few days, but never a week anywhere. Hopefully since I am the oldest they will be extra KIND to me and not make me cook or do dishes very much ***VBS***. I cook so little anymore they may not want what I would cook anyway! I do plan to take some hand sewing if I can get prepared,I am making a quilt for our GD's 13th BD, and its March 9th, and I only have 3 blocks appliqued, so I need to get busy.Hope all of you have had a great weekend, will post again soon. Quilting memories for my newest great nephew**VBS**