Sunday, September 16, 2007

What To Do?

What To Do??????

Aren't these pretty? I think these are probabl'y the makings of a baby quilt.Will have to do something about the pink ones, This will be for a boy, so can't put pink in it.Not sure what pattern yet either, but will take some quilt books with me on our trip and maybe find something in one of them.I also have a number of patterns, so maybe one of them. Don't know yet. Any suggestions?

Have been happy to have our Granddaughter here last night and most of today. We sure do enjoy her company.We took her out to dinner last night and let her sleep late today. With her busy schedule, she doesn't have a lot of "down" time. I think everyone needs time to do nothing every once in a while.

It is finally a little cooler here, I think we got the remnants of "Humberto",a good rain( not nearly enough) but every little bit helps. Hope it will be cool again tomorrow as Hubby and I have to finish working in the trailer for the trip. It does get hot in there, so cool weather would be a blessing.

Hope all of you folks are having nice weather and quilting memories,beautiful memories.

Later everyone


Libby said...

Looks like a very nice fabric combo for a baby quilt. Who says a boy can't have just a little pink in his quilt?

Finn said...

Hello there fellow mom to sons *VBS*, wanted to thank you for the time you took to comment at my blog, and for stopping by so often. Nice to see your face when you do.
I think we probably have alot in common, including age..I'm also 66 til October..*S*
Three sons, and not a good wife in the daughter in law a sense among them...seems a shame and certainly makes me wonder.
The fabrics are just lovely, and will make a great baby quilt. A touch of pink would be ok I think *VBS* Keep quilting! Hugs, Finn

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I think the fabrics are very pretty, too. Boys can use a touch of pink in a quilt with no problem! I had fun working w/ you yesterday ;)