Friday, June 17, 2011

Thanks Debbie

DH found the settings icon and clicked on that and it said to select post editor, then updated editor  than save settings and it all seems to be working.....yeah....I guess when you don't post for forever things do change....Am going to try to do better. Thanks again

Tis Just me

WOW, It has been 6 months since my last post....I sure am slow. Life seems to get in the way, I was about on "track" and then on Mothers day, we were in a head on wreck.... Very scary day and one we ( DH, DS and DDIL) will never forget. After all , we did all come out with cuts, bruises and I had a couple broken ribs,it has taken a while to get back on track again. But we are ok....Very Thankful!We would like to thank everyone for all your prayers and good wishes, Thanks so very much****
Yesterday was my birthday and I want to also thank everyone for my BD wishes,it was a good day. Our GD and her Boyfriend came over and went to lunch with us, then last night our children and their spouses surprised me with cake and ice cream. YUMMMEE
I have done some sewing but haven't had the time to be on here to post and certainly not to do pictures, so forgive me for that.I have made several quilt tops and now need to get busy and get them quilted. I plan to teach classes in making 2 of them, one in August and the other in Sept. But I need to get them on display. My plans are to get one of them sandwiched tomorrow. Maybe I cam quilt some on it next week.
My sister and BIL have moved down here and their furniture will be delivered to them on Tuesday, so I plan to help them out some next week.I know they will be glad to have a bed to sleep in, they have been sleeping on an air mattress, I know that is getting old. (YES, I did offer them a place here, but once they had the keys that is where they wanted to be and I can certainly understand that***
Hope all is well and everyone is getting a lot of sewing done.As for me, I'm slowly but surely getting back to normal.