Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Great American Quilt Factory

This is a picture of Lynda Milligan and me in her quilt shop, The Great American Quilt Factory. They have a very nice shop, full of wonderful displays. lots of Christmas wall hangings and kits made up for them. I bought 3 kits, and of course some fabrics. Will post those later. There was the cutest wall hanging for Christmas that I wanted so badly, but they didn't have all the fabrics for it and wouldn't sell me the center panel, I was really dissapointed, but to my surprise the next 3 shops I went in, had some of the different fabrics, so I began purchaseing what I could at each place( I had no way of knowing I was going to find it all ), but I did in fact find everything I needed. So at the top of my "to do" list for 2008 is to make this wallhanging. I collect Santa's ( have for many years) so I couldn't live without this one. LOL ****VBS***
I have gotten my baby quilt about half quilted, will show pics or it when we get back off vacation. I don't want any of my family to see it yet.Not sure if the baby's parents look at my blog but do know my sister does, and I am going to make her wait until I see her.So sis if you are reading this will see you next week.
I am excited, tomorrow evening I am going to class at the LQS to learn all about my Bernina Stitch Regulator. Have been messing with it some today, and plan to use it some tomorrow morning, but am anxious to learn the right way and maybe get some pointers on different ways to use it. Then on Thursday, I belong to a club called Around The Block, we are going to learn to make a different block each month. There has only been one class so far, and I learned a lot.The block we made was sorta like paper piecing, but using fabric instead of paper, that was fun. I have a real problem trying to paper piece.The block we are going to make Thursday is the Dresden Star. I think all these will help me build some confidence, as I still am uncomfortable trying to do different blocks by myself. I sometimes wonder if I will ever be comfortable quilting??? Wish me luck***
Think of me tomorrow as I am going to be quilting memories for one special little boy. Have a great day.

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Libby said...

How fun to have found all the fabrics . . . now it's a memory of many shops - not just one *s*