Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Mine started out nice and went down hill from Saturday on. I worked at the LQS both Friday and Saturday. Friday was a really nice day, I enjoy working with the lady that was there, she is delightful to be around and sooooo very patient.She lets me do all the easy things. What's not to like?
Saturday, I worked with a lady, who also is very nice, although I don't know her very well and we were so busy I really didn't get to talk to her much. When we got to work, the first thing to do is vacuum and empty the trash. She was kind enough to offer to vacuum and I was going to empty all the small cans and carry all the trash outside. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Well, seems as though someone had apparently put an empty rotary cutter blade in one of the cans, and I somehow hit my leg with the bag,when I looked down and saw the 5" cut that was bleeding profusely,I knew I was in trouble. I called her name and she came to see what I wanted (thank goodness she hadn't started the vacuum), she called my husband, then the store owner( she was out of town). When I got to the hospital it took 28 staples to close the cut. SO<> Hope this will be a warning to everyone in blogland as well as any who works anywhere there are sharp objects. There are ways to dispose of these things.
We will be leaving for our next trip next week, going to Pa. so won't be a long trip, was hopeing to sew when we got home from there, but went to the doctor today and am going to have some surgery on Sept.6th.Hopefully it won't be very much, but dr. said not to be too surprised if I was hospitalized for a couple days. So keep me in your prayers, they always help.
Also, please quilt some memories for me, it seems as though I am having a hard time getting back to the sewing machine.Later, everyone.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I'm back, for a brief while

Hello everyone, am glad to be back, even brieftly. Lake Tahoe was beautiful and the RAGBRAI ride through Iowa was very successful.But there is NO place like home. We did get to see some very beautiful places and visited 4 quilt shops. I took pictures but blogger isn't co-operating with me. will try again soon. Hope all is enjoying this HOT weather. I was pretty miserable out west, way too hot for me.We will be leaving again in about 2 weeks, going to Pa. this trip,only be gone about a week, then will be home about a month. Hope to get some quilting done then. Have had a nasty cold since we got home,feeling better now. Have beeen doing book-work all day and tomorrow I must tackle this mountain or ironing I have. I will be working for LQS Friday and Saturday next week then the next week will have to work for my regular job a couple days to get everything ready to go again. I also have 2 doctors appts. that week. So am sure no sewing will get done.
Just wanted to check in, without pics nothing too interesting. hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend, how about quilting memories for me since I can't find the time. LOL