Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quilt Patch Fabrics, Matthews, NC

Hi Everyone,This was a very nice surprise,when we stopped in front of this shop, I told DH I wouldn't be but a minute, BUT was I ever surprised........What a great store and just the nicest lady. The picture of the 3 people are the owners.Charlotte Harkey,Janice Cooper and Brian Gregory. the 2 I met was so very nice. That store was so well laid out with lots of everything...
if you need something to use in your sewing room, I feel confident that you can find it there.
If you decide to go, you could go here and to the Overall Quilter in the same day. They aren't very far apart. They have a web site it's www.quiltpatch them out, I know you will like what you see. They are in Matthews, NC 1017 Stallings Rd. Yep, you need to check these two out ***VBS***
We will be leaving Charlotte tomorrow afternoon, heading for Raleigh. My brother and SIL live there. We plan to get together for dinner next Saturday,we hope to see their son and his family, as my nephew has been given his orders, he has to be in Japan by July 6th. I hope that will be a great experience for them. I have known other military people who have been over there and they say it's a wonderful place to be. I hope so.
Well, we left work early again today, rain, rain. I wonder what we will have tomorrow, I think the TV says Rain....At least it isn't real cold. I have been sitting in the truck reading.
I shall tell you about some books that I am reading that was recommended, and I think several of you may enjoy as well. So until tomorrow, stay dry and quilt memories for me.....BOBBIN
PS: Do any of you know where I may find a quilt shop in Raleigh?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Overall Quilter Indian Trail, NC

This is a very neat store, very well stocked. Although it is small, you can find lots of goodies there.
She has lots of the latest fabrics, patterns and notions.There were several quilts on display as well. The owners name is Aimee, a
lovely lady. I know you would like her, so I think if you live within a few hours drive you would be glad you went.Tell her you read about her on my blog, I would like that and I can promise you I will be going back, cause we have a cousin who lives very close by.
So all you WS bloggers, she isn't too far from Charlotte, I think you need to go on a road trip.
Well, It's raining here again today and the weather forcast is for severe weather tomorrow.We
left the event at 12pm today, have no idea what tomorrow will bring. But I am damp and cold, so am going to curl up and read a book, maybe even take a nap ***VBS*** sounds like a plan to me.Later, Bobbin

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sew N Sew Summerville, SC

Here we are , still in Summerville, SC. This was such a nice store.The ladies were exceptionally nice and helpful. The sign out front was a little hard for us to see, but we finally found it, and I am so glad we did. the store wasn't too big, but definitely well stocked. They also had a very nice place for classes. If you get a chance, visit with them, I think you will enjoy seeing the shop.
I don't have their physical address, but it was on one of the main roads and also in the phone book.
It's raining here and our work for today has been cancelled. We are close enough to run by our house and DH has decided that's what we are going to do, so I must get off here or I may get left***YEAH, RIGHT***
Until we meet again, quilt memories, you'll be happier for it****** BOBBIN

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People, Places and Quilts

I can never arrange my pics the way I want, so hopefully you don't get to discouraged trying to look at them, cause I do try. I need some lessons..
Anyway......I did so enjoy visiting PP&Q....a very nice store. So neatly arranged, and lots of fabrics or anything you were looking for,they do have a web site, it's check them out, I know you will enjoy seeing their store. The store is located in Historic Downtown Summerville, SC. Their business cards says they are one of the top ten in the USA... I'm sure it is. The quilt with their name on it is really cute and I was impressed with the steps, what a unique way to let their customers know how much they are appreciated. I just enjoyed the entire store, so much so, I purchased the box of fat quarters, they were so I must find a neat pattern so that I can use them.
I also went to another quilt store while in Summerville, will try to get that posted tomorrow.
I have already been to 2 stores while here in the Charlotte area. Will get them posted ASAP.
Hope your day will be sunny and bright, catch all of you later,wish I was Quilting Memories today.................sigh.........................

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung in Charleston HOORAY

The weather has been beautiful for a couple days now. The tree is in the parking lot in front of the motel where we are staying. The picture was taken Thursday morning, today ( Saturday) the flowers are all but gone and the tree is all green. But it sure was pretty for a few days. Everywhere we have been, the flowering trees have been in abundance and the azaleas are awesome.
The flowers were for sale at Wal-Mart, they had such pretty ones, all kinds and colors. I do love flowers, but unfortunately I am not good at trying to get them to grow, although DH can get anything to grow, so when we are at home, our patio is beautiful. Our DD has already told us that the flowers are beginning to look pretty. Maybe I can see them soon.
I hope in my post, most of you have discovered the softer side of me, I love little children, they are so innocent and say the sweetest things. This little girl was at one of our events and was looking at the car, she told me it was realy nice and wanted to know how old it was, when I told her 2 years, she said " my, that's old for a car" She was about 3 years old. Then she bent down and was looking underneath it, when I asked what she was looking at, she looked at me like I had rocks in my head and said, THE TIRES, thats all that's under there and you really should get some new ones, those are about worn out. Guess she told me***VBG***
We had such a great day yesterday, went to 2 quilt stores and saw the beach and the town of Charleston, such a nice treat and the town did not dissapoint me, all I have ever heard is right, it was lovely. I want to come back sometime and spend a day or two just exploring the city. I will share pics of the quilt stores, but today I want to post our schedule for next week, as I know I have family and friends that are planning to visit us in Charlotte, NC next week:
3/25 Wal; Mart 15o Concord Commons Concord, NC 3/8pm
3/26 Wal-Mart 9820 Callabridge Court Charlotte, NC 3/8pm
3/27 Blackhawk Hdw. 4225 Park Rd. Charlotte, NC 9am-2pm
3/28 Lowes 16830 Statesville Rd. Huntersville,NC 8am;4pm
3/29 Home Depot 1837 Matthews Township Pkwy. Matthews, NC 10am;4pm

We are looking forward to going to Charlotte,being able to see family and friends sure makes me happy, I do miss everyone.I probably won't visit any quilt shops, cause I get to them pretty regularly, but you never know. It's according to how close I may be to one or more of them.LOL
I also took pics of Charleston and the beach, will save those for another post as well.
We leave here tomorrow evening, so will not be on here again until Monday, so everyone take care and continue ti quilt memories. BOBBIN

Monday, March 16, 2009

Here we are in Charleston, SC

Wish I had pics to show, but unfortunately, like most of the East, its haven't been anywhere except Wal-Mart. had to go there for laundry supplies. As we all know, there always seems to be laundry to do, no matter where or when.............. Anyway, I have that started, and will be finished in a while.Actually we only have a couple loads a week, cause DH wears a uniform and I wear a uniform shirt and the Company pays to get them dry cleaned,and with no towels and sheets ,etc. that doesn't leave a whole lot.
I will be glad when we get this week started so it will soon end, we will then go to Charlotte, NC and we have relatives there that plan to visit with us, and I am pretty sure that some of our friends from Va. are planning to come there also. They camp a lot and I think that is what they are planning to do, and that way they can come visit as though they lived nearby. I am excited about seeing "friendly" faces .....LOL...
We decided the weather is so bad that we wouldn't try to find People, Places and Quilts today. There also is another quilt shop in the phone book, Sew and Sew on Main St. here in Summerville, plan to check that out also. So am looking forward to Friday.
The weather reported just said it is supposed to clear up tomorrow and get warmer by Wednesday. Good news ***VBS***
Hope all of you are warm and dry and quilting memories...catch you soon, Bobbin

Hope to have pictures of both quilt shops by the weekend....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Headed To Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC. Just the name has a pleasant sound. I am anxiously waiting to get there.Everyone I have ever talked to says only good things, so now I get to see for myself ***VBS***
We will arrive there on Sunday night, we are traveling there after we get through here on Sunday evening at 4pm. DH says its about a 5 hour drive, so will make for a long day. We are hopeing that we will be able to close early, so we can leave early. That will depend on the Scotts rep.Whatever he decides will be ok, after all we are trying to promote their products.
Here is our schedule:
Tues. 3/17 Lowes 1104 Market Center Blvd. Mount Pleasant, SC 9am-2pm
Weds. 3/18 Wal-Mart 1317 North Nain St. Summerville, Sc 3pm-8pm
Thurs. 3/19 Lowes 770 Daniel Ellis Blvd. Charleston, SC 9am-2pm
Fri. 3/20 Off
Sat. 3/21 Home Depot 190 Marymeade Dr. Summerville, SC 8am-4pm
Sun. 3/22 Home Depot 7554 Northwood Blvd. Charleston, SC 10am-4pm

I hope this fits into some of your schedules, I would love to see a fellow quilter while we are there.Also, If you know of any quilt stores that I can go to on our Off day, I would appreciate that also.

It's almost time for us to go to our event for today, and I sort of dread it, cause it's supposed to start raining here shortly and that always creates a lot of anxiety for DH and the rep
cause we are not allowed to let the race car get wet. So will have to see what the afternoon is going to bring.

I plan to TRY to finish my red work today while hubby is working. I have been reading a lot, but must get back to doing something productive.

Hope everyone is busy Quilting Memories, Always, Bobbin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing Exciting, Just checking in

Hello Everyone
We are in our second week in Atlanta, Ga. The weather the last 3 days has been beautiful.The trees are in bloom and the grass is getting greener, a beautiful sight,BUT, The weatherman says its going to start raining and turn cold....YUCK.... I am so tired of being cold. I keep telling myself that Spring is just around the corner ***VBS***
Have you had any warm weather where you are, or are you still having cold weather?
What are your plans for this spring? Got any new quilt plans? How about quilting memories and staying warm, now that's what I'm talking about********
I have been reading, I love to read historical Romances ( my DB calls them hysterical romances,heehee)I am on my 3rd book in less than a week. I have to finish the one I am reading then I have one more....
I also bought myself several (7) quilting magazines, I am still trying to decide on what I want to subscribe to. I have eliminated only one, I have bought and read 2 Quilters Home, I don't think that would hold my interest and I didn't find anything in either magazine that I would want to make.I purcased 2 Quilter's World,1 Love of Quilting, 1American Patchwork and Quilting,1 Quilts and More,1 Quiltmaker and 1 American Quiltmaker.I have previously seen all of the above except American Quiltmaker,although I have only read (this time) the Quilter's World.I know there was several more suggestions, and I will purchase at least one of each, before I make a final decision.
This really shouldn't be such a difficult decision, but for me it is....
Next week we will be in Charleston, SC. I have been through there a few times but never spent any time there, so I am looking forward to getting to see some of the sights there. All my family thinks my DH and I are crazy, as we just like to look at all the things "GOD" made, not much interested in man made things at all. Although we have been told so much about what a beautiful old city Charleston is, that I hope to ride through a few times. I don't want to miss anything ***VBS***. Also, we want to see the beach, I have seen several of the Atlantic Beaches, also now, several of the Pacific beaches. They are all beautiful, and all so different. Maybe this time I can at least get my feet wet ***AnotherVBS***
I have a phone call to make, so am going to get up from here and do that, take care of yourselves and if you live anywhere near where we are now or in Charleston where we will be, email me, I would love to meet you.
Quilting Memories,

Friday, March 6, 2009

Atlanta Traffic, Race Car

The picture of the traffic is showing all of you the traffic we were sitting in this afternoon after our event was over.We were on I 85N, trying to get back to our motel. There was a wreck, we saw 4 cars,and it took us 2 hours to get back here.This pic really doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea....But we are here now,and glad of it***VBS***

The picture of the race car is the one my DH hauls around. We had quiet a nice turn-out today. It warmed up nicely and the people came out. It always amazes me the way everyone enjoys looking at the car, but more importantly how they enjoy "touching"it. It reminde me of myself, the way I love to touch FABRIC...I walk through clothing stores as well as fabric stores and touch everything that is close to me, I just like the way fabric feels...Am I crazy or are you like that too?

Gotta get off here, its bedtime and I am tired and sleepy, so hope all of you have a good night and will check back tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. Blogger plays tricks

Mr. Blogger loves to play tricks on me, please read the previous post, as the above picture was what I was talking about, This stained glass was huge and I wanted to share it with you....I have no idea what happened, so please, read my previous post first, so you don't think I am too crazy.
Do any of you have these problems?????
Take Care, Gotta run...... Bobbin

Cold in California

Baby it's COLD Outside, even in California.......Well,it was anyway ***VBS***
It's hard to believe it's been 2 weeks since we were there, WOW, what a trip....We truly did have a great time,But for the first 3/4 days it was cold.
The above pictures of the beaches was taken out the truck window, as we were traveling down the road. The pic of the tall rock in the water was taken at Santa Cruz, the one with the 2 rocks was taken in Malibu. The one of Me was also at Santa Cruz, the wind was terrible.I sure did want to get my feet in that water, but I couldn't even get to the water so that probably keep me from doing something stupid, cause it would have been insane to put my bare feet in that cold water.....BRRRRRR....
The picture of the stained glass was in the room in Oceanside at the motel. That room was definitely large enough to have a PARTY.....I bet there has been lots of parties in there LOL....
after all we were at the beach.....That stained glass was over the jacuzzi,of which there could have been 6/8 people in there at once.It was huge,as was the bathroom. But, none the less, it was still a beach motel and well used, it was old, but in relative good shape and it was clean. Being clean is an absolute necessity....if not, I don't stay....
Ok, I could show pics for days, but I will spare you anymore...
We are now in the Atlanta, Ga.'s still COLD....but the weather person on TV is promising a warm up....I sure am ready....Cause now, DH has to work outside, I generally sit in the truck and embroidery. He tells me that the trailer we now have has electricity, so the heat and AC both are supposed to work.We know the generator works as he used it Monday when he was loading our "stuff" for this trip. I will probably have him check the heat today.I sure hope it all works like it is supposed to, cause last year it never did....aaarrrrgggg...
As I said we are in the Atlanta area, if you are in any of the places we are, I sure would love to meet some of you.I would also like to hear about some of the Quilt shops around here.
This is our schedule (as it stands now)....The times could change, but it is unlikely that the place would change, so if you can come by, either check with the store or check my blog, as soon as I find out something different, I will post it....
OK, the schedule is:
3/4/09 Wed....Home Depot....2200 Riverstone Blvd.... Canton....3pm/8pm
3/5/09Thur....Hill Ace Hdwr.... 275 Athens Way.....Loganville....10am/4pm
3/6/09 Fri....HD ( Home Depot)....1750 Jonesboro Rd....McDonough....3pm/8pm
3/7/09 Sat....HD....103 Pavillion Pkwy......Fayetteville...8am/4pm
3/8/09Sun....HD....4141 Atlanta Hwy....Loganville....10am/4pm
3/9/09 OFF
3/10/09 Off
3/11/09 Wed....HD....Hamilton Creek Pkwy......Dacula....3pm/8pm
3/12/09 Thur....HD....3355 Cobb Pkwy....Acworth....3pm/8pm
3/13/09 Fri....HD....145 Depot Dr..... Hiram....3pm/8pm
3/14/09 Sat....Cowan Ace Hdwr....1264 Green St....Conyers....8am/4pm
3/15/09 Sun....HD....2295 Lawrenceville Hwy.Decatur....10am/4pm
We are going to be in Charleston, SC. 3/18 .... 3/22....I will get those places and times posted next week. Have a great day and stay warm, it's time for me to get up from here and get ready to go.
Remember to keep Quilting Memories, Bobbin

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quilter's Paradise, Escondido, Ca.

This is THE place to go......You will be so glad you did.The owner and her husband were so gracious and very, very busy. Loads of shoppers, no recession there. Their shop has been there for about 2 years, but they just opened up another section, a very large section.Everything was so neat and clean, just made you want to "sit and stay a spell". Sue and husband ( I didn't get his name, sorry) are both very friendly and have a very friendly staff'
Mr. Quilter's Paradise waited on me, he seemed to be comfortable doing what he was doing.
All of the staff was very knowledgable.
Their was a group of ladies in the class room, seems they are there every Saturday, a guild,or party, I am not sure which, as they were having a great time. They bring lunch on Saturdays, the soup smelled delicious and they did invite me to eat, but I had to go. I hope, if I ever get back thay way, I can join them for lunch, but more to get to know them, they were so delightful.
One of the ladies had made the pin cushions, aren't they the cutest. Said she gives them for birthday gifts.
Now, back to the shop....there was a ton of fabric, I have no idea how many bolts, but it sure would take a long while to count them. I am thankful I don't help with their inventory heehhee
There was also one room just for books and patterns, and there were lots of both.
Her classroom was enormous, room for at least 20/24, with plenty of room for all.She also does longarm quilting there, this truly is a one stop shop, no need to go anywhere else.
I could go on and on about Quilter's Paradise, but I am sure you get the picture,if not, I took lots more ***VBS***.
I just loved the sign about true.....
We are to head out tomorrow for Atlanta, Ga. Hope we can get there, it's snowing like crazy right now and the weatherman said we could expect about 7 inches.Around here that's a LOT, we may be snowed in for days ... LOL.... But, the vehicle is all packed and ready to go. If we can't leave until Tuesday, that will be ok, as the event we are scheduled to do, isn't until Wednesday, surely by then we will be good to go. I do understand there is quiet a snowfall in Atlanta, so guess we will just wait and see.
While we have been home (2 days) we have gotten to see our kids and GD...didn't see either GS"s, but they are grown and tooo busy with their lives, couldn't get with them, but maybe these 3 months will hurry by and then we are supposed to be home , as hubby has been told, after June 1, he will be laid off. We just keep hoping they will find something for him to do. All we can do now is wait and see.
I have my sewing machine and 2 projects all packed, maybe I will accompolish more than I did last year. I decided to keep it very simple, more cutting than anything. I have a huge plastic bin full of scraps,am going to TRY to get then all cut , either into strips or blocks. The other project that I am taking is my red/white and black/white reversible quilt.I really do like that quilt and want to get it done. I have decided to make it large enough for our bed. It's a queen size. but the Black/white side will be pretty all year and the red/white for Christmas. That is the plan, anyway.
I have been busy ever since we came in the door Friday evening, I am going to get to bed and try to rest some before we have to leave.I don't do any driving, but the ride always wears me out. Could that be old age?????
Stay warm and dry and keep busy quilting memories. As always, Bobbin