Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Friend

Men, women and children, they are all curious....
My new friend(pic of us 2 ladies) will get to us shortly.............said she was woundering what we actually do, and who wanted to see a race car,Well, DH and I travel around and haul this car to different events in the mid-west.We are promoting Scotts Watersmart Products. They are one of the companies that sponsor Carl Edwards' race cars. We have his Nationwide series show car. So far we are having a good time and have met some really nice people. As you can see by the pics, people of all ages like the car and when DH starts it up, everyone is just amazed.. You know like we are at a quilt show............Well, thats the way these folks are***LOL****
Some of you may not know, but these race cars DO NOT have doors, you must climb in and out through the window..................DH loves it, me, no way, you would never catch me in one...
The pic of MOI and the lady is my new friend, she came to see me last Thursday. We seemed to have a lot in common and I hope I have made a long time friend.. Hope she feels the same way.
Please excuse my lovely hair, the wind was terrible....Thats me in all black,my attair when we are doing an event...I do get a little tired of black, but occasionaly I can wear a white shirt....YEAH...
Ruth and I went to dinner and as we talked I think we both became very comfortable, we do have a lot in common, mostly quilting. But we both have been married a very long time, and both have children and grandchildren. She is expecting a new grandbaby soon.Me as you all know, a new Great grandson.She brought some of her work to show and she is a very GOOD quilter. She also has a blog with several things shown. She hasn't been blogging long, so if you haven't visited her, go to ,I think you will enjoy your visit. Tell her Jewell sent you...She also brought me a gift, but I seem to have left it in the trailer, will get a pic soon. Thanks Ruth, I love it and will show it soon....Hope I haven't bored you too much. We are moving from this motel in the am, as our schedule has changed a little. We actually have the next 3 days off. I may even try to find a new Quilt Shop.Wish me luck****VBS***
Hope you are quilting memories, later, J

Quilt Connection, last pics

This was not all the pics I took at the Quilters Connection, but with these 4 I think you get the idea that I really liked the shop.I have been asked by some people about the names of the quilts, well, I never thought about getting the names of them. Will try to remember to do that in the future..Sorry, Ladies....VBG...
The fabric in the bag is the collection that I showed in a couple post ago, The blues and browns. Don't you like the packaging? I do, just caught my eye.The quilts were nice also, I love the puzzle quilt,I thought it was just a little different than what you see everyday. I like different...
I am going to post the pic of my new friend and myself in my next post. Take a good look,the wind was about to blow us away..Later, J

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Pics of the Quilting Connection

A few more pics of the inside of the Quilters Connection in Dallas. That was a lovely shop, if you are ever in Dallas on Plano Rd. you should plan to visit them. They did ask me not to post their pics and I promised them I wouldn't, but you will definitely like them, I know I did.I have a few more pics and will get them posted in the next couple days***VBS***
Well, I met a new blogging friend this afternoon, she was very nice, we seemed to have things in common, children,G-kids, work, husbands, been married a very long time then SEWING.She has a nice blog site. I will post it tomorrow as I have already forgotten it. I KNOW, I have lost my mind, but that can't be helped....VBF,,(frown).I also think we are about the same age..
I will get my ducks in a row tomorrow and post again.
Have fun quilting memories everyone. J

New Quilt Store

Just wanted to share some pics of the Quilt store I went to on Tuesday. Quilters Connection is on Plano Road, in Dallas. I enjoyed the ladies and the browsing very much. There was a lot of eye candy, also "candy" that I had to have.The blue floral quilt looked hand appliqued, very nicely done,I loved their choice of colors. The baby quilt is of course the Paddington Bears. I wanted a panel so that I could make something of my "own" design, but all were packaged into kits.So I will put that on my mental list to look for elsewhere.
The other pic is just one of her displays. I thought was pretty. I already have the fabrics, that is what I plan to make my GGS his quilt out of.Although my LQS had several more pieces to co-ordinate with those. Do you think they will make a pretty baby quilt?
Will try to show more of this shop's pics tomorrow. As soon as I can remember, I am going to take pics of all the fabrics I came home with when I was at my LQS last week.And maybe a pic of what I purchased at Quilters Connection. I bought 15 fat quarters and 4 - 1/2 yds. I don't have any immediate plans for the fats, but hope to make burp pads out of the 1/2 yds, they are flannels.
WELL, now for the BAD news, our truck left us on the side of the road AGAIN yesterday. I will be so very glad when we finally get our "new" truck. The boss told DH yesterday that as soon as it comes in he is going to personally deliver it to us................WE will see............I am not real sure I believe him...I know that isn't very nice of me, to say that, but there has been 2 new trucks purchased since we started to leave and both given to someone else. Don't get me wrong, I know we are not special, but both were promised to us. GGGRRRR... The fuel line started leaking and was spewing fuel everywhere. DH stopped and tried tio fix it, but couldn't, so he drove on to our show ( that is where we were headed) about 5 miles, and then started calling places to find someone...........He called the Ford place and the lady said if we could get it there, they would try to fix it today.....Not good enough, we were about 1hr. and 15 min. from this motel with no clothes or anything. AS he was hunting the mgr. of the Wal Mart where we were, ( trying to find a phone book)his phone rang. He was surprised, but one of the mechanics at the ford dealership had heard what was going on, so he got DH's phone # and called. Told DH as soon as he got off work and could get the parts gathered up (he knew what the problem was ) he would come out to us and fix it, and he did. Was that LUCK or what!!! The Good Lord does look after us!!!
We certainly did appreciate this man, he even made sure DH had his Phone # in case we ever need him again. I thought he went the "extra mile". There are still a lot of good people in this world.Thank You, Thank You.....
So, today we have to leave here early, and get our trailer and truck washed, all of it smells like diesel fuel..ALSO, TODAY, not yesterday, is the day I meet my new friend.If she says its ok, I will tell you about her tomorrow.............I am so excited....
BUT................If I don't get off here and get myself put together I am going to get left sitting here at the computer..
Hope all of you are having a great day and quilting Memories for me.............Catch You Later, J

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well,look what my daughter done while I was traveling***VBS***. Yes, she surprised me, although I left her the fabric to make this top. I really did NOT think she would do it,but as you can see she proved me wrong..**ANOTHER VBS***.

Several years ago my DH came home with a bag of scraps he had purchased and I was going to just randomly sew them together and see what I got. I got very tired of that in a big hurry. I have since decided I must have a pattern and a plan. Not sure I will ever be content to sew a crazy quilt. But, she (DD) was there when I was gathering some "stuff" to bring with me on the road, and she mentioned she would like to make a crazy quilt ( her version of one anyhow), so I remembered the bin of scraps and gave then to her. I really never thought she would put together a quilt top.( Don't our children love to prove us wrong???) I was very surprised when she came in with that quilt top finished. Don't get me wrong, I knew she could do it, she has sewn for many, many years,very sporadically, but she has sewed,So I am so PROUD of her, I want the whole blog world to know....YEAH...

So now, I have given her the fabric for the backing ( she must get the batting herself), I did tell her to go to the LQS so they would sell her what she needs. She plans to tye it and I think that will be a good choice.I just wish I was there to enjoy watching her accompolish all this, but we talk on the phone almost daily so she will now keep me up to date.To me,this is more exciting than making one myself. Now do I sound like a silly Mom or what??? So let me say, KatRat if you are reading this you have one proud Mom sitting here with tears in her eyes just thinking about you sitting at your machine sewing away. Keep up the good work**VBS**

Well, this silly old woman is going to get off here and see who else I need to get in touch with, hope to be quilting memories of my own on Thursday. Tomorrow one of my new quilting blog friends is meeting me and we are planning to go to dinner. I can't wait.Later, J

Monday, March 24, 2008

Back in Texas, This time in Dallas

Well, our longest journey begins, actually it bagan yesterday morning...VBS... We made very good time but was surprised at the traffic that was out on Easter Sunday.Guess everybody was going to lunch at Grandmothers house...
We saw all of our family and several friends and done some chores around the house while we were at home.I have no idea where we get so much laundry, I didn't have anything to wash except the clothes we had for the two days we were traveling, but before I left, I had washed 5 loads...I am not sure whether we are really dirty or really clean...VBS...
As I posted the last time I did go to the LQS ( fabric therapy)and left there with several projects to complete while on the road, and YES we have a new generator so should not have any electricity problems. If we do you will probably hear me protesting at YOUR house, and that may be a long way from here, but I can be pretty loud if necessary..LOL
I am so excited, Wednesday, I will get to meet my first blog buddy. We have emailed a few times and she is going to come see me. We will be in front of a Wal Mart, so she has an advantage, she will see me before I see her. We plan to go eat, so we can get to know each other a little.
I hope she likes me and we can continue our friendship even though it will be long distant, Will see....I am sure I will like her...
I haven't felt very good for the last 2 days, headache, I think maybe its my sinuses, hopefully they will clear up soon. Am taking Claritin, I have to be careful what I take because of all the prescription meds I take. So am going to take a hot shower and get to bed early. We have settled into a very nice motel with a large room. Will be in here for 12 days, so we need enough space to move around a little without stepping on each other..VBG..
I have some pics to post, but have to wait for DH to get them from the camera to the comp, hope he will do that soon.I had a NICE surprise when we got home, but want to wait until I can show the pics before I say anything.
Going to get off here and go take that needed HOT SHOWER, hope all of you are quilting memories, and certainly hope I will be joining you myself in the next few days. I have sorely missed quilting memories of my own. Later, J

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Home At Last

Here I am, at home and enjoying every minute of it, have seen our kids and our Granddaughter, Friday night will get to see the rest of the family. That will make me very happy indeed***VBS***.Leaving again Sunday.
Today, I also went to the LQS,found some fabulous fabric for the new G_Grand son. his Mommy told me they are doing his room in lt. blue and chocolate.. Well, I found the perfect fabric. I ran out of time to get it cut today, but will go back tomorrow and get that and whatever else I may find. I was reading on Mrs. Goodneedles blog about the fork pins, so I am going to get those also. My other friend at the LQS showed me a triangle ruler today and I am going to get that too. Don't you think I need all these things? WELL, I sure do. Anyway, I want to post our schedule for when we are in the Dallas area the next 2 weeks. Planning to see some of you there.
Wed.Mar.26th.Wal-Mart 930 Walnut Creek Mansfield, Tx. 3-8 pm
Thur. Mar.27 . Wal-Mart 4801 South Cooper Street Arlington, Tx 3-8pm
Fri.Mar.28 Home Depot 765E Interstate 30 Rockwall, Tx. 3-8pm
Sat.Mar29th,Home Depot 951 Westgate Way Wylie, tx. 8am-4pm
Sun Mar30 Lowes 1010 West Mcdermott Drive Allen, tx 8am -4pm

Wed. Apr 2 Wal Mart 5302 no. Garland Ave. Garland,Tx. 3-8 pm
Thur. Apr 3 Lowes Fan Fest ?????????? No more Info at this time
Fri. Apr 4 Home Depot 7100 No. Freeway Fort Worth Tx. 3-8pm
Sat. Apr5 Home Depot 1900 Brinker Road Denton, Tx 8-4 pm
Sun Apr Lowes 6200 Long Prarie Road Flower Mound, Tx 8-4pm

Then we will be off to Oklahoma city, Ok. Will post that schedule later.
Catch you later, hope you are sitting in a big comfortable chair Quiltimg Memories.. J

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy, happy ME

Headed home, Yee Haw,
We are on our way home for a few days. I sure will be happy to see my family. I have never been away from my children and grandchildren this long, and I sure do miss them. I don't know how I am going to handle being gone for 3 1/2 months without going home, but I will worry about that next week. Today, I am just excited about seeing them starting tomorrow....
Also, seeing some friends is going to be nice, I have missed them too. Wish I could see my sister and BIL, also my brother and SIL, but unfortunately they live too far away.
I am going to get ready for bed, we plan to get up extra early in the am, and try to beat the early morning traffic through Atlanta. That is always a nightmare, so hopefully we can miss most of it.. Everyone take care and do some thing quilty for me, catch all of you later. J

PS, Thanks to all of you that commented and emailed me with your concerns about our truck being broken into, life is just so much easier when you know people care. Thanks again, J

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm so angry..............

The truck inside was a big mess, I hope whoever done this is happy, cause I could strangle them. I am discovering we aren't the only ones that have been broken into. As I said in the last blog, someone had a GPS system taken, but DH has been talking to a man whose is staying here ( working somewhere) and his work truck was broke in on Saturday night. It seems they took a camera and only papers with names, etc. on them. He said he had a gun, tools and extra keys to the truck and they only took a bag with his papers and an extra credit card... already used the card...Also a sizeable check (someone had paid him), now we are convinced they are looking for identy. That is very scarey.Although we had nothing in the truck with our personal stuff ( that they saw), that is a relief. We did have all the paperwork for our taxes, but they didn't bother that at all. That would have been a mess, cause it had both our SS #"s in there. I do thank goodness they didn't see that.Thank God for small favors........We will be moving from here Saturday, so that will be good. Also, Hubby found the security alarm button under the seat ( on my side) while we were cleaning up the mess. We had looked for that before we left home, because we knew all the trucks were supposed to have one. But who would have thought to look under the passenger side seat?I hope when we get home our new truck will be waiting for us, then it will be equipped with all the bells and whistles, and that will be a good thing. The trailer also has an alarm system, and it is very LOUD... Would probably even wake me up.LOL..I don't go to sleep very good, but when I get to sleep I am dead..... I really am hard to wake.
I was just looking at the pics I have posted, and realize the top pic shows my purse, but I had just set it down to take the pics,it was not left in the truck.
OK, I'm off my band wagon now, and must get ready to leave here. All of you in blogland, take care and quilt memories for me. Catch ya'll later, J

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


OK, I know I have lost it now, I did not realize the top picture was on the last post. that was the last one I took. Hope you enjoy looking at them.J

Quilt Pics,Break-in...GGGRRRR

These are two more quilts I took pics of while at Seventh Heaven Quilt Store, I also thought they were very pretty, I would love to give credit to whom ever pieced/quilted them but their names were not on them anywhere that I saw. I love the colors, Brown is really the "in" color now, don't you think. I love brown and pink, this was a deep rose color,the blocks had been fussy cut to get the baskets, not appliqued, well, I don't think so anyway.

This quilt speaks for itself, the colors photographed really well. Very vibrant!!! I loved it as well.
I only have one more pic from there, but Blogger wouldn't let me add it, so maybe tomorrow.
We have to work this afternoon, and DH"s step-sister and her hubby is coming over to sit with us for a while, we will really enjoy that as well as it will help pass the time away. Sometimes these evening events seem very long. But we do have lovely weather today so that is a plus. Also, we will be at a Wal-Mart and I need some toilitries, and I will shop for them,I also need to do some straightening in the trailer. So I guess I will be busy this afternoon.
I was planning to go to the quilt shop here in Round Rock yesterday, but our plans were dirrupted, when we went out to get in the truck, some one had broken my side window and ransacked inside. We are sure they were looking for our GPS system, but we had that inside with us, we take everything of value inside, EVERY NIGHT, They did get a briefcase with all DH's extra work papers, (report forms, addresses,etc.) just a nusiance to have to replace all those things. Obviously we then spent several hours talking to the police, the bosses at work, then getting the window replaced.I was quiet angry,the truck is parked within view of our window and this place is very well lighted. Hubby and I were very comfortable that we were safe as well as the truck was safe, I guess you just never know. The manager here was very upset, it seems that about 2 weeks ago, someone had a car broken and the only thing taken was the GPS system. I guess that is the going thing for thieves now. The only consolation I have, we found a glove lying beside the truck, and it had blood all over it, so I guess whoever done this, cut himself. I hope he had to go to the hospital, the police said they would check that out.This being a small town, they probably will be more apt to check the small things, at home they wouldn't do much of anything. Someone broke into our home several tears ago, and after the police left the premises we never heard another thing. This police officer came back twice yesterday afternoon, checking about different things. Another thing they took was a picture of our Granddaughter, That really bothers me. I had her name, age and where she goes to school on back. Being the worrier that I am, I have imagined all sorts of bad things , so you can see yesterday wasn't a very good day. I DESPISE A THIEF..... Yes, I have called our daughter and told her, she said she would be extra cautious , but we also don't want to scare out GD either, but I had rather be safe than sorry.............Do you think I am over reacting?
Well, its about time to get off here and get on the road, hope all of you are busy today, quilting memories.......................J

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Austin schedule. new pics, and happy Birthdays

Here are 3 more pics I took at the Seventh Heaven Quilt shop, hope you enjoy them, Just some of the things I thought was pretty.Do you think they are pretty?
We didn't have a dance Friday night, and I wasn't surprised,I was finding it hard to believe that Home Depot would let that happen** VBS**
Do you think someone may have teasing DH and me because we are new? I think so...........
Saturday, we had to stay outside and it was cold and windy, but today was miserable, we finally had to pack up and leave early, and that was a GREAT idea..............The wind was really strong and as the sun was setting it was beginning to get terribly cold.
We leave here tomorrow am, headed to Austin, sure hope the weather is better there.......
Here is our schedule: Wed, Mar.12th,Wal-Mart in Georgetown at 620 South IH 35 3-8pm
Thurs.,Mar.13th, Home Depot in Austin at 10515 N Mopac NB Expy 3-8 pm
Fri,mar14th, Lowe's in Austin at 6400 Brodie Lane 3-8 pm
Sat,.Mar15., Home Depot in Round Rock at 2551 S Interstate Hwy 35 8am-4pm
Sun,Mar 16th., Home DEpot in Temple at 3550 S General Bruce Dr 8am-4pm
We have already been told the time for Saturday may change, as soon as I know for sure I will post the new time.............. I am still looking for some of you bloggers out there....LOL...
Also Log Cabin Quilter commented on my blog that she was from the Dallas area, these are the towns we will be in starting on Mar 26th, Mansfield, Arlington,Rockwall, Wylie, Allen, Garland,Fort Worth, Denton and Flower Mound. We are scheduled to do a Lowe's Fan Fest on April 3rd, but they failed to say where............. Will post more after we get through in Austin and get back to Texas, we are going home for a few days between Mar17th and 25th. Log Cabin Quilter if you are reading this please email me and maybe you can come to one of these places. Hope to hear from you soon.
I must get up from here and get my things ready to move again tomorrow. We have not brought nearly as much stuff in thie week as we did last, so won't take too long................
Of course, we were at a Lowe's yesterday, and there was a Target on one side and a Kohls on the other, it was quiet a little hike, but I went to both places. I bought myself 4 tops. 2 tops for our Grandaughter and a couple ( well maybe more than a couple) things for our new Great Grandson that is on the way. All this shopping is my DH's fault, if he had gotten the generator fixed and I could be sewing I would have been too busy to shop.... All of you BELIEVE that, don't you??????????
On the serious side, he has tried really hard to get that darn generator working, even had it worked on, all to no avail. But his boss has assured us that we have a new one waiting on us as soon as we get home for Easter, it will be put in the trailer, and it should be large enough to run everything we want to use at one time.... That will be nice and since that remark was made by the "big" boss, I feel sure it is sitting there all shiney and pretty waiting for us....VBS... Then I will be a happy camper.Probably still shop some, but don't tell DH, I wan't to surprise him......heehee
Today is our Grandaughters 13th birthday, has been a tough day for me. I have always been with her on her special day...........She called me this morning to Thank me for her gift, I was surprised, I had planned to call her, but was waiting for church to be over, but they went to the early service and had somewhere else to go this afternoon, so she wanted to catch up with us.
Her cousin was taking her to lunch then shopping then there was going to be cake and ice cream at the church (youth) tonight. She does stay busy, but I feel kinda sorry for her, not only are we gone but so is her Daddy. He will be home a couple days before us, but he will get to stay for about 6 weeks.She sure does miss all of us, but not nearly as much as I miss my little "Love Bug".Happy Birthday, Love Bug.......
Then Monday is my sister's 60th birthday, and I won't get to be with her either, so this has been a sad weekend for me, yes, I know I will get through these two days, but I don't have to like it, Do I????????????????????
OK, Ok, I am going to quit whining and get off here, hope I will soon be , once again, Quilting Memories....That will make me have a ********VBS*********** J

Friday, March 7, 2008

More pics from Seventh Heaven Quilt Store

Well, here is two more quilt pics I took at Seventh Heaven Quilt Shop, I was just taking random pics, bacause there were so many it was hard to choose, and I really liked them all**VBS***
I hope you enjoy seeing them, Of course, I don't have any idea who quilted them, but I did ask if I could take pictures. As I said yesterday, Dixie was very gracious and said I could. So I did...
Today should some what different at work. Supposedly, where we are going to be ( Home Depot) is going to have us inside ( that's good, it's still COLD), was told they are clearing out enough room to have a "DANCE", should be very interesting***VBS****. Dh gets so nervous when we are inside because of the buggys and the big sheets of plywood going by us, so he really ought to be a basket case with people dancing too. LOL...The car is his baby and he is very protective...LOL...
I sure hope these winter storms get over soon, I hope we don't run into any of them. I understand they had quiet a large snow storm in Dallas a few days back, we will be there in about 2 1/2 weeks. Will they be gone by then? When does spring get in those areas? I am SOOO ready for warm weather. Yes, I know I will probably be complaining about hot weather before I know it.But, in my defense, the only reason I will complain about the heat, is because it causes me to swell really bad... That is NO fun...Swelling makes me hurt, does that make sense? Well, doesn't make sense to me either..
Just about time to get ready to leave here, and go to the "DANCE" ****LOL****
Continue Quilting Memories, you'll be happy and make some one else happy, what a great combination...............J

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Seventh Heaven Quilt Store

Lookie. Lookie, what I found. Yep, a quilt shop, I just love the name, Seventh Heaven, I think that is quiet unique, and the shop itself was unique. It looks so small from the outside, but there was 5 rooms , and all of them, as well as a long hall, was full of "quilty stuff". Lots and lots of fabrics , and more threads than I have ever seen in one shop, there was also a LOT of quilts on display. I took several pictures and will post some more of them tomorrow. I just love the one with the children on it, and that was Dixie (the owner) cutting the fabric, She was so very nice.
The next picture is a baby quilt that I fell in love with, so I bought the kit so I can make one someday. The fabric that Dixie was cutting was the backing I plan to use. The design in the fabric is trains, and with a new Great grandson coming, I think that will be a great quilt to make "someday". I hope he doesn't have to wait for it until he's college age***LOL***, I have already bought the fabric for one quilt, so I guess he will be able to stay warm...heehee......
I have been so excited because of the warm weather we have been in, almost since we left home, but "OLD MAN WINTER" came calling this afternoon. It has rained hard all day and the wind is blowing about 40 mph, and its almost freezing, will be before the night is over.Glad I brought my heavy winter coat, I sure will enjoy having that tomorrow, as we are supposed to be outside from 3-8pm.........bbbrrrrrr..... I dread having to work tomorrow, but I can at least get in the truck some, but DH will not do that, he will not leave the car without one of us looking after it, so I will try to get him to take turns, but I already know he won't. He will remind me that I am not paid to work on this job, Hard head.............................
We did work inside today, just inside the door and the door was stuck OPEN..... They finally decided to close that one and use the other one about 4pm.. By then I was pretty cold, and the other people that was working up front was complaining ,was happy when they finally closed the darn thing...WE went in early today( rep requested we come in early) so we also got to leave early. That was great.
Hope all of you are warm and dry and quilting memories, catch you later, J

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Question

I seem to be full of questions, but first I want to Thank Quiltkeemosabe for the info, will try that tomorrow. All my fabric and quilting "stuff" is in the trailer.............I do thank you....VBS....
I knew you would know, you know everything**********YEAH FOR ME***********
NOW, a blogging question, I have a friend whom I would like to get on my blog, but she keeps getting a message that she has to be invited?????????????? How do I help her, I am sure it is a simple thing, but again I have no clue.....Please, if you can give me some info, I would appreciate it.......Is that something I have done? I sure wish I knew more about how to use this stinking computer...............I am trying, but am beginning to believe you really can't teach an OLD dog new tricks....VBG.........
Thanks again for any help you can give me, J

Monday, March 3, 2008

San Antonio Schedule

Hubby just came back with the schedule here it is
Wed Mar 5 1066 Central Pkwy S Home Depot 3 8pm
Thur. Mar6 1200North F.M.1604 West Lowes 3 8pm
Fri. Mar7 2658 Military Drive H.D 3 8pm
Sat. Mar 8 11333 Bandera Road Lowes 8 am 4 pm
Sun.Mar 9 8138 Agora Pkwy H.D 8 am 4pm This store is in Selma

Come by and see me

Sewing Room On The GO

YES....VBS...I finally got to play with my sewing stuff.The picture on the right is the outside of the trailer, showing lights and my little step stool so I can get in without breaking my neck..........The picture on the left is me, answering the call from my dh, I didn't know he had the camera.( The side of the trailer says build a healthy lawn with less water), not heal less.............Oh well, sometimes things aren't what they seem.
The last pic is "Moi" trying to figure out how to cut a block I need and don't know how to measure correctly to get it to work?????HELP.........I have an 8 1/2 1n. block, 8in. finished,that I want to set on point,I don't know what size to make the triangles to surround it.I know there is a measurement and it is pretty standard, but I DON"T KNOW WHAT IT IS........... GGGGRRRR. If I was at home, I could call some of my friends or go to the LQS, but since I am not, I am just pulling my hair out. NOW, imagine that..... heehee, any help will be appreciated.
Back to my sewing room on the go, I don't have it fixed the way I want yet, as we are now being told the generator will be fixed Easter when we come home for a few days.The way I had lights the other night, was we were at Home Depot and they had an outside plug that we could use. That is the first one we have had. I sure thought all those type stores had plugs outside, but apparently not......... I hope maybe there will be a couple more this week. We are now in San Antiono. Its cold here and the wind is furious, just cuts right through me. Supposed to get colder but the wind is going to die down some, so that will be good. Will post our schedule tomorrow, DH has it with him, he is at the computer downstairs.
Hope all of you are warm tonight, when we came in from dinner, the electricity was off, but came back on in about 30 min. It was beginning to get a little chilly.I think the wind knocked it out.
When we went to eat, we passed a fabric store, plan to go back tomorrow to check it out. Tomorrow is our off day, so will have some time to look around a bit, also plan to check out my book of quilt stores and see what I can find. I'm sure there is something I can get into.
Oh, yeah, I went to Toys R Us on Saturday and done a little Great Grandmother shopping. That was the only store that was convenient, but I had a good time just thinking about "our" newest addition. I can't hardly wait. By the way his name is Christian Klark, I like their choice in names, but then, I would like whatever they chose. Afterall, He is theirs.............VBS..........
Do any of you read a blog, will I be pretty in pink? I was keeping up with her, but have lost the site and can't find it, I know she reads my blog sometime, so if she or any of you have her site would you please send it to me..........Thanks.....
Am going to hush for now, want to read some blogs.............
Hope you are quilting memories........someone will love you for it............J