Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Pictures

As you can see I am always late with my blogging, but better late than never*** Or at least I hope so.The top picture is Dh, handing out gifts, I really don't know why the sour face, as he was quiet happy. I think maybe the photographer ( ME) just caught him at a bad time.
The second one is our daughter, patiently waiting for her gifts. I think all the gifts were appreciated and something everyone liked, I know the gifts I received I like quiet a lot.
The last picture is at the dinner table,obviously before everyone got seated ( will the photographer ever learn?) from left to right, our second GS.,my hubby , our son and his wife and our oldest GS. There were 11 of us. I always cook spaghetti at Christmas, as everyone leaves here and goes to other family members homes and usually have the traditional, turkey, ham and all the sides.

************Happy New Year Everyone*****************
I hope everyone has a very good 2008 and all your wishes come true. I have read all your blogs tonight (Well, the ones that I read) and so many of you are making resolutions. Good for you and I hope you are very successful, as for me, all I wish for is safe journeys for hubby and me as we are traveling this year......We should start sometime around the 1st. of Feb. Do hope I can keep up with my blog and keep posting about our journey and where it is taking us and especially the quilt shops I get to go to. WHAT FUN****VBS****
Also in the trailer we will be towing I will have a small room in the front and DH is going to let me make a sewing room... How neat is that?????? Tomorrow after I get through with my ironing and pack away my Christmas clothes, I will have everything done , so I can start getting the things together I want to take with me to sew on. I worked at the LQS last week (inventoring for them)and I got myself one of the ironing mats and a cutting board combined, I think that will be pretty handy. We also went today to check out some folding tables, but couldn't find one with adjustable legs, so will have to keep looking.Other than that I am not sure I need anything else. But as I begin to get things ready that may change. I really want to work on a lot of Christmas items next year. I have several kits that I need to get together and be able to gift them next year. Soooooo, wish me luck, this year I will not be required to work any at all, so while DH is working I should be able to sew,also I want to try to do some hand work while we are traveling,that generally gives me a headache, so will try to just do a little at a time,maybe I can get used to that and be able to spend more time at it. Will see.
Again I want to wish all a Happy New Year, speaking of the new year it will be here in about 2 hours, so am going to get off here and go sit with DH .
Wednasday I am going to start back Quilting Memories, hope you are too. J


Kathie said...

happy new year to you too!
where will you be traveling In Feb?
Thats great that you will have a sewing space.
You can always sew when you reach your destination.
I can't sew in the car either!

quiltteacher said...

We will miss you at the shop while you travel. Happy New Year to you and DH. Safe travels.

quiltkeemosabe said...

Have read this post and the previous post. What a great looking family!!!! And your quilts look great too. I'm sure they were all tickled to get them! Hope you have recovered from last week. It was wild, wasn't it. See you before you take off I hope!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What fun, to sew as you go... isn't it wonderful when our husbands support and encourage our obsession?

Libby said...

Looks like a great day for all *S* Happy New Year!