Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Went to doctor this am. News not so good, Lump in right breast, also a torn rotator cuff, also on right side.Got a cortisone shot in shoulder, hopefully will take away some of the discomfort, but more concerned about lump. Have an appointment ,Feb.13, with surgeon. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.
Had to call LQS owner so we can do Digi-Bobb-E class next quarter, I definitely plan to be all better by then.
Am going to try to get myself to sewing something fun, maybe take my mind off all my problems. When it rains it pours!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a happy sewing day. I plan too. Jewell

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This and That

Another busy day, but unfortunately no sewing. had to type my instructions,supply list and flier to advertise my class. Then talked to our dd for a while.Went to get a bite to eat (DO NOT COOK) then when we got home watched a video about quilting.
Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and when I get through will go to LQS,am going to do a fabric swap club. Have never done that before, so not sure what I am getting into. If I don't like it I guess I can always quit. Sounds interesting though,so am excited to see what it is all about.
Hopefully the lady that does the class scheduleing will be there so I can get a date for my Digi-Bobb-E and know when I can do that. Have got just about everything ready. Certainly will have it ready by Saturday. I promised to have samples to hang in the store. Hope I get some response,although can only take 6 people, the class room is pretty crowded with more that that. I was told if we have more to sign up, I can have another day. That would be nice.
Not much going on here except it is very COLD. I am sooooooooo ready for warm weather. Guess will have to be patient,at least for a while. Spring will be here before too long!!
Every one stay warm and happy sewing.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Madison's Quilt

This is the latest baby quilt I have made for a specific little girl. She was born in Sept. 2006, delivered the quilt to her about a month after she was born. I embroidered 5 fairies on it also emb. her name and birthdate.
Since then I have made an I SPY baby quilt for (hopefully) a great grandchild we may have some day. Will show that one soon. just wanted to let everyone know my dh is helping me with my pics. Maybe someday I will get all this figured out.
Take care and have a great sewing day.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Digi-Bobb-E Info

Good to hear from you, Libby, was wondering if any one reads my blog. I know I haven't posted any pics, but don't know how!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, well, one of the hazards of being old. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks!!!!!!!
Digi-Bobb-E is digitized bobbin embroidery. Lots of Fun. You embroidery with heavy,decorative threads in the bobbin. You put your fabric in with the top down, then the bobbin shows on top when you get through. Very pretty. No-one in my area has done a class in this technique, and my LQS asked me if I would be willing to teach it. Am going to give it a try. I went to a class in Va. to learn it and found it to be quite interesting. So wish me luck!!!!!!!!!
Have had company all afternoon, cousin and family from about 1 1/2 hours from here came.Was going to sew this afternoon, but will get back at it tomorrow.
Plan to have a number of articles ready for display next Sunday. The quilt shop is going to have a souper bowl party. (She serves soup!) Also, has the teachers demonstrate some of their work and customers can sign up for classes. Hopefully I will get some interest that way. Will see.
Hope I have answered your question, at least hope what I have said makes sense.
Hope everybody is warm and dry and sewing, sewing, sewing. later!!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hello Everyone, Have been busy trying to get my Digi-Bobb-E Class ready. This will be the first I have taught any kind of sewing project. Am finding that I am very nervous about it, but also trying to make sure I know exactly what I want them to learn. So am doing a lot of work toward that end.
I also worked today at the LQS, that is also where I will be teaching,so am getting a little experience there. Had NO trouble except with the cash register, but will get that, I am sure. It seemed nice to realize the lady that owns the shop as well as the customers were comfortable with me, also very patient. Am enjoying my new experiences, will not work a lot, don't want to. Just as fill-in. That is ENOUGH.just keep my fingers in the "pie".
Will help next Sunday, with Souper Bowl Sunday. YES, she serves soup and we have a very enjoyable afternoon, and still get home in time for the game, if anyone wants to. Not my cup of tea!!!!!!!!
Are any of you going to the quilt show in Hampton, Va? My sister and I have been going for several years now. Went when it was in Williamsburg,Va. .We do enjoy our sister time. She lives up there, so makes it very convenient. I live in N.C. about 5 hours away, so just a nice trip.Of course always enjoying visiting up there, we also have some very dear friends there. Been friends for 47 years. Like family.
Hope all of you will have a great weekend, and sew,sew,sew!!!!!!!!!!
Hope sewing makes you as happy as it does me.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bad weather, teaching class

I know its winter but I am tired of cold rainy weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How about the rest of you? I have had bronchitis and a sinus infection all week, went to Dr. on Wednesday,gave me some Med. do feel some better, but long way from well. Will be glad when its all gone. But "Tis the Season", Have been sick last 3 years at this time, hopefully this time caught it in time and it won't turn into pneumonia, that stuff is BAD!!!!!!!
I am sure all of you have made lots of pretty things, have been looking at some of your handi-work on your blogs. I'm afraid I am not that talented nor am I that smart. I have been working on some projects(not much, haven't felt like it ). I am going to teach a class at the LQS, in Feb. on Digi-Bobb-E. Am trying to get my samples done. Am going to do a pillow, a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. I will only show them how to do the designs. It should be fun! Then I will get back to my quilting.
Hope everybody is warm and dry , stay healthy and Happy Sewing.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Sewing Fun

Hello, Hope everyone is having as much fun sewing as I am, went to an embroidery calss today, that was fun,came home and embroideried some. Tomorrow will go to LQS for $5.00 quilt square. These blocks have been going on 3 months, so we have a long way to go, but am enjoying that a lot. I figure that is a good learning experience and I need all the help I can get!!!!!!!!
I have got quiet a bit done on my latest baby quilt. Got the design out of a book, but it was for a large quilt, so had to modify it. Hope to sew on it some tomorrow.
Happy sewing everyone. Jewell

Friday, January 12, 2007

WELL!!!!!!!!!!! I got my sewing machine back today, it has been to the repair shop. Was gone(had to send it back to the manf.). But sounds so good now.I can't wait to get back to sewing on it. I also have a Pfaff, but only can do regular sewing on it.It is not an embroidery machine.Altho, I do use it a LOT.I do almost all my piecing with it. I like to keep my emb. machine set up for embroidering. Fortunately I do have room to keep them both ready to use. That is if I keep my room organized. That don't always happen !!
The reason my machine was sent back, I was trying to be nice and let someone use it, won't do that again. I am sure she didn't do anything intentionally, but never the less, she was useing it.
My husband put me another shelf in my sewing room since the holidays, it is 4ft. wide and 7ft.high. Lots more room, now to get it organized the way I want it. That is going to take some thought on my part. I also bought some plastic bins so I can organize some of my "stuff".
I make pocketbooks and embellish them, so have lots beads and other things, they all needed a home, all organized now.
Judy, are you planning to go to the quilt show in Feb. I hope to. Am planning to anyway, but will have to wait and see.
Happy sewing everyone.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

About Me

I am a fairly new quilter, but love what I do. I have only made a few baby quilts, and am presently working on a king size "Turning Twenty Again" I have it all pieced and sandwiched and now am trying to quilt it on my Bernina 200. Have found out that is no easy task. Don't think I would try that again if I knew it was so hard. But my goal is to get it finished before too much longer. But enjoy the piecing part very much. I have been a sewer most of my life, can't remember when I first started, but was many, many years ago. My sister tried for a very long time to get me to try to quilt, but kept telling her I just was NOT interested, but alas, finally made a baby quilt, and that got me started.Don't have as much time as I would like, but try to sew at least once or twice a week. Until recently my husband and I ran a ceramic shop. (24 years from our home). Closed that last August and started working for Roush Racing,we are in the events marketing division. We started in May and travel until October. He drives a 350 Ford duly truck and hauls a 36 ft. trailer with Lance Armstrongs store in it. We take it to the fundraising events that LAF sponsers. So far we have really enjoyed it. Can't wait to get on the road this summer. We will leave here headed for Orange California, from there to Oregon, then to the state of Washington. Will be gone from home approximately 3 months. Have never been gone that long, but expect a great adventure. We will also go to Philly and Austin, Texas. If anything else, will find out soon.SOOOOOOOOOO, guess will have to be really busy at the sewing machine while I am here.
I made a baby quilt before Christmas, keep telling the g-son that's married I need a Great G-child. I made an "I spy" I thought it was cute. Not real professional, but definately a useable quilt. Soon will post some pictures.
I have been reading some of your blogs for a while now, I do know (through my sister,her husband and my sister work together) Quilting with ragdolls. She is a very nice young lady, younger than my son, but a little over a year older than our daughter. Her cats are really cute, I had never even heard or a ragdoll cat until I met her. They are something to see, I have never seen a household cat that large. But they were very pretty.
Well, enough for now.Will post later.


Hi, my name is Jewell. I am new at blogging, but have been reading your blogs for a while now. Do enjoy them. Hope to get to know some of you better through the blogs. Now I am checking all this out. Would love to hear from some of you and will get back to you whenever I am on the computer.Usually every evening. Hope to talk to you soon. Jewell