Monday, August 25, 2008

Apologies are in order, and I do

I owe Klassy Katz, Bartlett, Tenn. an apology, she emailed me today to tell me that I had given someone else credit for some of the quilts hanging on her walls. I am so very sorry, I would never do this intentionally, Please forgive me....I hope I have posted the correct 3 along with a wall hanging with the name of her shop.
Toni Katz was/is a great person, was super nice to me, and let me take all the pics I wanted. I posted about her shop on April 23rd..
Again, please accept my apologies and do believe this was a mistake.

Jennifer's Bags

I know I am not one bit prejudiced, but, aren't these just the cutest bags????? And She didn't make me a single one, shame on her......LOL....( Are you reading this?) I think she bought fabric to make some more, Christmas gifts I think she said...Well, there will be some lucky ladies on Christmas....I saw the fabrics she chose and they are great ***VBS**** AM I LUCKY????
As I posted in the last post, our trailer's wheel came off and the mechanic is out there now fixing it, so we should be on our way shortly.He came right out, but had to go back to the shop (I have no idea where that is ) and get the right parts. I sure do appreciate his until DH comes in saying "LETS GO" I am going to read a few more blogs and then check my email.
I would like to say to Bonnie ( Quiltville) I wouldn't let a person like the one that says the nasty things about you ruin my day....Just overlook her, she must be sick.....We all love you and enjoy your blog, so hang in there.....
Take care everyone, catch you later, Bobbin

More pics at Bella's

These pics are the pretty things we enjoyed at Bella's. Hope you enjoy them also. The pic of the young lady folding fat quarters is Lisa's 13 year old daughter. She was soooo sweet and a very busy lady. I think the other pics speak for themselves, I should tell you, though, there was lots of fabric and more to be put out, just hadn't got it all done yet...but they were working diligently at that goal.
I know I wasn't supposed to be posting today, but, last night as we were headed back to our hotel, the wheel fell off the trailer..............SO, this morning DH called around until he got someone out here to fix it and that is what is happening now. Hopefully , we can get on the road soon. If not I may be back on here and post pics of my neices bags...they are so cute, I really want to show them off. Well, Hubby is waiting for me to help load our "stuff" in the truck, so keep quilting Memories, and stay tuned, lots more to share with you....Bobbin

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bella's Quilts, carrollton, Va...A must see

As you can see I am terrible posting Pics, but maybe I can get these straight, at least enough for you to understand what and who I am talking about***VBS*** The name of the shop is Bella's, named after the owners youngest daughter, it is located in Carrollton, Va. A great store, had just opened a few days before we were there, or I should say before I was there, cause, both my sister and neice had already visited. They both live (maybe) 3 miles from the store...Lucky,for them and the shop owner.........
The other picture at the top is of my sister, actually, I am trying to show off her purse she made, I love it, it's really funky ***VVBS**** I love the colors, so did my grand daughter, she has now decided she likes pink...But I don't think my sister is going to part with it, look at the death grip she has on it....I think she is awfully selfish...LOL.... But I love her anyway.....
The next pic is my neice ( sister's daughter) trying to decide on some fabric for a purse, she has made some really cute ones, she is so petite she can carry very small ones and they look great, also, she is a great sewer, I understand she has made some baby quilts, but has given them all away before I have gotten to see them. I do have some pics of some of her bags and will post them soon.
The next pic is the owner demonstrating a Viking Machine, she knows her machines, if you get a chance, go visit, you will like her. Her name is Lisa and she has a 13 year old DD that sews very well also, has a quilt on display. Smarts must run in the family.....
The next one is one of the employees and I am sorry to say, I can't remember her name, but she too, was very nice, there was also another employee there, she was very nice also, and all of the staff was very friendly. I wish Lisa all the luck......GO LISA, GO.
The other pics are of my sister and the employee and my sister and neice, they liked the quilt they were looking at, that is the one the 13 year old made....I told you she was smart...
As I said in my last post, we visited 3 shops that day, and unfortunately I do not have time to post about all of then now, but I will soon, also I want to share my neices handiwork, she is GOOD.
I have to tell you, this weekend has turned out quiet different than I thought it was going to...
My DH's boss let him have off, from Friday evening until 7pm, Sunday evening....He woke me yesterday and told me to get up, if I was going with him, so I got my lazy self out of bed, showered and then asked where we were going......His answer, well, I have looked on the internet and found some quilt shops, so off we went, we visited 4 yesterday and 3 today.............
BOY, do I have a lot of blogging to do.............But, tomorrow we head home, so won't be on here then, but we have had our Internet hooked back up, so, I should be back on Tuesday.....Hope all of you are busy Quilting Memories, what fun........Later, Bobbin

Friday, August 22, 2008

Trying Again To Post

I posted 5 ( YES 5) times yesterday, I guess either I don't know what I am doing or Blogger was hungary and ate them..............LOL.............

Nothing to exciting going on. We are in Pa., doing a Lance Armstrong event......Don't know what happened to the guy that done the last 2, but he couldn't make it to this one, so DH volunteered, that will help him on his days he is required to work in the shop, as he doesn't like THAT part of his job.....When we get back at the end of Sept. he will only have 10 days left to work and then our year will be over, anything he does after that will be overtime! Will just wait and see........

While we were home, we went to Va., to see my sister & BIL, my Neice and family and some friends. My sister and neice and I went to a couple quilt shops , one had just opened that week. I was pleasantly surprised, she had a really great store, lots of fabric, and notions. She also had some really cute decorations. YES, I took pics, but DH hasn't downloaded them for me yet. ( I need to learn to do that)...Will post them asap....Also my neice is making pocketbooks, I loved what she has done so far, will also post pics of them soon. My sister made herself a bag too, it also was great..... I guess pics is what I need to post.................

We are giong to go home for a few days, should get there on Tuesday, then will leave on the first of Sept.( not going to be there long).........I will post our schedule when I get a chance, but now I must get ready to get out the door.....All of you take care,Keep Quilting Memories...........

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Heading Home, Tomorrow

I have no idea where I was when I took this photo, but I still like it,I have no idea what the name of the block is, but it's what I have felt like this entire past week. Going in every direction, but maybe tomorrow I will get my head screwed on right..... Yep, we are heading home. Our home time has been cut short ( as of Friday), we were asked to do an event for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, we did those the past year and half. I am NOT looking forward to doing that one, but will. The Roush people we worked for when we done those events were just too good to us to tell them no! We will be going to Philly, the last week of August.

When we get home tomorrow we will not have an internet connection,so it may be a few days before I am on here again, so don't forget to check again in a few days, we should get hooked up soon.Hope I will be back quilting memories soon, I can't wait.

Friday, August 1, 2008

baby Christian

Welcome baby Christian, here he is in the hospital,we are all so proud. I think Mama and Daddy "done good". He is a sweetie, sorry I haven't posted his pic before now, but I didn't realize DH had put them on the computer. Silly me***VBS*** He weighed 7lb.9oz. and was 21 inches long.I am anxious to see him again, ( he was born June 29th.) so now he is a little over a month old and has grown a lot I am sure.

This is the proud Great Grandpa. We all just awe at him holding a NEW baby, I think probably this is the 5th. one,Our 2 children , 2 grandchildren and now the GGchild.He looks pretty proud, don't you think?

Of course, here I am, there is nothing sweeter than a baby. I am so proud of this little one. We needed a new baby in our family, it has been 13years since the last one. We will be home next week and maybe I will get to see him then. I can hardly wait***VBS***
YES, Life is the best.........