Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I do hope everyone has a blessed and Happy THanksgiving. There will be 8 of us here this year, we usually have at least 15 up to as many as 25, but families are growing and now there is in-laws and so forth, so Aunt J. is now way down on the list. But I try to understand, although I only remember spending a VERY few holidays anywhere else. My family always came here. I can remember as a 18 year old everyone gathered at our house, especially for Thanksgiving. I generally done all the cooking, sometimes others would bring something, but it was mostly me. Then a few years ago, my DD decided (another one of her executive decisions) that I should have help, so she took it upon herself to contact them and "suggest" what they should bring, so that worked real good and , now she has taken over a lot of the cooking herself. And as I have said many times, she is probably the best cook in the family. But this year, I wanted to do the majority of it myself, so she was to bring desserts ONLY ***VBS* . Well she called me early this am, and was shocked when I answered the phone, as I could hardly talk. Went to Dr. ,have a sinus infection, also a respiratory infection, then to top all that off, I mentioned to the Dr., my left shoulder has been bothering me for several weeks now, so he said a cortisone shot should do wonders, so I had one of those also........... But now my DD is bringing all the veggies,bread and the desserts. DH is going to help me get the turkey in the oven early, then I will make stuffing and gravy. I'm sure by then I will be very worn out. But my sister will also be here tonight, and she will help, she is also bringing some paper products and a pie and some pepsi's. I think all will turn out just fine, but I sure do hate that my DD is doing most of the work, although I know she really doesn't mind.I'm sure we will all enjoy Thanksgiving, cause its all about family so I am blessed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone


quiltteacher said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and "W".
Sorry to read you are sick. Hope you get better soon.

quiltkeemosabe said...

I was wondering about you too. I hope your Thanksgiving was good and you didn't overdo. It's ok to let DD help you. Hope you're starting to feel better. There's some cold stuff going around and I've spent the day on the couch nursing it along too. Feel better soon!!!!

Finn said...

Happy After Turkey day! Just dropping in to say 'hello' and I hope you are feeling better by now. Not much fun to have all that going on with family coming for a meal.
I'm sure DD didn't mind, and it's really how we want them to be...capable and willing and loving us enough to help..right??? OK..stop fussing about it now!
You did great and without the little handicaps you'd have done it all!
take care of you. Hugs, Finn

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