Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello, Hello

Hope all is having a great day, it's has turned very cold here. I don't like cold weather, actually, cold weather doesn't like me.My arthritis is giving me a fit, and add my fibromyalgia to that and this old girl is pretty miserable. BUT I am sure tomorrow will be a better day.
DH and I met my sister and BIL yesterday in Wytheville, Va. They were looking at some property.Beautiful mountain property, but I sure wouldn't want to live there. It was way back in the mountains. No one has even built on it yet, but I am sure someday it will be a lovely place to live. I have no idea what they have decided to do, but whatever they decide will be a while away. They both are still working and this would be where they retire. I was hoping they would move a lot closer to us, but don't know yet. This is the first place they have looked.
DH and I got there on Saturday evening and I went to Batiks Etcetera &Sew What Fabrics, they are the closest Pfaff dealer around here that I am aware of and I needed 2 feet for the machine I carry with me when I travel.That was all I purchased, I am going to have to sew up some of the fabric I have on hand, my sewing room is full to the brim. I can hardly get around and I can't find any more " spots" to put things.
I think we are probably through working (traveling) until the end of the year so maybe I will get a LOT of sewing done. That is my plan anyway. I have quilted both the baby quilts I made last week, now have to bind them. I plan to have that done and get them in the mail by the end of this week.BUT first, I have a mountain of ironing to do , so I need to get busy TODAY and get that done.
Stay warm and go ahead and quilt memories, that's always FUN. BOBBIN

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home again ***VBS***

Now that vacation is over and our work is done ( except for 4 days), maybe I can get busy sewing, and that will be great ***VBS ***,

actually I have sewed a little. But that will be another post,in the next few days.

These are pictures that I made while at Murrell's Inlet,my sister and I went to 3 stores while at Myrtle Beach, and this is the only one that I took pictures of.I didn't have my camera at the first one and the last one didn't allow pics taken. This was a very nice spacious shop, lots of pretties and LOTS of lovely fabrics. I am sure all of you get tired of reading that all the shops are pretty and have nice fabric selections, but after all, that is what quilt shops are all about ***VBS***.

I have been very busy trying to get settled back here, I find myself looking for things that I should remember where I put them, am not sure if it's old age or what, but it is frusterating. Last Wednesday I was going to sew and after I got my machine back out ( I put it up while I was gone) I COULD NOT find the thread caps to my machine, well, I searched for about 30 minutes and decided that I must have lost them, even though I didn't take them with me, but I went in the other room and was doing some other things and all the sudden I remembered exactly where they were. SO, I did get to sew after all.Tomorrow I plan to quilt 2 baby quilts I have put together, I used some panels, so I really didn't MAKE a quilt, but the families that I will give them too, will like them anyway, or so I hope.I also, put together a Christmas throw, and that took a little more time and thought. I put a flange after the panel and it has 5 borders and cornerstones and I appliqued stars on the cornerstones.All in all I was proud of it. I made it for the LQS, hopefully it will meet the owners approval and she will want to display it. We haven't taken pics yet, I want to wait until I get the baby quilts completed. I don't know how much sewing time I will have tomorrow, There is a mountain of laundry to get done. So we will just wait and see, I do have them sandwiched and pinned,I'm happy that is done. That is my least favorite part of making a quilt.

I have rattled enough for tonight, so hope all of you are quilting memories, see you soon, take care,