Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where do people live?

Where are all the homes? DH and I were riding around yesterday afternoon checking out the area we are visiting/working in. After we had been riding for a bit, I finally asked him "Where do people live?" There were no houses that I could see, so today we went out in search of a Quilt store and found a few, but very few on the way. Well we got to the Quilt shop, and told our GPS to go back to town, WELL, WE FOUND THEM,. I have never saw so many huge houses, most of them was as large as some of the motels we have stayed in. Homes, that I am sure cost a minimun of a million dollars***and some lots more than that. They were incredible. I would love to spend the day going through them, reckon the nice homeowners would let me??? LOL I am sure they would love a complete stranger going through their homes.
I have never wanted a very large house, cause I do not like housework, that is something I do out of necessity...........I can not imagine taking care of a house that large.To the people who live in our town, believe me, they were as large as the Reynolda house, if not bigger.
Was I impressed, I really don't think I was envious, but I sure do admire people who can afford that type home.
I asked the lady at the motel last night about the lack of homes in this area and she informed me that this is an industrial/business area and people ( for the most part) live in the outlying towns.
This area is approximately 6 miles long, one road in and one road out,There are several small side roads, but they just wind around and back to the main road. The buildings ALL look new, so now I wonder how long this "town" has been here. I need to do some detective work, inquiring minds, you know.
Well, so much for my ramblings, will share pics tomorrow of the shop we found today.
Have a good evening everyone and finish your day Quilting Memories, Later, Bobbin


Libby said...

The trend seems to be to build as much house as will possibly fit on a lot. I prefer a little space between, if I could get it. Our house is small by today's standards - but it feels cozy. Would I love a dedicated quilting space? You bet, but I'm perfectly happy right here *s*

quiltteacher said...

Did you take pictures of the houses?

Salem Stitcher said...

Big houses are something to behold but I don't want to live there. I can't keep my little house clean but less a monster house. I want to quilt not clean!