Monday, April 7, 2008


These are 2 of the quilts that was at the Quilt Country Store. I thought they were a little different, not something I would make, but interesting. The chicken is ME, Or at least could be, I am such a chicken with all this ugly weather we are in. Tonight as I sit here with the TV on, watching the bottom of the screen, telling us to be on the watch for TORNADOES...........AGAIN.................I absolutely couldn't live in this area(anywhere in the mid-west) my nerves would be shot, but then they probably will be before we get home*************VBF*************. The sky sure is black. Maybe this too shall pass.
We are now in OK. Hope to find a quilt shop tomorrow, looked in the phone book and I think there is one pretty close by. But, in the am, I am going to cut out some blocks for my G-G-Son's quilt. Then maybe one day this week I can sew.That's the plan anyway.
I got my laundry done this afternoon, so now I am free for the week.It is amazing how few loads you have when you only have to wash "clothes" no linens or anything else, and to top all that my DH has to wear uniforms 5 days a week and they have to be drycleaned.Now, this is something I could get used to**VBS**
Hope to be cutting blocks tomorrow...does that count as Quilting Memories? I think so..Later everyone, J