Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bentonville, Ar. Here we come.....

Wow, did we ever have some nasty storms last night. Woke me up, not good,and scared the bee jeebers out of me. I am told we got about 4 inches of rain, but today we only have to go across the parking lot to get to our event...That will be good, not knowing the roads, we wouldn't want to find ourselves at a street that was flooded, and I think there are several of them.They keep showing all these roads covered with water, very scarey......... Our event was cancelled yesterday due to weather and I am so THANKFUL, I do not like storms ..
Monday early we will leave here for Bentonville, Arkansas. If you are nearby come check us out..
Wed. Apr.16th, Wal-mart 2875 West 6th street Fayetteville 3-8
Thurs. Apr. 17th, Wal-Mart 100 Commercial Drive Pineville 3-8
Fri. Apr. 18th, Wal-Mart 406 South Walton Blvd. Bentonville 3-8
Sat. Apr.19th Wal-Mart 4208 Pleasant Crossing Blv. Rogers 8-4
Sun. Apr.20th Wal-Mart 2110 West Walnut Rogers 8-4

The next week we will be going to Memphis, Tenn. So time justs move right along...
If you are in the area of any of the Wal-Mart's in the Bentonville, AR. area, come see us, and bring some of your projects for me to enjoy.. Catch all of you later and hope you are somewhere warm and DRY Quilting Memories Later, J

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Glad you're safe, I'm sure those storms were very scary, I hate thunder and lightning! The baby quilt is precious, well done you!