Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Testing, Testing

I am trying to teach myself to move my pictures where I want them, so if you're not interested, catch me next time.

Does it bother you to ride on these flyovers? It literally makes me sick to my stomach. This one is somewhere in Dallas, and as they go, it is not very high. Some of them are several stories high, obviously I can't take a picture cause I have one hand over my eyes and the other on the handle so I don't fall off......VBF...........Do I know this is silly, YES, does that make a difference...NO...

Life stinks sometimes, not often, mind you, but when I have to go over one of these, I am NOT a happy camper, and NO, I don't think I could drive over one....WHAT WOULD I DO? I have no idea.................................As you can see in the background they are everywhere. I need to get somewhere where they do not have these roads..
Well, we moved yesterday, in another nice motel and DH is outside trying to get the trailer situated for this week. We have several " special" events to do. I am not sure what they are, I just get in the truck and go.I can not keep up with the schedule nor do I try.
I am so dissapointed, I have decided that I am NOT going to get my sewing area set up and useable, so I am not very happy. I keep getting promises, but nothing is happening.We even bought a small generator to use just with my sewing machine and lights, but so far that isn't working either. So what is a girl to do? Whine a lot I guess.I wish I was home today, and had never seen a trailer nor a race car. I am sure tomorrow will be better. Wish me luck anyway.
I must say DH doesn't usually make promises he can't keep ,and that he is frusterated also, so maybe someday******************* :-@! and :=) thats me.


Libby said...

I don't know why - but those overpasses don't really bother me . . . but bridges are a completely different story. I'm not going to think about it too hard *s*

Nane said...

We call those "mixmasters" DFW and Atlanta have some real doozies!

log cabin quilter said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been able to get your sewing machine set up. Have you been able to do any prep work like cutting your fabric, at least? That's one reason why I like to have hand work on hand to do when I don't have access to my sewing machine. Hope you get set up soon. Tonight I'm going to work on my tote bag - like the one I showed to you. Good luck!

quiltteacher said...

Hello, Sorry to hear you are not sewing yet. W can't be as fustrated as you. His toys are working, yours isn't!

Salem Stitcher said...

Being a civil engineer I love bridges and I've never had trouble crossing one until we went to Hampton this year. My GPS sent me a different way than I've alwasy gone and we went over the Vietman Veterans Memorial Bridge in Virginia. The approach ramp is one lane and a severe incline. It was the first time I ever felt that fear and I wasn't sure I could drive up the ramp.

Hang in there!