Saturday, May 3, 2008

In Stitches, Ballwin, Mo

This is the store we went to on Tuesday, A nice shop,her card says she has over 3000 bolts of cotton fabric,I'm sure she does, she has it all on shelves in like colors, she also has a LOT of fat quarters, but the oddest thing she had was all of her quilt templates displayed on the ceiling, has numbers on them and you just pick the number you want and they will get it for you. She also had several panels on the ceiling , I thought that was an innovative way to display some of her products. I would show more pics, but blogger isn't playing nicely, wasn't nice yesterday either. I tried to post and couldn't.
To keep you all posted on some of our unusual adventures, There's a couple things that has happened while we have been here that is "different"...........1st. Thursday night there was/is a hockey team and all the parents had a drinking party in the lobby until 5am.........I absolutely was not a happy camper,this is a very nice motel and rather expensive, so I told the desk clerk on Friday, that we would have to get up this morning at 6am, and if there was any partying they would definitely hear from me............Maybe, I should be more tolerant but I thought partying until 5am was a bit rude.
Well, this morning we opened the door at 7am to go to work and, being the gentleman my DH is, he always let's me go out a door first,I STOPPED dead in my tracks and took a DEEP BREATH and couldn't speak, all I could do was point, guess what was lying directly in front of our door*********** a young man (probably 20 or so) sound a sleep.Scared the bee jeebers out of me. DH let the room door slam when we went out and woke him up. When we got down stairs and told the girl behind the desk and she looked on the screen and he was getting up and wobbling down the hall and then came downstairs on the elevator to go to the restroom.
Needless to say I am ready to go on to Kansas City.Hopefully that will be better, although this motel and the area is great, all the people that has been trouble are from another state.
I guess we have been fairly lucky so far, I guess, all these stories will be great to tell in later years***LOL***
Yesterday, I "borrowed" the conference room downstairs and sandwiched my baby quilt. I won't get to sew again until either Monday afternoon or Tuesday. I am going to try to get it quilted then, I also have the binding cut and sewed together, so I'm ready to quilt it. I am looking forward to getting it finished. I think it turned out very nicely, will post it as soon as its complete.
It turned cold here last night and was miserable today, we were supposed to work until 4pm, but the rep decided to call it quits at 1:30, and that was great.
Tomorrow evening we have been invited out to eat with the rep we had on Wed, a very nice lady. Well, must get off here, want to get some more of my sewing stuff ready to leave here, will pack all that up tomorrow evening, we will probably leave here about 7am on Monday.
Will post our schedule Monday and if blogger will be nice will show some more pics of " IN Stitches', until then keep on Quilting Memories..............Bobbin

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