Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quilters Village, Bella Vista, Tenn.

To be able to sit in front of a window and quilt and look up and see this scenery, nothing could be more serene. That is what you see out the Quilters Village window. The shop is on the side of a hill/ mountain, just a beautiful setting. The 2 ladies I met while there were great also. the owner's name is Pat and she is all bubbly and full of knowledge. I am sure she would be a great teacher and just fun to be with. If you are ever in her neighborhood go by and visit, you'll be glad you did.
I loved the sign that hung over a door in her class room "may your bobbins always be full" , what a great thought***VBS***
I think the red, yellow and green quilt is cute also, she said that is what she teaches first timers, looks simple enough for me. The other quilt is a small redwork, very nicely done also. Pat also has a longarm, and does her own quilting. That keeps all her business in house, great idea.
I must tell you about my new friend, Amanda, she was our rep for all our events in and around Bentonville. A lovely young lady, as we talked I mentioned seeing the Quilters Village, and she said she was going "home" this summer and her Grandmother was going to teach her to sew, and that she wanted to learn to quilt. SOOOOOOO, on Saturday when she came by to see us, she told me that she had called the Q V and they were open until 5pm, which meant we had time to check them out if we wanted to go, so as soon as we closed everything down, off we went,I think she may have found herself a place to learn to quilt right close to home. The other lady( I did not get her name, sorry) and Amanda started talking and the other lady has a daughter about the same age as Amanda and is just starting to learn to quilt, so I think they are going to start trying to get together on Saturdays. I hope they both like their new adventures and find themselves over the course of time QUILTING MEMORIES.
That would make me very happy to know I was there when all this started, and I do have Amanda's email addy, so I plan to encourage her all I can.
Today, DH and I went to 3 more Quilt Shops, will post about them during the week. Hope all of you aren't getting tired of all these post about all the shops we visit, but I sure am enjoying meeting all the shop owners and the people that are there. I still would love to see some of your LQS, so post them for me, remember May 1st. is the deadline,so hurry. Catch you Later, J


quiltteacher said...

I love hearing about the quilt shops you are visiting. J, keep on visiting, taking pictures and posting.

Salem Stitcher said...

Watching a new quilter be created is so much fun!

I love hearing about the shops and seeing all the neat things they have. Keep them coming!!

Nane said...

I want to do a redwork quilt some day I think they are so classic. Enjoy the pictures!

Love Bears All Things said...

I've been to Bella Vista but didn't know there was a quilt shop there. Its been years. My daughter has expressed an interest in quilting. She is 37. I carried her my old machine and gave her a lessson. Her first project will be a hot pad. Isn't it wonderful to see the tradition carrying on.
Mama Bear