Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Klassy Katz, Bartlett, Tn.

Klassy Katz, catchy name, don't you think?
Would you have thought this to be a quilt shop? Not me, but indeed it is a very nice shop.Lots of quilting fabrics and a room with lots of clothing fabrics, yes they make clothing there as well as quilts.
The lady that owns the store is Tony Katz, bubbly is a good way to describe her, fun to talk with. Very knowledgeable and a Bernina dealer. Of course we had a lot to talk about....I was in there for quiet a while while poor hubby was sitting outside sweltering in the Tennesse heat..... but no complaints from him and that was good, as a matter of fact after we left there he took me to 2 more shops.
The Klassy Kats has a web site, I haven't checked it out yet, but you can, Ijust know you will enjoy reading all about whatever she has there.I know she offers classes and has anything you need to make a quilt,so when you are out and about go by and check her out and if you can't go by, check out her web.
I had to call my doctor yesterday, am not feeling good at all, but he called me in a prescription to one of the local pharmacies, so am sure I will feel better in a day or so. The ride from Ar. to here on Monday wasn't much fun, even though I slept a lot. But as you can tell, I (really) did make myself get up and out yesterday. What I will do for a new post***VBS***
Take care and continue to Quilt Memories, ( my new blog name) "BOBBIN"


Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Bobbin, I came to your blog from Pieces from my scrapbag. Not a regular reader of hers but just browsing. I don't know where I got there from.
Anyway, I live in Bartlett, Tennessee. Imagine my surprise when I saw your post for today. I was there this afternoon, picking up a special order and a fabric packet for the Crazy Quilt class they are offering.
I took a beginner piecing class recently, although I had done 4 rail quilts for the grands. I also bought a Bernini in February from Klazy Katz. Now I'm going to read more about you.
Mama Bear

Ana said...

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