Friday, April 25, 2008

Cordova Tenn, The Quiltsmiths

Well, I have a few more pics to post but Mr. Blogger isn't playing very nicely this morning.
These were taken at The Quiltsmiths Quilt Store in Cordova, Tenn. A very, very small store, but quiet full, lots of yardages, fat quarters and notions. She also had all her walls full of quilts, quiet a display for such a small shop. She is on the corner of a strip mall, but was easy enough to find. DH , Me and the GPS can find almost anywhere***VBS***These are two of her quilts and of course her cat, he did not even open his eyes while I was there. It must be nice to sleep that sound.............I didn't see anywhere for classes, so I presume she only sold what I saw there,cause she did tell me that she sent her quilts to a long arm quilter. Anyway, she was a very nice lady(NO, I didn't get her name) and very helpful. I definitely would visit again if I am in this area.Hopefully tomorrow blogger will let me post a couple more pics..........I hope all of you are happily quilting memories today. Bobbin


Nane said...

Cats and quilts just go together!

SparkyDCat said...

Hello Bobbin.

We enjoyed your visit very much. QuiltSmiths is owned and managed by Michael and Rita Smith. We hold classes in the back room where the dolls stay and I sleep, er work very hard. I work very hard being cute. It is very tiring. The class schedule can be found on the interwebs at Do you like my special cat nap quilt? I am the only cat that works at QuiltSmiths, the other two cats and the goggie stay home during the day. The goggie, Ivory, is very sick. She used to work in shop too. But chemo makes her sick. She has special quilt too. Michael calls it Double Twelve Patch. Must be funny name for humans because he laughs every time he says it. Rita does eye roll thingie.

I hope that you enjoy your travels and can come back to Cordova and see me again.

Sparky D. Cat