Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Quilting Barn, Arlington, Tx.

The Quilting Barn, is just that a quilt shop in a barn building. Doesn't look like an old barn, but quaint nontheless. I have never been in a quilt store as immaculate as this one. Even the hardwood floors looked like they had never been walked on,everything had a place and everything was in its place***VBS*** , the lady that was working ( I don't know if she owned the store or not) was nice, but seemed to be VERY SHY, certainly not talkative at all. The only time she said anything was when I asked her a question, then she only answered, no more conversation.
I didn't see a class room nor a place large enough for one, so I think they only sold fabrics and notions, but she did have a longarm amchine and she was quilting a quilt part of the time I was there. She also was working at her cutting board some of the time.
There was a nice selection of fabrics. The shop itself wasn't very large, so I am not sure even where they do their piecing. I didn't even see a sewing machine. We definitely went out of our way to visit, and if I lived around here I would visit occasionaly, but if I am just ever here again with work, probably not.
The area was very quaint, definitely rural and soooo small. I guess I am just addicted to larger areas.
Tomorrow I will tell you all about the 3rd store we went to, it was in Cordova, Tenn. So check back, Until tomorrow continue to Quilt Memories, Bobbin


Anonymous said...

This is a classy Quilt blog. Good Work.

George Christodoulou

Libby said...

You are certainly taking us on one terrific quilt shop hop *s*

quiltteacher said...

All from the shop says hey. Glad you are getting around to so many shops. Get us some good ideas.

log cabin quilter said...

Do you mean Arlington, TN? I looked at this blog and thought, "I never heard of this quilt shop before." Then I thought, "Hmmm, why would she wait two weeks after being in Arlington, TX to post a blog about a shop there?" So I asked my DH if there is an Arlington, TN, and he looked it up in his map book and sure enough, there is one near Memphis! Did I figure this mystery out, or not? I envy you being able to visit so many shops. Ruth

jgeorge said...

This shop is in Arlington, Tn. New owners bought recently and are enlarging shop into building nextdoor. They do offer a variety of classes, one of which i plan on attending this fall. Nice shop, worth the visit, along with rest of Depot Square, especially on weekend when farmers market is open.