Monday, April 21, 2008

Jacuzzi, GGS quilt top , etc.

This post is going to be a little bit about what I have been doing the last few days. So if you're not interested you have been forewarned.......
Obviously the top pic is of a jacuzzi, well, thats in the room we are in for this week. I do plan to enjoy it a lot while I am here. I am not much for swimming pools ( I don't swim) nor do I like community jacuzzies, so I am going to be in this one every evening.. Bet I will sleep good***VBS***
The pic of the name is the top of the quilt I am making for our GGS..... I showed the blocks a couple posts ago. I am appliqueing the bear and letters on the machine, I'm afraid I am not very good , but am giving it my best shot....Any pointers?
I also wanted to show you where I am working in the trailer..........Not the most ideal sewing room, but I am making do. I am just happy to be able to get something done. I am also cutting out a table runner, I hope to get started sewing on that sometime this week.Will have to see how much I get done on the quilt.
The redwork is what I have been embroidering, I think it is turning out sort of cute, but I do have a long, long way to go before it is done. I have been doing this when I can't sew on the machine, keeps my mind busy***VBS***
I still have pictures of another shop I visited while in Arkansas, but will get to them tomorrow ( I PROMISE) I also plan to visit 2 more shops tomorrow, so will have a nice day I am sure.
We arrived here much later this afternoon than we planned,we got stuck in traffic for about 1.5 hours. NOT FUN . Tomorrow is our only day off, and we try to see a little of the areas we are in. We really enjoyed the Bentonville AR areas, very pretty town,and some lovely folks. Hope to be able to go back someday.
Hope all of you are enjoying a nice spring and are busy quilting memories, later, J


Salem Stitcher said...

Your snowmen are so cute! It's nice to have handwork...just in case...

log cabin quilter said...

Love the red work! I guess the parents have already picked the name and the baby's not due for a while, right? My new grandbaby is due May 5 and they haven't decided on a name yet. They have several that they are considering. I will make the label for the quilt I gave them and sew it on after the baby arrives and has a name. Can't wait to see your completed baby quilt! Just wondered if anyone else has come to visit you - or am I the only one so far?