Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Eye candy

These a

These are the most beautiful fabric flowers I have ever seen. They are 3 dimensional and actually look like a "real" flower. I have NO idea the technique they used, I didn't even ask, as I knew whatever they had done, it was way over my head.BUT, this is what they are publishing the book about, I'n not sure when its due out, but I will absolutely want one. Will I ever attempt to make the flowers, I doubt it, but I surely do want to see all of them.Do you like them?
I still have a little more eye candy for you, but it is sorta hard for me to try to type , you see, my index finger on my right hand got in the way of the rotary cutter. OUCH**** Not bad, just annoying. I was doing something that I knew better than do. I have been preparing some applique for my baby quilt, am about done with that, then want to prepare some of the work that I got while I was home. I had planned to have that done, but it's funny (annoying) how life gets in the way....I hope to work on that while I'm at Wal Marts this week, but they have a tendancy to want us to park the trailer in the farthest part of the parking lot.I am not comfortable being that far away from all the activity so may not be able to do anything. I have discovered that DH doesn't have much say when we are at Wal Mart. Oh well, will see what I can do, theres always tomorrow morning.
I have no idea what button I touched to change the writing, but have tried to fix it and haven't been successful, so please excuse my dumbness . Hope everyone is Quilting Memories today.
Later, J

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quiltteacher said...

Sorry to read about your hand. I think you need to stay away from rotary cutters. Your leg and now your hand. J what are we going to do with you. (Except love ya like you are!) Please be mosre careful.
The flower blocks are beautiul!! So real looking.

Take care, we miss ya.