Saturday, April 12, 2008

Challenge, HURRY, HURRY

Yes, I have been reading several blogs, I try to do that most everyday. I am so glad to have joined the blogging world.As most of you know DH and I travel a lot, have been doing so now for about 2 years. Over time I have showed so many quilt stores that I have had the opportunity to visit. All the stores had very different quilts and other quilty things, not to leave out the wonderful people I have met. I wouldn't trade my "JOB" for any other, even when I am at home, I sometime have the priviledge of "working" at the LQS. So, even with all the whining I sometimes do, and the horrible weather we have encountered, I wouldn't trade this for anything.....YES, you will probably read some more whining, but please remember we all just have bad days sometimes. I am haveing a great time.I thank the Good Lord ( and Jack Roush) for this opportunity. Ok, OK, I have something else on my mind****VBS****
As I said, I read a lot of blogs and would like to challenge each of you to show us your favorite quilt shops, complete with addresses. Remember, I am everywhere....VBS.....Tell us all about them, show us their quilt makings,whatever that takes you to them, will be so interesting.Tell all your blogging buddies, have them link to my blog and leave me a message , and yes, I wiil put a little something together from my travels and have a drawing. If you want your name in the pot, we need pictures and you need to let me know so I can get to your blog. May 1st. will be the deadline, so HURRY, HURRY.
While you are posting your favorite shops, PLEASE, send me some sunshine and warm weather..
Fortunately,We got to go in late this am, and also leave early this afternoon,and that was nice and we were very grateful for that. We also are going in a little later tomorrow, maybe it will be warmer tomorrow and the wind will lay down. Thank Goodness for the beautiful Oklahoma sunshine..Take care everyone and I do want to say to all of you I do enjoy seeing your quilts, then I know you are quilting memories..J

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Finn said...

Hi J, what a neat idea for a challenge. Sorry I can't meet the challenge, having NO local quilt stores...local would be about 30+ miles away, and it's definitely NOT a favorite, but it's a quilt shop. I'm past the place of buying much fabric, and only an occasional pattern. Some advantages to being a scrap quilter you know *VBS*
I could keep myself busy forever after with the books, patterns and fabric that currently live here. But it'll be fun to see what the gals come up with. Hugs, Finn