Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Memphis schedule

We leave in the morning for Memphis, Tenn. Should take 5-6 hours, but we are all ready to go.
Bags repacked with all our clothes clean. When we got in this afternoon I done our laundry. It just seems easier to get "there" with clean clothes rather than knowing the first thing I have to do is laundry.Anyway, we start back to work on Wednesday:
Wed. Apr. 23rd Home Depot 7260 Interstate Blvd. Horn Lake 3-8
Thu. Apr .24th Lowes 8300 Hwy. 64 Bartlett 3-8
Fri. Apr 25th Home Depot 3469 Riverdale Rd. Memphis 3-8
Sat. Apr 26th Home Depot 8010 Giacosa Memphis 8am-4pm
Sun. Apr 27th Lowes 671 Vann Dr. Jackson 8am-4pm

Our schedules sometime cahnge hours a bit,especially on Sat., and Sun., we usually start about 9 and leave about 3............ So if you should get a chance to come visit, please come between 9 and 3 so we will be sure to be there.Rarely do the stores change, so that shouldn't be a problem.
Does anyone know of any quilt shops in the areas? We usually try to find one on Tuesday, that is our only full day off. If you know of one, please email me, I will check my mail tomorrow evening as well as Tuesday am.

When we get settled tomorrow I will try to post the pictures of the quilt shop I visited on Saturday evening. I had a great time also hopefully I have made a new friend, will tell you about her then also. Amanda if you are reading this, hope you are having a good day. Will catch all of you later, get busy, time's a wasting, you gotta be quilting memories....YEAH..... VBS... J

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